Dear fellow Cyber Republic citizens!

I’m Wang Hao from China. I joined the Elastos Chinese translation group last November. I’m now honored to serve as the new translation manager for the Cyber Republic community. I speak Mandarin Chinese, English, Bahasa Indonesia and some basic French. Joining Cyber Republic is an exciting and brand new experience for me. I’m open to communicate with Elastos’ international community about translation, support services of community, as well as new trends of blockchain.

Cyber Republic provides us with a decentralized platform to jointly build the Elastos ecosystem. And each of us can contribute to this by joining different CRcles. The translation CRcle will act as a bridge to bring CR citizens all over the world together, promoting mutual trust and eliminating possible misunderstandings. Cyber Republic is still new, many modifications and translations are required. Thus I would like call for more translators to join us to build a better Cyber Republic. Meanwhile we would like to hear more suggestions and feedback from Elastos community to help us improve.

At this stage we will focus on the translation tasks mainly from English into Chinese, and into many other languages in the near future. We are building an online translation group to modify the website localization works concisely and precisely. As the contents on the Cyber Republic website grow, we will manage the translation works in a more refined way to meet the requirements of different international communities.

Furthermore I am happy to announce that the new developer website is being built directly in China so it will be accessible by the Chinese community from the start.


If you find missing or improper translations feel free to email me at

Grow with Elastos and Cyber Republic, Godspeed!