Cyber Republic is an ever-evolving community driven project. Since our alpha website launch in August, we have continued building and strategizing the success of the website and the ecosystem with an emphasis on giving community members as much responsibility as possible. In this article, we will conduct a brief walkthrough detailing Cyber Republic’s most recent developments, and also touch upon near-term growth initiatives.



Recently, a feature was added called CRcles (circles) that will greatly contribute to the development of Cyber Republic. “CRcles” are decentralized teams of citizens that collectively concentrate on delivering value in their chosen area of expertise. Circles are designed to explore the symbiotic potential in the Elastos community by garnering pools of concentrated talent to foster their creative synergies. In the near-term, CRcles will self-organize and complete various tasks relating to their respective fields of expertise. The first task for all CRcles is now online: we request that volunteers create an accurate description of each CRcle including its main goals and what you think it should perform for the community.

Any citizen can immediately join up to 2 CRcles and begin communication with members in the dedicated Discord channel. Thus far, the following 20 CRcles have been created: Marketing, Writing, Media, Product, Support, QA, DApp Analyst, Administration, Operations, DApp Consultant, Project Management, Design, Translation, Investment, Finance, Business Development, Legal, Security, Partnership and HR.

Inside a CRcle, community members can apply for tasks that are requested by different entities such as the Cyber Republic Council. If you have a big idea for your CRcle, the Council is also accepting detailed proposals from individuals or teams looking to manage a larger project within their CRcle. Accepted proposal will allow for the that individual or team to create and approve tasks and use their budget to successfully carry out their proposal. Currently, one proposal has been approved by the CRC entitled, “Elastos Strategic Growth Management Proposal” initiated by Roshan Ghadamian and Kaia Myers-Stewart of Australia. Their objective is to grow the marketing and communication efforts for both Elastos and Cyber Republic. Please review a proposal template here:

Depending on the CRcle and the specific proposal, a proposal need not be as detailed  as the template nor include all sections of this template.

Anyone can create a proposal for a specific CRcle. Each CRcle can have individual goals and more than one proposal from any given CRcle can be accepted. Each proposal will be granted with a ELA-denominated budget and the opportunity to tap into the skills of that dedicated CRcle. A proposal will be partly performance based. The goal of a proposal should be to grow an individual CRcle while growing Elastos and Cyber Republic.


Update on Empower35 & Relation to CRcles

After multiple discussions and the introduction of CRcles, it has been decided that Empower35 roles will not be determined until community members have dedicated a sufficient body of work and time to their CRcle. This will allow the community to identify the citizens that are the most qualified to access these positions and to lead their CRcle.

The best way to become part of Empower35 is to join a circle and to prove your value to the community by completing tasks. You can also submit a proposal if you have an idea for advancing the CRcle and help lead it if it gets approved.

There is no set timeframe for when E35 roles will be chosen.


CR100 Update

During the last update of the CR website, the CR100 page was updated with a new layout that better facilitates projects browsing.

From an operational standpoint, we are currently reviewing applications and hiring people to support this CR100 program. We believe it is crucial to have large CRcles in place before further developing this project.. Our community will be updated as soon as we have made important progress concerning CR100.


Projects and Tasks Now Accept Bids

We have recently added a bidding feature for some tasks and projects. Now, not only can you submit a great proposal, but if you think you can do the task cost effectively, you can also add a competitive bid. This is a closed bidding system; we will not necessarily always pick the lowest bid. The winner will be decided by the CRC based on their proposal, bid and skills.

In a short time, we will also allow the community to submit their ideas for projects. With the bidding feature added, we hope that there will be less impediment to submitting ideas. We will let the community decide what is a reasonable reward for the task, and once the creator accepts a bid it will go to the CRC or admins (depending on the amount) for final approval.

YouTube Video explaining bidding:


It should be clear that Cyber Republic is the future of Elastos. The Foundation team will continue to dedicate themselves to the success of Elastos, but the majority of growth and contributions will now come from Cyber Republic. We invite all of our community members to get involved in Cyber Republic in whatever unique way you can. Currently, the best way to do this is by exploring CRcles and joining them. The first tasks are already being introduced.
Cyber Republic is constantly growing, thanks to the dedication of the Elastos team and the contribution of community members. You can expect the introduction of several new features in the short term as well as regular updates on this exclusive Cyber Republic blog going forward.
Let us begin building the new internet together.