Nicola, congrats on the news!  For those who haven’t heard, could you explain what we’re all so excited about?  For those who may be new to Cyber Republic, please be sure to tell us a little about who you are and how much you’ve contributed to Cyber Republic.

First of all, I want to thank the whole community and the Elastos Foundation for their trust and support. It’s an honour for me to be appointed as an Interim CR Council member, and I will execute my new role with utmost diligence, maintaining close contact with the community.

I’ve been a part of the international Elastos community since the very beginning. It didn’t take long to understand the importance of Elastos, but it took a while to understand how Elastos is solving the pain points of the Internet as we use it today.

I began my journey as a contributor to Elastos in February, 2018, by becoming an admin in the official Telegram group as well as being a moderator on Reddit. I’ve since become even more deeply involved, and I’ve started to contribute in other ways–from translations to writing articles about Elastos and finally, in January, 2019, I was appointed as Community Manager by the Elastos Foundation. 

Over this period of time, I’ve witnessed Cyber Republic evolving from a mere idea to what it is today. It’s been almost a year since its inception, and what we as a community have achieved so far is impressive.  We must not forget that a long journey is still ahead of us, however, as we are still building a fully decentralized and autonomous running Cyber Republic. The next months will be crucial in preparing the Cyber Republic elections, and I am delighted to be a part of this.


For those who may not know, could you describe what this role as Interim Council Member is and what its purpose is?

The Cyber Republic Council has a decisive role in the Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC). We are currently preparing to release the CRC Whitepaper; the rights and obligations of the Council Members are described in detail in there. 

In summary, the Interim Council’s purpose is to prepare the CR for the upcoming decentralization and the elections which will take place once the CRC is fully implemented on the blockchain. 

It is of utmost importance to grow the community so that there is a big enough pool of viable candidates for the upcoming elections. It’s also important to note that the interim Council can’t do everything on their own, and they rely on good suggestions from the community. 


What does this mean to you personally and to the community?  How will this change the way things are functioning in Cyber Republic?  When will the changes be fully implemented?

Cyber Republic still works the same way as it had last week. What has changed is the composition of the Interim Council which is in effect as of now. It’s the first time that we’ve had a western community member as a decision maker in Cyber Republic. This is an important milestone toward a decentralized CR, and the Western community finally has a direct representative in the Council, a frequent request in recent times. 


What vision do you have for Cyber Republic’s future and what changes are you hoping to implement, given your unique position in this Interim period?

It’s important to note that a single Interim Council Member can’t make any decisions and changes on their own.  Decisions can only be made in consensus with the whole Interim Council. 

I do hope that I can bring another view to the Council, one as a Western community member. As a Swiss, I am very familiar with democracy–its benefits as well as its shortcomings. It’s also in the nature of our political system to find compromises rather than just following the majority view, and I hope to be able to bring this same culture to CR. 

One thing I plan on changing is in raising more suggestions as proposals for the Interim Council to vote on. This does not mean that more proposals will be accepted and funded, but I think it is important to have more Suggestions voted on by the Council. This gives the community a clearer picture of what kind of Proposals the Council is willing to accept and why certain proposals are denied.


Is there going to be improved transparency and communication from the Council to the community through you?  What kind of systems of changes in this regard to you plan on adding?

There will definitely be improved communication with the western community. Everyone can reach out to me on Telegram (@Gandhi13), Twitter (@GandhiELA), or they can just send me an email ( 

I have plans for the Interim Council and the Secretariat to better use the Cyber Republic blog. I will keep the community updated about my plans. If you have a specific idea or suggestion on how to improve communication between the community and the Interim Council, please let me know.


Do you feel as if communication with the other Council members will be difficult?  How do you plan to bridge the language and cultural gaps?

When working with a remote team, communication is always a difficult challenge, especially when the team members don’t speak the same language. Over the course of the last 1.5 years, I have learned much about the Chinese culture and way of working, and I am convinced that we can overcome any challenge. We can get a translator to attend the meetings to make sure there are no misunderstandings, and everyone can share their opinions and reasonings. 


Finally, are there things that you want the community to know about the Council and the reason things are done the way they are?  It could be either little known facts, or, you having been a mod for such a long time, questions that you continually have to answer?

One thing I’d like to highlight is that the Interim Council does not have access to the 16.3 million ELA which has been set aside for Cyber Republic. Those funds will only become available after the community elected Council and CRC are in place. 

In the CRC whitepaper there will be a detailed explanation on how many ELA can be used every year and how the funds are controlled. I also want to reiterate that the Council is dependant on suggestions and feedback from the community.  If you have good ideas, please don’t hesitate to form them into a formal Suggestion. If you can’t execute them yourself and don’t know anyone who is able to, you can always reach out to me and together we can look for a team.


Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to express my views, vision and thoughts about CR and a big thank you to the whole community.  The support I’ve received during the last 1.5 years is very well appreciated, and I will make sure to represent you to the best of my ability. 

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