By Jeremy

Elastos community member Daniel Hallén recently posted a Suggestion pertaining to tracking footwear production. Daniel’s team will look to create the main global traceability system for leather material.

Phase 1 of the set milestones will be to develop a complete MVP (August-December 2019).
Phase 2 will be a production-ready system (2020). 

The motivation of this project is to corral premium brands that need to prove their product is genuine to utilize their services. The team also plans to participate in various blockchain events to spread the word on Elastos. This is a Suggestion that is a part of the CR Regions initiative and will promote Elastos in the team’s territory of Scandinavia.

Based in Scandinavia, which has a large non-cash payment society with established brands such as H&M, Spotify, Skype, and more, the plan is to create a local development group to establish relationships and potential future partnerships with these companies to build on top of Elastos. 

The team consists of three full-time members:

  • Daniel Hallén is a Project Manager and Recruiter who has experience in the Energy and Automotive fields.
  • Josefin Liljuqvist is also a Project Manager and is an award-winning designer and entrepreneur. 
  • Third team member John Erikkson is a developer who has recently worked on the NodeHaven project.

The total budget of this Suggestion is $27,000 USD. A large part of funds will be allocated towards 300-400 man-hours at a $60/hr rate for the building of the MVP. The team also requests $1,000 to bolster Project Management and Recruitment. An additional $1,000 will be needed for Marketing and Community Activities. 

If you’d like to support this CR Regions Scandinavia project, please like their Suggestion and/or leave a comment.