Welcome Elastonians and members of CR Community to another issue of the CR Biweekly newsletter.

Elastos VP of Development, Clarence Liu, tweeted about how much hashpower Elastos has secured due to BTC merge mining. Liu also spoke at an event called the REAL blockchain summit. Your favorite personalities Jimmy Lipham and Famous Amos did a livestream and update video to keep the community abreast of the Elastos DX team as well as recap the last Biweekly Newsletter. The Noderators created a new feature on their website to track voters of all Supernodes. Jon Snow of the ELA Republic created a new Telegram group for Supernode owners. Titan Network announced Elastos TV box integration. TokenInsight.com provided a review of Elastos. Last but not least, CR Press leader Kenneth K provided an update regarding the status of CR Press’ funding and the possibility of limited future operations.

Clarence Lui, VP of Development for Elastos, has been a very busy individual in the past few weeks. Clarence was invited to speak at the REAL Blockchain Summit event in Irvine, CA, on June 26th (https://twitter.com/ClarenceElastos/status/1144792102338830337). He was accompanied by representatives from Wanchain, Strongblock, and Sustany Capital. The community truly appreciates Clarence’s representation of the Elastos project and is looking forward to seeing him in other events in the future. Clarence also tweeted an interesting tidbit about Elastos and Bitcoin merge mining (https://twitter.com/ClarenceElastos/status/1145965837993431041). Elastos merge mines with the top Bitcoin miners and has accumulated almost 50% on the BTC hashpower. The Elastos blockchain and network continues to grow more secure each day.

Jimmy Lipham did a very engaging livestream with the community last Sunday. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApAJznD5z8w) He spoke about his role with the Elastos DX team. He mentioned projects he was currently working on and ideas for more products that would utilize the Elastos technology. He also gave away an Ellipal hard wallet in coordination with the Noderators Supernode. 

Famous Amos also provided the community with an update on the last CR Biweekly newsletter (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi4DrCp3JF8&feature=youtu.be).  He goes over some DMA tech updates, moderator PMhee’s website “How to Elastos”, Rong’s AMA at ELA Republic, and the Supernode power outage that occurred weeks ago. 

The Noderators came out with new updates on their website http://www.noderators.org. Now you can download the list of voters for each supernode (https://twitter.com/Noderators/status/1147312285330935808). Noderators also added the feature of Inactive Nodes, and users can now sort Supernodes by country (https://twitter.com/Noderators/status/1148238723462696960). Jon Snow of ELA Republic has come out with special Supernode Telegram group for all Supernode Owners (https://twitter.com/ELARepublic/status/1145762707435601920). This chat room will be a tremendous resource for all Supernode owners. Thanks to Jon Snow and ELA Republic for continuing to contribute to the community!

Titan Network has officially integrated their CDN technology into Elastos TV Boxes. (https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/_UyXIzoaz847XF2N7Kb3GA) Titan is now integrated in a total of 10,000 Elastos TV Boxes. This was something that Rong Chen mentioned in his AMA a couple of weeks ago. Titan network was highlighted in a CR Weekly Newsletter in the past and the community is looking forward to the impact it will have in the entire Elastos ecosystem.

TokenInsight.com provided a full fledged review on Elastos. (https://tokeninsight.com/tokenDetail?cid=2627) Elastos received a B grade w/ a stable outlook. They reviewed the Team, Project, and Ecosystem. More exposure to Elastos is always welcome.

Finally, leader of the CR Press Team, Kenneth K, wrote a letter to the community about the status of the team’s funding (https://news.cyberrepublic.org/letter-to-the-community-from-cr-press-lead-kenneth-k/). He goes over how our proposal was declined and how CR Press has evolved over the last few months. 

CR Press appreciates all the support and we are hopeful to get a new proposal passed in order to continue moving forward again.


-By Jeremy G.




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Watch the Youtube summary of the last update here:

Read the Elastos Biweekly Update here:

We have a Cyber Republic Documentation site with relevant introductory information about Cyber Republic, including the constitution, voting and proposals, and leadership.  Check it out here:

If you have any content you’d like to submit to our team, please email us at: 


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Cyber Republic Website

Git Activity and Updates



International Community Events

Chinese Community

By Joel

Chinese Community Activities
Description Reference Link
Rong Chen: Elastos and Web 3.0 https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/yPsw3A8PNvA2sqeB33qbDQ 
Rong Chen’s sharing in PDJ Education Community: What is DApp? https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Am1Gc711AImMp4arY217hg 
”Decrypt Elastos” No.4: Components of Elastos https://v.qq.com/x/page/m0893fft606.html 
Thoughts on common questions about Elastos (10 – 13) https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/ZUThCG_HV3CXNPF2mvhkYghttps://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/9kICQNBXQ5xJEeS1HS_y3ghttps://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/gk3K-THaRG80n49eWBWmOAhttps://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/kzaD7WnG05w3lFTGINaaGw 
Titan CDN is integrated in Elastos TV Box https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/_UyXIzoaz847XF2N7Kb3GA 

Named “the fourth industrial revolution hackathon”, the annual hackathon will be held in Beijing Chaoyang Planning Art Museum from July 19th to the 21st, 2019. This is one of the largest hackathons in Chinese community, organized by DoraHacks, one of the most active geek organizations in the world.

The areas covered by the hackathon are “Internet of Things”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Future Mobile Communications”, and “Blockchain”.

Being an ecosystem partner of DoraHacks, there are six topics that programmers can choose from:

Topic 1: Using Elastos ETH side chain running smart contracts

Topic 2: Elastos DID as user identity

Topic 3: Using Elastos DID chain for data verification

Topic 4: Payment with ELA

Topic 5: Communication with Elastos Carriers

Topic 6: Using Elastos DID for signature authorization and certified document issuance

If you read Chinese and are interested in the hackathon, you can visit https://dorahacks.com/4thindustrialrevolution/ for more details.

Interview:  Jimmy L.

It’s been a while since we’ve interviewed you https://news.cyberrepublic.org/community-interview-jimmy-lipham/. Since we’ve last spoken, you’ve helped found the DX team. Can you give us information about what DX is, and what the recently announced Elastos Academy is?

Absolutely! The Developer Experience (DX) team is focused on empowering developers to build next-generation apps on the Elastos platform. Setting up a “decentralize anything” style application is very difficult, and Elastos aims to be the “LEGO” of developer building blocks to make that happen. 

The team consists of some fantastic people: First is Donnie Bullers who handles the day to day operations, planning, and is our key liaison to the Elastos foundation. Second is Martin Knight who is a force to be reckoned with in terms of his knowledge of user experience, marketing, and laying out an approach to getting the Elastos Academy off the ground. The third requires no introduction, but he is none other than KP Woods. KP is pivotal in creating the developer content, coordinating when needed with the core developer team in China and really just hustling to get things done. 

My role is more of an advisor, but we all hack and hustle together to bring the developer experience team to the world through educational content and strategic partnerships with others building on Elastos.

In your latest video update, you mentioned that DX team is speaking with universities. What work has already been done, and what relationships have already been established? What are your KPIs?

It has been widely reported in the past that Elastos has an established relationship with George Mason University. GMU has been extremely welcoming of Elastos technology, and we’ve been working with them to stand up a completely siloed test infrastructure for Elastos technology. To elaborate further, this allows researchers and faculty to spin up core components of the Elastos ecosystem on a private and secure network on demand.

This does a couple of things.  Mainly, it establishes a quick way for educators to use Elastos as a mechanism for teaching about network security, distributed systems, and software design, thereby allowing students to fold the technology into their own projects. It also allows us to develop and test tools for replicating Elastos infrastructure, making it easier for new developers to set up Elastos tools for development.

Developers have sometimes remarked that the documentation around Elastos is pretty thin. DX team plans on creating more materials for developers. But making these materials user friendly and accessible is crucial to on-boarding developers. What kind of strategies and methods is DX team going to employ? How will your background lend to this in particular?

Good documentation is a difficult thing for developers to provide (we often never make time for it when we’re knee-deep in the nuts and bolts of developing), yet it is a key element in on-boarding new developers.

Look at other software suites, like the Laravel PHP framework. They have absolutely gorgeous documentation with code snippets you can copy and paste to get going. They also supplement documentation with videos that show you how to achieve what we call a “Minimum Path to Awesome”, which for Elastos is, “How can I build a piece of software that uses Elastos in 30 minutes?”

To solve these types of problems, the DX team is putting out a series of videos with the corresponding blog content that allows developers to get moving and be productive with Elastos quickly. These increase our search footprint, and we use these materials to further educate and inspire.

The framework can’t stand in the way of the visionary; it has to empower them, not enslave them. The team’s mission is to further that ideal within the world-wide developer community.

Speaking about your background, you’ve certainly worked with extremely talented minds in the space. Have you reached out to any of your colleagues about Elastos? No pressure—it’s a lot to stake your reputation on something enough to encourage your networks to pursue something so new—but given your extensive resources with those who love the cutting-edge, the community would love to hear about any recruitment pathways they should support.

I have indeed worked with some extremely talented individuals in the decentralization space, and some of them are indeed interested in building things on top of Elastos. Some are waiting to see what Elastos DMA does so that they can jump right into the business portions of developing apps, and others are very interested in the high speed decentralized data distribution to solve problems encountered through traditional bandwidth distribution systems. I’m excited to see what they do and will continue to engage these developers through the DX team.

What’s the relationship between the DX Team and DMA? What are you hoping to achieve together?

The DX team strives to work with players in the space currently developing or that would like to develop technology on top of Elastos. The DMA team is doing some fantastic things to enable commerce on top of the Elastos platform, and DX aims to develop educational content through the academy that utilizes DMA’s features. 

We’re trying to work with groups in lock-step so that the day that they launch, there is accompanying content that empowers developers to strike while the iron is hot and get productive immediately. It requires a wealth of communication and planning.

What are your personal plans in regards to Cyber Republic and Elastos?

I am a huge fan of what Rong, KP, Donnie, Martin and the whole team are doing. I’ve been drawn to Elastos ever since I learned of its early designs as a true operating system rather than “just” a coin. I still have large aspirations as to what the future of computing could look like with something like Elastos at the core. In fact, I still believe that the ideal computing environment (and adoption) is when Elastos is underneath and users have no idea they’re using it. 

Cyber Republic and Elastos are the ways to get that vision out into the world, and I’ll do whatever I can to help these two communities.

Any chance you’re going to participate as a DPoS Supernode Candidate?

I definitely intend to, I’m just looking for the right group of people.

Finally, where can the community support both the DX team and your personal work, most?

Sure, for DX related activities, and to stay tuned for what is coming up, toss your email on the list at ​http://try.elastos.org/workshop/​ and we’ll keep you informed of new content, tutorials, and projects!

For me personally, feel free to reach out on Twitter at @jimmyhacksstuff and let’s collaborate!


CR Forum Topic Highlights


We’ve summarized some of the popular topics of the past two weeks:

Thoughts on Elastos FAQ (Part 10 to Part 12)

Ding Ning continued to create several topics surrounding some frequently asked questions about Elastos. We have summarised the gist of the discussion as follows:

a) What is the composition of Cyber Republic?

  • Cyber Republic is a community consists of diverse, powerful, skill-based groups whose leaders, developers and organisers work together to promote the development of the Elastos. Membership is open to everyone. 
  • CR is a general term for the Elastos community and it also contains a good vision for the development of the Elalstos community. 
  • CR is made up of all the token holders and contributors of Elastos, including the Elastos Foundation. All eco-partners and all individuals and teams willing to contribute to the Elastos community.
  • From the perspective of the CR components, the role of the CR interim committee is to guide the governance of the entire Elastos community.
  • The function of the Elastos Foundation and the collaborative projects is to provide the Elastos infrastructure; Developers often provide technical support and provide various services; Eco-partners can create GDP for the entire Elastos and run a unique business model; All other teams and individuals can volunteer to participate in the various aspects of Elastos developments.

b) After a CR proposal is formed, is it voted by the CR committee or the community members?

  • The CR adopts the DPoS method and the final vote of the CR proposal is voted by the committee members. However, the election of the committee members is voted by community members.
  • The implementation of the CR functions are managed by codes (the consensus mechanism of the CRC) to avoid human management or dictatorship, that is, to write all the members’ elections, voting, impeachment, etc. in the blockchain in a coded manner and cannot be tampered with.
  • In this case, if anyone is elected as a committee member, then the private key signature they own will automatically grant the ability to spend CR funds; if anyone does not perform their duties and obligations, and enough people want to impeach them, the impeachment process can also be completed on their wallet (as long as the number of votes in the impeachment exceeds the set ratio), then the signature of the committee member is automatically removed from the list of keys that can control funds. These processes are automatic and are implemented to avoid human error or evil actions.

c) How can community members participate in CR’s democratic life?

  • CR implements democratic self-governance and different people or groups can choose to participate according to their own situations.
  • i) General community members can participate, supervise, vote, etc. 
    • Community members can make suggestions in the CR forum, participate in discussions, and exercise the right to vote in the CR committee elections.
  • ii) Senior community members can promote CR
    • Promote CR through different ways such as video, text, and images to let more people know about CR and get involved.
  • iii) Independent developers
    • At present, there are many independent developers doing maintenance work, such as maintaining the CR website, developing some programs, etc., CR will give certain rewards.
  • iv) Set up the development zone team

For example, the existing Elastos cloud-based chat teams and DMA team.

  • v) Participation in CR committee

Each qualified community member has the right to be elected as a CR member. Of course, this requires relatively high requirements such as community support, voting support, and the ability to participate in a democratic lifestyle.

d) What is DApp definition and its requirements?

  • DApp is the abbreviation of Decentralized Application. The type of DApp we are talking about here is an application that can run independently on a personal device without relying on any central server. An app with a blockchain cannot by default be called a DApp; it has strict requirements.
  • DApp can run on the user’s personal device, such as mobile phone and personal computer. It belongs to the user forever, and can be freely transferred to anyone.
  • DApp runs without relying on the central server, does not require a dedicated communication server to deliver messages, and does not require a central database to record data. The data is stored in the user’s personal space, either a mobile phone or a personal cloud disk.
  • DApp is connected with the blockchain. All digital property rights are registered on the blockchain. It can rely on the blockchain to conduct property rights transactions and sales.
  • DApp can be freely packaged by the user and the signature mark that belongs to it. Its release is not subject to any institutional restrictions. Various ideas and innovations can be freely expressed and realized.
  • DApp can protect digital assets and ensure that property rights will not be leaked or destroyed.

e) What are the technical requirements for a true DApp?

  • In order to achieve a true DApp, we need to support these points in terms of technical capabilities:

i) It can be linked to the property rights on the blockchain, can be traded and can transfer digital certificate of ownership.

ii) It can guarantee the security of digital assets and ensure that property rights are not destroyed and do not disclose data.

iii) You can connect directly to other users/DApps without relying on the server to complete network communication.

iv) The blockchain consensus or other technical characteristics can be adjusted for the DApp business type, application scenario, and functional requirements.

f) Is the so-called digital property rights of DApp in the traditional internet environment well protected?

  • People say that the blockchain is the value of the Internet. Many blockchains only implement the tokens and do not involve the execution end of the digital assets behind it. For example, exchange a digital asset such as a movie or game. This requires DApp’s operating environment to protect digital property rights and the traditional world protects digital property rights through DRM.
  • DRM is also known as Digital Rights Management. Due to the characteristics of digital information determine that there must be another unique technology to strengthen the protection of these digital audio and video program contents, documents and electronic books, etc.
  • The traditional world protects digital property rights through DRM, which requires developers who rely on DRM App to strictly abide by the protocol specifications, while leaving behind the door to steal content. These thresholds limit the range of creators’ choices, and ultimately the DRM technology cannot be a common technology across different platforms and organizations.
  • On 6 February 2007, Steve Jobs issued an open letter to the outside world saying that Apple has concluded that if DRM protection is provided to other companies, there is still no guarantee that songs purchased from major record companies will not be pirated. Therefore, Apple is more willing to abolish DRM technology completely so that all MP3s can play music purchased from any online music store. At the same time, users using DRM technology are prone to leakage of private information, etc. Therefore, Apple also appeals to major record companies to stop using DRM technology.
  • In an interview in March 2007, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates also clearly expressed his disappointment with DRM. He believes that DRM has afflicted consumers who are legally buying music, but it has not played a role in preventing piracy. “DRM did not do its duty.” The trouble for consumers who pay to download music is that the music downloaded on iTunes in the iPod Music Store is DRM-protected and cannot be played on SanDisk, Creative or Microsoft Zune players.
  • The last of the world’s four major record companies joined Sony BMG without DRM (Digital Rights Management) and on 6 January 2008, it finally announced that it will begin offering music without digital copyright protection. A month ago, Warner Music Group (WMG) announced that it would sell music without digital rights protection through the Amazon online store. EMI and Vivendi’s Universal Music Group have already said goodbye to DRM as early as 2007.
  • Different from the traditional Internet, the new Internet built by the Elastos provides DApp with a secure, trusted and decentralized operating environment. 
  • The blockchain can be understood as fingerprint recognition of mobile phones and is a trust module. The Elastos also adopts the mainchain and sidechain structures. The main chain does not support smart contracts. It only provides the gas (token) accounting and transfer required for the Elastos ecosystem to operate. The sidechain provides services such as DID, Carrier, Token, and so on for applications. At the same time, virtual machines provide a secure and trusted operating environment for applications. Digital assets released under such environments are naturally scarce. This will create a new Internet and provide a possibility for a new digital wealth economy.

g) Is it a big trick to say “using the blockchain DApp to create ecosystem”?

  • DApp is an app that third-party websites cannot shut down. The definition seems simple, but how many petty blockchain projects are trying to directly create the ecosystem of DApp operations?
  • The program that runs directly on the blockchain is not a DApp, but just like a hard disk, a sound card, or a graphics card can run a program, the application cannot be seen.
  • Applications are programs that consumers can see directly. In fact, there are dozens of CPUs on a computer and only the main CPU is responsible for running the application (App). In fact, the main CPU is not the strongest CPU, like the GPU is stronger than the CPU, but it is not running the application.
  • The encrypted crypto kitty game caused the Ethereum network to be clogged up and the blockchain community re-examined the problem of the Ethereum smart contract. From the blockchain level, Bitcoin and Ethereum are similar to the capabilities of a computer. 
  • The blockchain is a book, but the bookkeeping speed cannot be compared to humans and computers. The average accountant adopts the distributed accounting method (division of labor) and the blockchain based on distrust is a duplication of labor, which is naturally not as good as any one of the active nodes in a computer. Of course, it is not as good as a group of computers in Alibaba Cloud. 
  • Blockchain efficiency is very low and in fact, it is not suitable for large-scale applications. So the saying “using the blockchain DApp to create ecosystem” a big trick?

h) Is it suitable for large-scale applications on the public blockchain such as Ethereum and EOS?

  • Can ETH and EOS and other public blockchains provide SDKs for software applications (software development kits)? NO! It is because when you run the program, you have to run any program. Running any program is not to say that Turing is equivalent, Turing is as simple as complete, but must run the instruction set program of the main application CPU. Ethereum and EOS and other public blockchains are not designed for running applications.
  • The smart contract high-level language Solidity (the language is Turing-complete) running on the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) needs to ensure deterministic and reproducibility (repeatable determinism), but it cannot generate random numbers randomly and the instruction set of the CPU cannot be directly used. EOS emphasizes that concurrent and multi-program programs run at the same time, but it does not provide the CPU’s instruction set or the running App SDK.
  • Based on the above analysis, Ethereum and EOS are not suitable for large-scale applications (programs) on the public blockchain.

i) How can Elastos solve the problem of the scalability of the Ethereum public blockchain?

  • The most critical issue of the Ethereum smart contract is that there is no distinction between “system smart contract” and “application smart contract”. 
  • The public blockchain smart contract needs to support some functions common to the system. These functions need to be easily extended.
  • For the application layer, it is not necessary to reach a consensus with all nodes of the public blockchain (such as 6000~10000). For example, if two people gamble, it is enough for 6 people to know, and it is not necessary to let 6,000 people know. According to different application scenarios, the blockchain needs to support different applications. Each chain is subject to consensus algorithms and performance limitations, and the application scenarios that can be supported are different. Some application scenarios require trusted accounting. At this time, PoW is suitable; some application scenarios are faster, and DPOS may be more appropriate at this time. The services provided by each chain may be very different, and a single chain cannot be adapted to all application scenarios.
  • Hence, a very simple logic is that smart contracts for third-party applications should not run on the public blockchain, but should run on the sidechain.
  • Elasots adopts the “main chain + side chain” architecture, breaking through the limitations of a single chain. A side chain is also a separate computer, and the Elastos is no longer a computer with only one main chain. 
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum positioning are very basic blockchain services and it is impossible for them to directly support large applications. 
  • Elastos positions to build a new generation of Internet and the infrastructure at the blockchain level has strong computing power and scalability.

If you can read Chinese and are interested in these topics, please click the following links:

Topics highlights

Check out these hot topics to see if there is anything that you can contribute to, or simply express your thoughts to help make the forum a truly vibrant community.

Top new topics

AMA with Rong Chen

Navigating Super Node Elections: How to Determine Which Nodes Best Serve Your Interests

How Elastos can Eradicate the Rampant BTC Ransomware Hacks

Elastos In A Nutshell: Carrier Network (Part 2)

Community Interview: Liu Qinan (Founder of ELAlliance)

Ecosystem Interview: Jimmy Limpham

Community Interview: Alex Shipp

Livestream with Jimmy

CR Press Biweekly Report Review 7/9/2019

Some recommendations to the CR Committee

Some suggestions to proposers

Thoughts on Elastos FAQ (Part 10 and Part 13)

Top active topics (in terms of number of views and replies)

Hyper.im – Peer-to-Peer Instant Messenger

Option Incentive Scheme for Elastos Brand Promotion

Voter Reward Payout Script for DPoS Nodes

Marketing & awareness of Elastos & The Cyber Republic https://forum.cyberrepublic.org/t/marketing-awareness-of-elastos-the-cyber-republic/102/8

Bi-weekly livestream with Rong Chen

Supernode Pool Recruitment and Q & A

Hyber.im – Beta now available

dApp idea thread


Feel free to leave a comment with your concerns, questions, and suggestions (or praises), for the Cyber Republic.


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