Earlier this month, key members of Elastos and Cyber Republic met in Silicon Valley to discuss the future of our two projects. Over the course of several days, discussions regarding the future of Cyber Republic ended with a shared vision that is clearer, more strategic, and attainable for 2019. At its core, the plan promotes the embodiment of openness, transparency and community autonomy in Cyber Republic. To achieve these ambitious goals, we need to fundamentally empower all members of the community, not just those with specific skill sets. To allow an all inclusive participation, we will enable a process to offer suggestions, allow voting and create a system for governing.

Those of you who have stood with us since the beginning of this community driven platform know that Cyber Republic originally grew out of the Elastos Bounty Program. However, as has been stated by many in our community, it has become obvious in the months since CR’s August launch that a task-oriented culture is far too cumbersome and expensive to support, especially for a core team focusing on Elastos Foundation specific goals. We apologize for the growing pains that everyone has endured and know that most applicants have not received a response to their interest in participating, but please understand that we value everyone’s submissions and contributions and will continue to make every effort to respond to each inquiry individually.

With all of that in mind, we want to announce that changes are coming to CR to make our site more functional and allow the community to actively participate. The Elastos team and the CR Council are merely tasked with building the platform, and are not expected to actually run it. These changes will strategically allow CR to progress and work towards a full hand off of the ecosystem to the global community that eagerly awaits its success.

Rest assured that any tokens used in the past few months out of the 16+ million ELA earmarked for Cyber Republic has been replenished from the Elastos Foundation’s own accounts: https://blockchain.elastos.org/address/8KNrJAyF4M67HT5tma7ZE4Rx9N9YzaUbtM. These funds will not be touched until the community reaches a consensus on the constitution and a fair election is carried out in August 2019.

A new workflow that is backed by the blockchain will be built in 2019 and be officially in use by the newly elected council members. The new workflow will guarantee that passed proposals/tenders are properly executed.

In the new suggestion workflow, anyone can submit suggestions directly to CR through a dedicated page on the CR website. Those suggestions can then be “liked” or “disliked” by the community and will be sorted by popularity. This ensures visibility of the best ideas for consideration by the council.

Good and popular suggestions will be promoted to a proposal, which in turn must be voted on by all members of the council. If the suggestions do not meet certain criteria or have issues we will also respond to clarify the reasons. This transparency is designed to incentivize participation in voting and expose individual stances on key policies, which will guide future voting decisions by the community.

While further questions remain regarding how approved projects are managed in terms of meeting their set milestones, we ask that your remain patient. Further detail and announcements will be made as soon as they are confirmed. All policies will be organized into the CR constitution and documentation.

This workflow and process will be collectively called the Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) and replace its previous use as an acronym for CR Council.

Key Changes

  1. After in-depth discussions by the Council and Elastos members, we will be revising the website in the near future to better embody the concept of openness, transparency and community autonomy in Cyber Republic.
  2. CR100/CRcles/Ambassadors on the CR website will be temporarily suspended (stop accepting new submissions and applications). For the ongoing community activities and CR100 projects, specific plans will be given in the next few weeks.
  3. A new Cyber Republic forum will be launched Dec 31, 2018, we encourage everyone to use that to voice their questions and concerns. We will also invite everyone from Discord to use the forum, this is mainly due to Discord being inaccessible by the Chinese community.

The updated CR website will be relaunched on January 15, 2019

Users Verified by Distributed ID (DID)

To ensure integrity, accountability and a proper reputation system, all users can optionally link their DID. Certain actions on the website will require verification by the blockchain before participation. This will be open to everyone and encourage DID usage.

Team Focused Projects

We will no longer be supporting smaller tasks assigned to individuals; projects will only be assigned to teams through the proposal or tender and bidding process. All projects must have clear and verifiable goals/milestones each with a portion of funding.

CR100 Applications will be Submitted as Proposals

We will ensure promising applications are given fair consideration and if qualified, be prioritized and submitted to the council as a proposal for voting. Please wait for future guidance on the future of CR100 as the system will need to be implemented first.


This isn’t 100% confirmed since the PMs and developers still need to write out the stories, point the stories and plan the sprints, but these are the milestones we are aiming for. Of course everything needs to be ready by the June elections.

  • Dec 31 – Launch of the new Cyber Republic forums

  • Jan 15 – Relaunch of Cyber Republic Website – New Information Pages, Suggestions will be online

  • Jan 31 – Proposals and Tenders – workflow and process information release

  • Feb – User Integration with DID, improved profile pages and reputation management

  • April – Implement saving proposals and votes on the blockchain for posterity

  • June  – First Cyber Republic Elections and Cyber Republic in BETA

  • August – Official Launch of Cyber Republic 1.0

  • Late 2019 – Full integration with blockchain, tracked and automated funding disbursements