By Jeremy

VP of Development for Elastos, Clarence Liu, recently posted a Suggestion to fund an Elastos Developer Workshop and Booth at San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019 (SFBW2019).

Clarence would like to accomplish a handful of goals at this event. 

He will present a one hour developer workshop on Elastos development, join a technical or non-technical on-stage panel (to be decided by the event), and he plans to have a booth to attract developers and showcase Elastos technology to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and overall tech scene.

Clarence will target approximately 200 leads which he deems an attainable target, with a projected 5,000 people that will be in attendance. From those leads, he would like to target ten promising projects to develop on Elastos (based on a 5% conversion rate). Considering the hand holding process to get a proper Proposal onto CR has a 50% attrition rate, Clarence expects to corral 5 final projects into the Elastos ecosystem.

The motivation of this Suggestion is to allow Elastos to join the likes of Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and other promising projects at SFBW2019. Clarence believes this event can produce high impact in terms of visibility and marketing. 

The implementation plan of this Suggestion consists of two aspects: attend and conduct the arranged activities (on-stage panel, developers workshop, and booth), and the negotiation of the sponsorship cost. The Elastos team has already engaged with the event organizers (introduced by WeFilmChain) and the current offer is a negotiated offer.

The official negotiating offer for attending the SFBW2019 event is $18,000 USD ($5,000 discount), which is the fixed event sponsorship cost. An additional $2,000 is needed for marketing materials such as stickers, brochures, t-shirts, flyers, and banners. This additional cost of $2,000 will also ensure Elastos is able to have above $18,000 in funds to attend the event in the event of ELA price fluctuation. 

In conclusion, the budget of the Suggestion totals 8,000 ELA. In the event all the ELA is not used, it will be saved for the CR Regions fund.

As the final signing date of SFBW2019 is September 10th, please go vote for the Suggestion if you believe this event will help bring Elastos more into the public eye.