Welcome members of CR to another CR Biweekly Newsletter. Lots of events and updates have come to light in the last couple of weeks.


Top stories:

The ETH Task Force proposal was officially accepted by the CRC
This proposal is looking to corral 5 projects to port over to Elastos. The team is also developing a solid tutorial dApp in order to properly train other developers. Many community members are excited about ETH-sidechains on Elastos, so the ETH Task Force will be an important team in building awareness and adoption on to the Elastos platform. https://cyberrepublic.press/elastosethereumtaskforce/

CR Regions action on multiple fronts
Two CR Region Proposals have been approved by the Council, one for Malaysia and one for Hong Kong. A third one for Indonesia is in the Suggestion phase, and set to move into the Proposal stage with a 100% approval rate at the time of writing. Full coverage: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/07/29/sp-coverage-july-29th/

Hyper and Feng Han
Hyper, creator of Hyper.IM and HyperConnect, met with Elastos Foundation’s Feng Han in Switzerland. The Hyper Team presented Feng Han with their MySmartHome project, Hyper Messenger and HyperConnect. The men were also introduced to a project called “Green Concept” by Anders Alm. This is a blockchain infrastructure that will be tailored for a privately owned island in Thailand. https://cyberrepublic.press/hanhypermeeting/

More news

  • DMA, the marketing and merchandising head of Elastos, won the Dorahacks Hackathon in China. DMA won the contest with a DApp specific to marathons called “RUNARUN”.
  • WeFilmchain announced they will be setting up shop in a Film and Tech Expo in mid August. The expo is mainly about how content creators and filmmakers can earn more money and protect their digital assets better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNyBWE_WXgc If interested in attending the event in Vancouver, B.C., https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/film-tech-expo-tickets-65493202933?aff=ebdssbeac
  • The Supernode group consisting of the Elastos Telegram and Reddit moderators, Noderators, have made some updates to the website. The team has given community members access to Supernode setups and technical information on server metrics and Arbitrators on duty. Thanks to the Noderators for giving the community very informative content: https://twitter.com/noderators/status/1155253323882254337?s=21
  • Community members are still waiting on Ledger to incorporate ELA to their platform. Coranos, the man who submitted ELA to Nano Ledger S, has announced some special news to the community: “There is a desktop wallet complete with Ledger capabilities currently, but as stated already we are waiting on Ledger to complete their testing and implementation. Since this is open source the community member who built the wallet is already working on adding the voting feature.” While the community is waiting on Ledger to approve Elastos, it’s nice to see that voting functions are being implemented onto the Ledger app. 

Elastos has also recently been added to the https://twitter.com/guardawallet/status/1153301737706532864?s=21. Web, desktop or Chrome Extension options are available.

And Elastos came out with their latest biweekly https://news.elastos.org/elastos-bi-weekly-update-19-july-2019/. Highlights are the developments in the Ethereum testnet, the opening of the Elastos Academy, and Elastos’ involvement in the big hackathon in China Dorahacks. 

The CR News and Social Media Proposal has officially passed.  However, CR Press is still waiting on another https://www.cyberrepublic.org/suggestion/5d3ddd00deddc80094cd4fa1 to pass in order to properly fund the new https://cyberrepublic.press/ website and achieve ambitious goals. Thanks to all the community members for supporting our cause. We are here to inform and promote the CR ecosystem!


-By Jeremy G.



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Project Updates

Cyber Republic Website

Git Activity and Updates


The Elastos-ETH Task Force

By Lex P


Another ambitious Suggestion turned Proposal has been approved as Harry Liu (CR website lead developer) and his team are to receive funding for an ELA-ETH task force. 

The crew is set to take on matters involving Elastos and Ethereum, including the porting of ETH applications to Elastos and creating a smooth developer environment. Various open source Elastos demo applications will be provided to inspire devs and serve as a template for them to build on.

The task force will also provide technical support for CR Regions around the world, which includes the important task of reviewing development projects brought in by the teams knocking on the various CR Regions’ doors. Along with this comes the provision of technical materials and the planning of community engaging hackathons.

Suggestions are the prelude to Proposals, the best or most popular ideas can be picked up by council members and turned into Proposals for voting consideration.

For more information, please refer to: https://www.cyberrepublic.org/docs/#/zh/guide/suggestions

In the Proposal the team went more into detail describing plans to: 

Create a Full Elastos Demo DApp Development Tutorial for JS Developers

Which will come with a dedicated website for JS developers (elastosjs.com) and a dApp demo and tutorial to kick things off with. The tutorial will include development using the ETH Sidechain, Elastos Hive, Carrier and the Elastos APIs.

Create Workshops, Hackathons and Courses for Elastos CR Regions

The team plans to have trial training workshops in Hong Kong, Singapore and India to attract developers.

Another goal listed is the creation of a multisession course on Elastos ETH dApp development.

Begin Porting Aragon to Elastos and as an MVP

“It is hoped that as this platform is trialed and improved, other CR Regions can also start using this platform to run their communities in a decentralized manner befitting the Cyber Republic vision. Eventually the lessons and experience gained from this project can be used to improve the Cyber Republic Consensus that the Elastos Core Team is building.”

Train Blockchain Developers in Elastos and Grow the Team

With a target of recruiting at least 25 talented devs.

Market Research and Business Development into other DApps and Pitching them to Port to Elastos

The task force is also looking to identify and guide projects into the Elastos ecosystem, which already includes five projects to start porting in August and ten more in September!

Listed as initial team members are lead blockchain engineer Harry Liu, three blockchain devs, and three business development specialists of which one is also a market researcher.

“Clarence Liu, the Elastos VP of developer has agreed to step in as an interim project manager while we search for one. As an experienced software engineer he is also open to helping with development and BD as necessary.”

In short, the task force is looking to bring more projects, developers and opportunities to the Elastos ecosystem by providing support on various important fronts.



International Community Events

Chinese Community

By Joel


Chinese Community Activities
Description Reference Link
The evolution from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/NCza1G5Tg7mYGF8uKvCpcg 
Elastos is ready for Web 3.0 era https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/yCuBeLvqkDB7XnlIpdSa4Q 
Uptick DApp Event page is online, come and create your own event https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/yuc5QbWSX6Opf-3QKZ5MUw 
5G+ blockchain is rising,  Elastos has its space in the cyberspace https://www.bightbc.com/project/elastos/112800.html 
Characters ▏ Xiao Meng of Hebei Supernode https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/eGQomzRpzT2IsBgPqltBXw 
Thoughts on common questions about Elastos (14 – 15) https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/jC0qn3fZaITBsX1WQ58j9g
https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/yIy_5ZLnrQ1iR_yqYfDwYg https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/GjkNrd5ckyi4jj8Cn6KjFg 
Elastos 2019 Hackathon – 36 hours non-stop programming contest has come to an end https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/tghNWbHkK_pTPo2SkBTBtQ 


Sunny Feng Han has been interviewed by Lao Guo, the founder of blockchain investment ranking platform. In the interview, Sunny shared the insufficiencies of the current internet, the need for solutions like Elastos, and the approaches that Elastos adopts to solve these problems. He also discussed the governance of Elastos and future development. Let’s recap.


Which part of the current internet is not good enough and needs to be rebuilt? What does Elastos contribute in rebuilding the Internet?

The current internet cannot protect user privacy and data, and it leads to the centralisation of data. All these hinder the development of the internet economy. The significance of a new token proposed by Zuckerberg is not the coin itself, but in turning Facebook into a data privatization platform. This has to be supported by a completely decentralised new internet. 20 years ago, Rong Chen realized that the stand-alone version of operating systems, including Windows, could not protect personal privacy and data security, and he has been working for an ideal one for about two decades.


Are personal privacy and data the main focus of Elastos blockchain? How should we understand the statement that there is not private economy on the internet, and blockchain can enable this economy?

Because of the current internet protocols, it is nearly impossible to identify the ownership of data. Windows operating systems do not protect the right of personal privacy and security.

A profound experience of the Chinese is that with public economy, the Chinese society could not fully develop its own economy. As Zhiwu Chen, Professor of Finance at Yale University, has put, only after the introduction of Premises Permit in 1998 did Chinese own their wealth. The reason is simple, individuals can now own assets. Market capitalization is possible only when there are laws to protect the contracts signed.

The significance of Bitcoin is that it allows data to be owned by individuals. It requires private keys to sign, and all money is transferred and recorded on the whole network. Double spending becomes impossible. Ethereum has made a step forward.

In 2016, Rong asked me to discuss blockchain in Shanghai. At the time, he started to develop his own system without the concept of blockchain. However, the presence of blockchain technology was the perfect addition to the system that he has devoted nearly two decades to.

What are the benefits of data ownership for individuals? Rong used to emphasize safety, which many users did not feel its significance. With the presence of blockchain, data ownership can be safeguarded and data can be turned into wealth, which is the fundamental reason why digital currencies are now booming.

If there is a new internet, it allows each user to own their data and turn the data into their own wealth. This will give enough motivation for everyone to transfer from the original App to DApp, which is the decentralized App.

But to do this, only a blockchain is not enough. Almost no real app can be run completely on the blockchain. The apps on your phone including WeChat cannot run on the blockchain. The  reason is very simple, the efficiency of a decentralized computing system is not enough to support an App. A decentralized operating system is necessary. To put it simply, it is necessary to coordinate the decentralization of communication, storage, and ID. Of course, there are corresponding blockchain projects that are springing up to solve this problem.


Elastos mainchain does not support smart contracts. The team believes that it is not smart to run smart contracts on the mainchain. Can you share what evolution path you think DApps should be, and the existence value of App, what is the main difference?

About a few months ago, before I returned to China, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania held a discussion with professors from American business schools and Chinese blockchain scholars and entrepreneurs. A great topic at the time was that (basically most American professors thought) average users were not willing to move from the App to the DApp. Because they are lazy, DApp is probably not as good as the so-called centralized app. In fact, you will know this when using Bitcoin or other wallets. However, I suggested that although users are lazy, they are even more greedy. If a DApp can make everyone make money on their own data, users are willing to go to the DApp. 

History goes from centralization to decentralization. The huge wealth effect and the discovery of the New World of wealth will push human history in this direction. This is almost the same as the discovery of the Americas, and the subsequent industrial revolution throughout Europe after the discovery. Without such a huge wealth effect, it is not possible to drive history in this direction.

The reason why smart contracts are not built on the main chain is very simple: the mainchain has the most nodes, and of course, the computational power is the greatest. For example, the reason for ELA merged mined with Bitcoin is that the latter is apparently the safest public chain at the moment, with the most computational power and the most nodes. However, the efficiency is also the lowest. It is impossible to build any smart contracts directly with such low efficiency. I have discussed this with Rong many times in year 2016 and 2017, and the conclusion is clear. We first let the smart contracts run on the sidechain. The sidechain is much more flexible, but we can share the great computational power, protection, and credibility of the mainchain. Of course, with a suitable computing environment in the future, the sidechain operations will be more flexible.

Regarding the evolution path of DApp, Rong has been thinking and practicing for 17 years. This requires the support of the entire new generation of the Internet. It is impossible to rely only on the blockchain. This is why the most popular public chain now can only run some gaming applications but can’t run other more complex applications. I just saw a friend today saying that a large number of public chains are now running. The gambling games alone show that DApps in this industry have not developed at all. I think this is quite an insight. 

How can we move forward? Basically, Rong’s has considered this when designing the system. It requires not only the blockchain but also the decentralized application and decentralized communication. What is more gratifying now is that, for example, Elastos, Top Network, NKN and some projects in the United States, are all under development. For decentralized storage, now there is IPFS, and Elastos is developing its own one. For decentralized ID, Microsoft is also working on it, and same as Elastos which has joined Microsoft’s alliance. All these blockchains are the underlying facilities that can support the so-called DApp development in the future. It is best to go hand in hand.


Can you talk about the differences between DApp and App? What kind of scenes do you need DApps, which are ugly, slow, and not user-friendly?

I have always believed that the real establishment of the new generation of the Internet will be the outbreak of the next bull market. Of course, the recent advocation by Facebook on data privatization, it has drawn significant attention. Whether or not it will succeed, at least the influence is particularly large. In a discussion between Alibaba’s vice president Gao Hongbing, I mentioned that it should not be considered that Libra is only for a global mobile payment system which only threatens Alipay. What’s even more frightening is that if it succeeds in data privatization, the 2.7 billion users on Facebook platform can make money on their own data and mine with their data. Ali and Tencent’s platforms do not provide means for their users to make money, and this is game-changing.

The first DApps we can imagine, like the earliest bitcoin wallet, as slow or ugly and not easy to use. I have also experienced such a process, when I started using the bitcoin wallet in 2013, I just could not bear it. There has not been wallet that provides a really good experience. The NEO wallet is particularly difficult to use. However, why I am still using them? The reason is very simple, just like what I reiterated, it can make me rich. The NEO wallet is bad, but it helped me earn tens of millions of dollars. Therefore, if a DApp can protect your data and make you rich, then you don’t have a choice and you use it.

For example, take Facebook as an example. Facebook is likely to be separated into two areas next year. For the old Facebook users, their data belongs to Facebook and they don’t have any rights to the data. Allegedly, Facebook’s annual income from the data of its users were nearly $25 billion. For new users wanting to move to a new Facebook model, the user experience definitely goes down. However, it can protect your data. You can use your data rights to mine. Facebook will use your data to make a profit and you will be paid dividends. By that time, the data can be used to make money. Which do you think people will go?

I think Libra will open up the imagination for everyone in the future. It will support so called Proof of Date data rights mining. The future new Internet or second-generation Internet platform can protect users’ data rights. Using a stable currency like Libra to get everyone’s data rights mining to get timely dividends and rewards, especially for artificial intelligence which is now freely to using everyone’s data. These things should be terminated at some point of time. Once Facebook really creates this business model, the days when big Internet companies rely on user data to make big fortune are probably coming to an end. This is the biggest threat to China’s Ali and Tencent.


May I ask you what is your view on the blockchain regulations of the two major nations, China and the United States, and the layout of the relevant blockchains of the big Internet giants?

I think the biggest difference between China and the United States in terms of regulation is that the United States is a legal state and the basis for regulation must be law. Wall Street is used to this, with a well-established legal system that should be the most complete in the world to regulate securities and stocks. Of course, Wall Street is also the most successful, with the best credibility. China is governmental, and many policies are not based on law. For example, the notice issued on September 4, 2017, the legal basis of that is not clear.

As for the advantages and disadvantages, it should be better to say that the nomocracy society should be better. But for some blockchain innovations, if the full set of US legal systems are used, it is likely to go wrong. Alipay and WeChat payment, for example, are difficult to develop in the United States. According to my observations, the anti-money laundering legal system in the United States is too strict, so I am afraid that apps like WeChat are not likely to be able to transfer money, as it is necessary to comply with regulations. Although China’s policy supervision sometimes seems simple and crude, sometimes it leaves some space, so let the bullets fly for a while.


Can you talk about the issue of the white paper on rights protection last year? With the 8 accusations, which ones are true and which ones are of big misunderstandings?

Frankly, I don’t really want to talk about the rights protection last year. Most of the things have passed. But let me talk about my opinion, because most of the things I am witnessing. The main focus of the white paper on rights protection is 16.5 million ELA. The first version of the white paper once proposed an airdrop program. Basically, the private sale did not occur. It was a very early proposal, which was considered not appropriate. Therefore, in the second edition (before the private sale) was changed to allocate the 16.5 million to support the future growth of Elastos ecosystem.

In my opinion, first of all, the white paper will continue to change with the development progress, and in different fundraising stages. This is equivalent to agreeing on different consensuses. I still don’t think there were any integrity issues involved. Moreover, in the end, the 16.5 million is frozen and the decision will be left to the community. When ready, the community will vote in the second half of the year, and it is not any individuals that have the final say.

Of course, I think there is another focus, which is to unlock the tokens in advance. Judging from my personal feelings, the early unlock was not well thought at that time. Whether it was the form of announcement or not fully discussed with the community, the unlock was done in  the most severe moment in the bear market and was rushed. Looking back, it was definitely more harmful than good. As a co-founder, I am of course involved in the decision-making. I am willing to publicly apologize here. It should be said that the consequences are very bad. This is a great lesson to both Elastos and myself and we should learn from it.

After all the things that have happened, let me talk about the feelings at present. As the project initiators, we should profoundly review the improper decision-making at the time, including improper communication with the community. Apart from this deep review, I am deeply grateful to the community members who participated in the investment, no matter at any stage. No matter how great the division caused in Elastos, everyone has gone this far with great pains. If there is no such real support from everyone, I am afraid that Elastos would have vanished. Therefore I am deeply grateful to everyone here.


What is the responses and arrangements of Elastos on the subsequent governance?

Ok, I’d like to answer the question of governance first. Now that Rong has first proposed the establishment of Cyber ​​Republic, the development will rely on smart contract voting to solve the community’s decision-making. If successful, it will be a meaningful exploration of community governance, and it will be a decentralized community development in the future. Go to the decentralization, go to democracy, and move toward a bold yet ordered attempt. I don’t dare to guarantee other matters but for many years Rong and the team have been striving for a simple goal.

Some people may laugh at us for pedantry, because many people always think that the blockchain project should first think about making money, including making money for people in the community. There is nothing wrong with making money, but we agree that it is to make money after realizing the goal. Although it experienced such a big obstacle last year, the big division, the big bear market, but Elastos team went through all these very confidently. As for what has been done, in the simplest terms, the promises on the white paper are basically completed on time.

Of course, there is still a long way to go for decentralized applications. The information I get is that the SDK will not be published until August, and more DApps will be available later. But I actually know that this road is still very difficult. Unless you are eager for quick success, you will vigorously develop some so-called gambling games. But we are also playing some more advanced games than gambling games, because Elastos itself has the ability to run more complex programs. However, this road is more difficult and there must be a longer process, but I am more pleased that many giants in the field are now willing to participate in this cause.


Please talk about the historical figures and people in blockchain that you admire.

When talking about historical figures, I definitely admire Satoshi Nakamoto. He developed Bitcoin as a pioneer. This coin is the first digital asset in history to be able to determine everyone’s rights. This is often neglected by other blockchain projects. This is the greatest historical creation and progress, opening up a wealth of New World. Among the Chinese people, I admire the two most, one is Da Hongfei and the other is Wu Jihan. In particular, Dahongfei, to a certain extent, I have accompanied him through the most difficult periods, truly bringing a Chinese public chain project to the world.

I share with you this much today. Finally, I am very grateful to everyone for having such an opportunity to talk. In short, no matter how many difficulties we encounter, we must unswervingly follow the philosophy put forward by Rong and strive for the goal. I believe that we will definitely work out the road to success and have a bright future.


If you read Chinese, you can read the whole interview given by CR Pioneer News here: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/NlwPbxOsUeUXtUJwmCk47w


CR Forum Topic Highlights



CR Forum Topic Highlights

We’ve summarized some of the popular topics of the past two weeks:

Thoughts on Elastos FAQ (Part 13 to Part 15)

Ding Ning continues to create several topics surrounding some frequently asked questions about Elastos.

a) Does merged mining with Bitcoin mean that Elastos also has some risk of a 51% attack?

  • Since 30 March 2019, the Elastos main net upgrade has been complete. The Elastos main net consensus model was upgraded from AUXPoW to AUXPoW+DPoS, and Elastos’ merged mining has been made officially open to the entire network. 
  • The top ten mining pools in the world in terms of hash power have been successively connected, including BTC.com, BTC.TOP, ViaBTC, and F2Pool fish pools. They are all participating in merged mining, and they have successfully mined several blocks. Elastos’ main net continues to run smoothly.
  • The AUXPoW+DPoS model of Elastos’ consensus mechanism can avoid the community splitting caused by the fork. Due to the existence of DPoS, blocks generated by miners need to be confirmed by arbitrators, further reducing the risk of being attacked by sheer computing power, thus ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of the main chain.


b) Elastos adopts an architecture of main chain + side chain. Will smart contracts running on the side chain introduce security problems?

  • Security issues are everywhere. However, Elastos classifies, partitions, and isolates certain operations and data, improving the security and reducing the risk of harm through its system architecture.
  • Each side chain of the Elastos is like a computer. Different smart contracts run on different computers. The smart contract may be complicated. There may be bugs that are difficult to find. However, the cross-chain mechanism itself is very simple, and the code is very small. This makes it easy to check for bugs and vulnerabilities. 
  • Elastos limits smart contracts to their own sidechains; the scope of their influence is only in their own programs, thus avoiding system risks. Compared to other projects where all the programs, data, and operations are mixed into one computer, the security of Elastos is much improved on the architectural level.

c) Elastos block production time is long and transactions are slow.  What should I do?

  • Elastos main chain is mainly used for value transfer. The most important factor is ensuring the security and validity of transactions. Side chains are mainly used for running applications. The operation of the side chain does not depend on the main chain, and only when value is transferred across the chains will information pass through the main chain.
  • Elastos also has the ability to use Amazon Cloud and Alibaba Cloud to instantly launch 6 or 60 virtual machines to support specific application operations through sidechains, write key data to the public chain, and release the extra virtual machine resources completion.
  • Through side chains, fast payment channels like the lightning network can be supported. Issuing tokens and running smart contracts like Ethereum, and recording trusted IDs, or supporting digital assets, are all possible on the side chain. 
  • The main chain will not be riddled with loopholes due to various complicated functions. The Elastos main chain architecture transforms the blockchain from one computer to a very large number of different functions; this simultaneously applies to application services.
  • Each side chain is an independent ecology, just like Taobao side chain, WeChat side chain, or Jingdong side chain. Usually 90% of activity will run inside the side chain, and only a few situations need to use cross-chain, such as sharing Taobao links to WeChat. For these situations, I believe that developers will find the right way to optimize the experience. For 90% of the cases, application developers can fully exploit the performance advantages of the sidechain to provide a better experience for users.


d) Elastos creates a new Internet.  Being such a large task, can the Elastos team achieve it? Will others imitate Elastos?

  • Elastos cannot be fully realized by the existing Elastos technology team. However, it is also a completely open source and decentralized project. Developers and teams interested in building on the next generation of the Internet can participate.  Just as Bitcoin is completely open source and decentralized, there are many developers contributing to it.
  • Many concepts of Elastos will be imitated, but who can do better? The key is to look at the depth and execution of the project. From bitcoin to thousands of other public chains, they’ve all been imitated, but there are not many breakthroughs.
  • Blockchain projects are different from traditional companies. It is difficult to buy shares and participate in the traditional businesses of others. Blockchain is an open project and those who have ideas don’t have to start a new project. If someone feels that a project has a future, anyone can join directly, buy their digital currency to become a “shareholder”, promote, improve, operate and make the project better, so why would they imitate another one?

e) As a new generation of Internet operating systems, is Elastos bound to hardware?

  • When it comes to operating systems, many people think of Linux and Windows and think of PCs or mobile phones. At this stage, a new generation of R&D is actually not in the operating system of the physical machine itself, but in the beginning of the virtual machine; this is also known as cloud computing (or elastic computing). 
  • Elastic computing is how many virtual machines can be started on demand and how many virtual machines can be destroyed. As such, Elastos is actually the operating system of the virtual machine.
  • The so-called network operating system that Elastos is creating now has little to do with hardware. It can be called a smart web, which is a World Wide Web that can run programs. In the previous generation of the Web, the browser that was born in 1995 was linked to the relevant web page through a URL and sent to the user. 
  • The next generation of the World Wide Web, through URLs, can present a program in front of the user. Google calls it the instant app and we call it smart web. Just like smartphones are mobile phones that run programs, the smart web is the web that runs the program.
  • Such a web with the characteristics of blockchain, with ID and certificates, can form scarcity and consensus. There will then be many new business models and profit models. I also hope that Elastos will form a wave of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs who can use the smart web.

f) How can I get my own rewards when Elastos brings convenience to distributed applications?

  • The benefits of Elastos is from its future ecosystem. For Elastos, as long as it can become a platform that supports DApps, ELA will have value because people will need it to pay service providers. ELA will create demand and thus, appreciate.
  • We can create an analogy to the open source operating system Linux.  Its value is reflected in the aspect of its supportive ecosystem. Everyone knows that the government must be a technology park to attract investments. At this time, the positioning of the science park and enterprise is completely different. The government relies on tax collection to form the largest fiscal revenue and corporate tax payment is one of the sources of taxation. The incomes of the enterprise is earned from the business it operates. Therefore, the income of the government and the income of the enterprise are two different concepts. The operating system is similar to the Science Park, as an incubator for the ecosystem above the Science Park. Therefore, we must first let the eco-partners who come to Elastos benefit from the business they operate and the people who come to Elastos system. In this way, Elastos will gain more benefits.
  • Ecosystem development is good, and if there are more users, its value will be reflected. For example, Windows has many users and so it has value; Android has many users and so Android has value.

g) Is there be utility for ELA?

  • Elastos requires ELA to be valuable. It is digital gold, and it must have its corresponding utility.
  • Users need to consume ELA to register an ID. For example, if you want to open a website called sina.com.cn, you need to go to some real-name authentication. It is the same as domain name authentication today. It won’t be free. Otherwise, everyone will take up Sina, Sohu, and Google and others will not be able to use it. 
  • You need to use ELA to invest in DApps. Just like today, you can use Bitcoin to vote for some ecosystem applications. It is also true that the Elastos will have ELA usage scenarios.
  • As Elastos is also a smart web, some people will help to guide traffic or provide a cloud disk. They can also earn ELA, that is, some people will provide disk space or be a relay server, and they can earn corresponding ELA .
  • These are for the purpose of making the ELA circulated, valuable, and necessary, or else there is no incentive. Of course, Elastos does not require a website to sell things to be settled by ELA. 

h) How does Elastos establish a user ID system and how can it confirm the true source of the user ID?

  • Based on the semi-anonymous ID, you can also derive layer-by-layer authentication on it.  For example: KYC (know your customer). If you use an ID to make a website, Elastos will request you to comply with local laws and regulations. If you open a website in China, you must have a real-name system. The applicant has to get an ID card to bind to this semi-anonymous ID. This semi-anonymous ID is similar to a worldwide ID number, but everyone does not know this ID. Who is behind the ID number and is he or she from which country?
  • If someone wants to open a website, then they must go to the Public Security Bureau for real-name authentication. The mobile phone number must be bound to UnionPay. If the website sells some illegal goods, then they will bear legal responsibility and can be subject to legal accountability.
  • This field is not entirely a technical issue, but also a matter of legal compliance. It must be adapted to the laws of different countries and regions

i) Is the Elastos Runtime the same as the Ethereum EVM?

  • Elastos Runtime is somewhat like Ethereum’s EVM, which is based on virtual machine technology. The difference is that Elastos Runtime is mainly running DApps while Ethereum EVM is mainly running smart contracts. Smart contracts run on blockchain nodes and DApps run on user terminals such as mobile phones.
  • Elastos Runtime provides a sandbox mechanism in which all DApps run. Elastos Runtime creates a secure DApp runtime environment using sandbox isolation, network isolation achieves better security of the computing environment.
  • Ethereum EVM can only run smart contracts and cannot run DApps. The final touchstone is whether the sandbox can run the so-called C program, which is the instruction set that can run on the CPU. Ethereum smart contract is like the program inside the hard disk, or the macro inside when we use Excel spreadsheet or the Store procedure inside the database. Although the database is programmable, Excel is programmable and the hard disk is also programmable, but these three are not directly facing the customer. It is the internal program of the system, not the application used by the people. Ethereum’s white paper says that EVM can’t develop non-financial non-recording applications. In fact, the crypto kitty game runs under the chain, not on the Ethereum main chain.

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