Today marks a special occasion in Cyber Republic and Elastos history. Besides the respective one and two year anniversaries of the projects, the CRC Whitepaper (1.0) has been released!

​In reflecting on community dynamics in the blockchain industry’s short history, we have identified that blockchain projects present a number of unique challenges that differentiate them from traditional Internet products; these issues are rooted and manifest in the realm of community governance. To resolve these challenges, we introduce a mechanism to achieve consensus across the entire Elastos community based on a delegate model. This mechanism enables community members to participate in decision-making through an electoral process. Besides, it incentivizes community members to contribute to community and ecosystem development by submitting proposals. All participants in consensus use digital signatures to confirm their actions and record those actions on the Elastos blockchain. The open, transparent, and immutable features of blockchain technology allow all community members to participate fairly. In addition, the design of proposal categories makes feasible more application scenarios and a broader development space for the consensus mechanism of Elastos community governance.

Read the CRC Whitepaper here

The CRC whitepaper is currently maintained and amended by a workgroup of the Elastos Foundation. The workgroup can be reached via email at, and any suggestions pertaining to the whitepaper should be forwarded to this email address. After the CRC is officially launched, maintenance responsibilities for the CRC whitepaper will be transferred to the community-elected CR Council.