Welcome to the latest snapshot of Cyber Republic history!

In this edition, we tackle the CRC Whitepaper; take a look at a pair of events where Elastos had the opportunity to shine; have a chat with Jingyu Niu and Vegas Mike; report on Chinese community activities, and more.

Happy reading and happy anniversary to all 🙂

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Fortnightly Recap


This week saw another special moment for Cyber Republic and Elastos as the first version of the official CRC Whitepaper was released!

Elastos Academy has posted “8 Insanely Great Ideas Utilizing Elastos” to highlight the project’s capabilities. Developers, now is the time to jump aboard and do what you do best!

The block explorer for Elastos’ Ethereum Sidechain is live! Read this to learn more about block explorers and how to navigate them.

The Proposal for Elastos’ listing on the CoinEx exchange has been approved. Read the English summary here.

Clarence Liu has posted some amazing images of the brand new Elastos brochureTopics include merged-mining, CR Suggestions and Proposals, sidechains, Carrier, and Hive.

Elastos recently participated in two events in Asia and CR Press was present at both! You’ll find articles on the Bitwork event in Hong Kong and the Bloconomic Expo in Malaysia below.


The official demo for the Elastos Trusted Computing project was revealed to the public on August 27th (Beijing time) in Shenzhen, China, at an event featuring Tencent. Sponsors include Elastos, Tencent Cloud, Starry Media, Manhattan Project Fund, and Block Global.

The Vancouver Film and Tech Expo has been covered by mainstream media outlet Phoenix Television. Through the mentioning by its North America-Chinese channel, Chinese communities in the area are educated on the cooperation of Elastos and WeFilmChain, the problems they are aiming to solve, the technology used, and how big the market they are focusing on actually is.

To celebrate the second anniversary of the establishment of Elastos, there are several planned community engagement activities, including a creative content competition and AMA question gathering. If you can read in Chinese and would like to participate, you can find the details below.

August 26th marked the second anniversary of the Elastos project and the first anniversary of the launch of Cyber Republic! We’ve seen a lot of major developments take place in the past twelve months and have gathered some of the best items covering them here.

The participation in this Expo has allowed the CR Region Malaysia team to target their audience: people who are genuinely interested in the solutions that Elastos can offer and can generate potential leads in terms of DApps development, use of sidechain, and brand promotion.

On August 17th, Elastos participated in a community meetup at Bitwork. The event is the first of a series of community activities in Hong Kong. Clarence Liu, VP Development of Elastos Foundation introduced Elastos and gave the audience an overview of the technology and recent developments.

A summary of the first edition of the official CRC Whitepaper. “Governance is the topic, and Consensus is the mission.”

An encouraging conversation with Jingyu Niu, Elastos’ Product Team Lead, Head of Carrier and Runtime development, and representative at the DIF and on the W3C Advisory Committee.

An intriguing interview with the other Elastos VM: Vegas Mike!

Vegas Mike is an expert in brand building, as he has done in surfing, snowboarding, and motocross, and he will look to make available his skill sets in street marketing, design, and product and apparel in order to allow the Elastos ecosystem to flourish.

In the cryptocurrency space, a whitepaper is a document presented by a start-up with the intention of informing and encouraging investors to participate in the start-up’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO).


Another tremendous two weeks of Cyber Republic and Elastos events!

Special thanks to Vegas Mike for the beautiful cover.

Feel free to leave a comment anywhere with your questions, concerns, suggestions, and/or praises.


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