In the interests of transparency and accountability the CR growth team will be publishing basic monthly analytics reports for both the Cyber Republic & Elastos websites to the community. We provide a thorough review and summary of Cyber Republic analytics only.

The purpose of these reports is to increase awareness and understanding of the work we do, challenges we have, progress we’re making and wins/losses along the way and invite the community to add their expertise and talents where they can. By having more feedback, ideas and contribution you can help us increase the velocity of progress and the accuracy of our work so we can introduce and on-board more users to the safer, more complete internet being built on the Elastos ecosystem.

These monthly reports are part of the Growth Marketing Proposal that was accepted by Cyber Republic Council (CRC) in Oct ‘18. This is an interim report (Nov 1 – Nov 17) as requested by CRC, all future reports will be provided at the end of the calendar month starting December.

We welcome all constructive feedback and comments on the Cyber Republic Sub-reddit Analytics



Our initial few weeks have been a success so far across the board and it’s been pleasing to see increases all around on the basic measurements not only on the website but also across our social media platforms.

We are focusing heavily on user research, increasing analytics and feedback mechanisms within the website and social media channels to gather data on what content and experiences are working and not working and will continue to iterate.


Our data suggests there remains significant legacy challenges with the:

  • photo_2018-11-11_16-41-31.jpgU/X and navigational structure of the website which impacts all major goals (eg. signup, task creation and application, project creation and application)
  • Mobile formatting
  • Severe lack of content and audience engagement with 99% of audience being male and between the ages of 25-45. The lack of reach and engagement for women is appalling and needs to be prioritised
  • Traffic split between different domains and sub-domains (blog) – which means our data is actually under representing the increases in traffic and engagement.
  • Lack of meta tagging for search and social


We will be strongly advocating for a shift in focus to the priority areas of:

  • Improving content
  • Improving navigation
  • Improving mobile formatting
  • Rebranding and new U/I and U/X experience
  • Unite all traffic on the same domain
  • Improve meta tagging for search and social
  • More short, digestable video content

Trend Overview

Healthy growth all around with significant growth in unique users on the CR website (+62% from 1,728 to 2,742 users), what’s more they are spending more time on the website (+114% from 2:30 to 5:30 mins) and pages per session growth (+303% from 1.85 to 7.5 pages) and significant decrease in bounce rate (-75%).

We see these as significant wins for the work we have started doing in:

  • Adding more context for landing pages (bump came from video release on Twitter)
  • Coordinating social traffic

Please see full report for more information.

Traffic Sources Traffic Sources Traffic Sources

Our largest source of traffic came from social (Social + ‘Other’) based on the work we have done with coordinating traffic (+300% from 233 to 950 users). And most valuable source of traffic (Direct) has seen a significant improvement (+50% from 568 to 862 users) and Organic Search (+64% from 280 to 461 users). We do not pay for traffic and do not see a pressing need for this at this time whilst we resolve basic user experience and content issues for the website.

Please see full report for more information.

Referral Traffic Referral Sources Referral Sources

We had an overall increase in traffic from referral sources and we have greatly decreased the reliance on our no.1 referral source (55% from 71%). The number of referral sources has increased but their volume of traffic from these sites remains largely negligible. Efforts will increase over time to improve this for both Domain Authority, link profile and overall keyword ranking as more content is created on the website and we invite more contributors to share and promote our content on websites with a relevant audience to help boost our profile.

Please see full report for more information.

Website Behaviour Pages Visited Pages Visited

Significant increases across the board on all pages and in particular in the major pages for ‘learning’ about aspects of CR (e.g. +400% for CR100 to +1300% for Developers) and Web App engagement. Blog traffic has also increased significantly as more content has been released.

Please see full report for more information. Analytics

Trend Overview Overview

Please see full report for more information.

Traffic Sources Traffic Sources Traffic Sources

Please see full report for more information.

Referral Traffic

ELA Referral Referral Sources

Please see full report for more information.

Website Behaviour

ELA User Behaviour Pages Visited

Please see full report for more information.