By Joel


  • Motivate the communities of both CoinEx and ELA for joint brand promotion and marketing
  • The two parties have a good foundation for cooperation in terms of early investment institutions and mining pools
  • August 2019 is the second anniversary of the establishment Elastos; a high time for joint marketing and expanding customer base


  • List ELA on CoinEx
  • Guide the ELA community to conduct relevant marketing through the ELA accelerator programme
  • Expand ELA market and enhance the image of ELA for CoinEx users through the joint promotion of CoinEx and ELA

Implementation of ELA Acceleration Programme

  • Content: For holders of CET and ELA, participants answering ten questions about ELA correctly can join a lottery and get the chance to earn free ELA. 3000 ELA will be given to 1,000 participants
  • Schedule: CoinEx will promote on all its channels one week in advance

Executive Team

  • CoinEx BD Manager
  • CoinEx listing technical team: responsible for connecting ELA blockchain to the exchange, as well as maintenance and upgrades.


Founded in May 2016, ViaBTC is a professional digital currency technology service provider which provides digital currency trading platform, digital currency mining pool and cloud mining contract services. 

December 2017, CoinEx went online overseas and became the first exchange with BCH as the base currency. In August, the following year, CoinEx Accelerator was launched. At this point, CoinEx has close to a million users (80% overseas), 7,000-10,000 daily active users, and ranks around 30th on CMC.