Our first month of operation has been really exciting and we are confident  we can keep increasing the opportunities that our efforts create. Given our strong team and professional/technical qualities we can create a significant impact in the growth of Elastos.

We have brought together many talented developers, entrepreneurs and students to explore the possibilities of building on the Elastos ETH Sidechain and helping them learn about the other features Elastos has to offer.

We hope this report excites you as much as it does us, we’ve actually only spent a bit over half our approved budget and looking back we have already accomplished so much and made so many connections. Through the network effect, by growing our team, connections and close collaboration with the CR Region teams we are confident we will exceed everyone’s expectations.

Key Highlights

DACSEE – Malaysia

Through the hard efforts of DYI and the entire CR Region Malaysia Team, they approached Dacsee and arranged meetings for Clarence Liu the VPD of Elastos in Kuala Lumpur where they explored piloting their DApp project on Elastos infrastructure. Dacsee is the 3rd largest ride hailing app in the hugely competitive Malaysia market with over 20 competitors and it’s extremely exciting to have them partner with Cyber Republic and sign an MoU.

The ETH Task Force will pledge full support to working closely with Dacsee on design, validation of their requirements and testing the Elastos ETH Sidechain. CR Press will follow shortly with an official press release on the partnership.


2019-09-07 00.18.53.jpg


Harry Liu, the lead developer of the CR ETH Task Force has been invited to Bengaluru, India by Innov8 and media partners Blockmanity and Crunch to give a talk about Elastos and the first ever ETH focused live demo walkthrough of the Elastos ETH Sidechain. Here he also connected with many blockchain projects in India and we are confident many of these will turn into future opportunities for Elastos


Elastos Pushes Into India

This is the first of many events and initiatives as the ETH Task Force and CR Region India Team gears up for a strong push into the hugely valuable and technically proficient country of India.

Blockmanity will be interviewing Clarence Liu as well and we will ramp up collaboration on a press and marketing front as well.

We are even in close talks with the Indian exchange BitBns (https://bitbns.com/) to step up marketing efforts and collaborate on the Elastos India expansion. Look forward to their CR Proposal soon and a sneak peek at our New Delhi event already in the works for the end of September.

SINGAPORE – JETCOIN – https://jetcoin.io

Jetcoin is building a DApp to disrupt the world of sports and entertainment, their ERC20 token JET is created to allow fans to support their favorite stars, invest in upcoming talent, buy exclusive NFTs and more. We are in initial discussions to pilot scaling their DApp on the Elastos ETH Sidechain.

As Elastos descends upon Singapore for TechXLR8 and Invest:Asia by Coindesk, we will join Jetcoin and other amazing projects to host an exclusive after-party to spark business development, network and add some flair to Elastos promotion.

Elastos ETH Sidechain Tooling

In order to build anything on Ethereum, blockchain developers are accustomed to a set of tools which are already mature and fully supported on Ethereum. As blockchain developers ourselves we understood that the first step in attracting them to our ecosystem was to provide them an identical development environment. Then only after that, would we introduce the other powerful features of the Elastos ecosystem such as the Carrier, Hive and secure sandbox Runtime.

The minimum set of tools are being developed at https://github.com/elaeth and progress on each are as follows:


 In Progress:

  • ENS (Ethereum Name Service)


Directly Compatible (Does not require migration) – point the RPC port at our dedicated port at https://rpc.elaeth.io 

  • MetaMask
  • Remix


DApps Porting to Elastos ETH Sidechain

    • Uniswap by GaEx
    • litex.store and pkt.red (2 DApps) by LITEX – agreed to port, planning PR joint initiatives 
    • Treegame by GameOnChain – agreed to port, currently consulting on CRC funding process
    • Crypto Skyscraper by TeamTaoist – agreed to port, currently consulting on CRC funding process
    • LINK – https://blockmason.link – already deployed and testing on ETH TestNet now, initial next step discussions


  • Plus DeFi applications from Ethereum, sealed projects but will announce soon when potential projects are done evaluations



Other Highlights:

  • HashingSystems – https://hashingsystems.com – the team behind a new name service and advanced tooling for many projects is exploring similar projects and CR Proposals to develop them on Elastos 
  • Blockwell.ai – https://blockwell.ai – through our networking efforts, they are writing a CR proposal to bring their suite of tools to the Elastos ecosystem  
  • Trinity Demo – Education Certificates on the Blockchain – a close partner of WeFilmchain: ActivatorTube (http://www.activatortube.com) which is a developer shop, is exploring spearheading a side project to showcase not only the ETH sidechain but Trinity and the entire Elastos stack.  

Minor Updates


  • Our planned Singapore ETH Sidechain workshop was postponed from our target date of September 10 due to scheduling and venue issues. Clarence was in Singapore to plan with Brendan Graetz in August and more in-depth meetings will happen when he’s there again for Coindesk’s Invest:Asia.


Issues Delayed Goals


  • Due to the testnet instability and some critical missing tooling the tutorial website is about 75% of what we were hoping for at this point in time.


Developer Candidates

We are always on the lookout for more team members so our task force can bring increasingly more projects to Elastos.

  1. Shooter – https://github.com/liushooter – Shooter has extensive experience on various blockchain application , he developed mining pool, Ethereum DApp and data analyzing tools. He is familiar with Solidity, Javascript, Ruby, Go and C++. 
  2. River – https://github.com/syuukawa – River was a Java developer and has now entered the blockchain field, he has Solidity skills and is willing to develop DApps. 
  3. Frozen – https://github.com/xrdavies – Founder of TeamTaoist and a talented developer, Frozen already developed several DApps on Ethereum, EOS and Tron. 
  4. Taylor – https://github.com/SollyTaylor – Taylor is familiar with java, c++ and QT,  developed a mining service and couple of backend service for blockchain projects, he is seeking new chances on Elastos. 
  5. Marcus Brown – https://github.com/igetgames – Marcus will spearhead evaluating and porting various DeFi centered DApps from the Ethereum blockchain to Elastos. 
  6. Leon Yan – http://activatortube.com – Leon is the project manager at Activator Tube, a development firm that’s also closely associated with Elastos and WeFilmchain. 



5 – new projects from other blockchains ported or developing on Elastos

As listed above, we have 6 projects (4 games and 2 tools) and a few DeFi projects in the works. We will continue to work closely with these teams to keep them moving as fast as possible and provide updates on our new website soon.



1 – dedicated website for JS developers – elastosjs.com



1 – simple DApp Demo + Tutorial 

We have created a Getting Started tutorial and “Your First Smart Contract” demo on elastosjs.com



1 – complex DApp demo in an interesting industry

This is the planned collaboration with ActivatorTube or another team. Also known as the “Trinity Demo – Education Certificates on the Blockchain” this is planned as a quarter long project. When complete it will showcase not just the Elastos ETH Sidechain but an ideal integration with all of Elastos.



10 – viable candidates for future growth of the team

Six total candidates – GOAL PARTIALLY MET. We will continue to look for more candidates and stay on top of recruitment.


3 – Workshops, Hackathons or Courses

For our goal of 3 events in the first quarter unfortunately BitTemple in Singapore which originally offered us a free venue went out of business. Our SG team worked hard to procure a 2nd venue for our Sept 10 event date but was not able to. We have postponed this event now to early November when Clarence is expected to be back in Asia.

BitWork (HK) – this was a successful event which saw two promising leads and connections forged between IPFS and Elastos Hive. We held a workshop with an Introduction to Elastos, how DPoS voting works and how to vote. In October we will plan a hackathon or workshop pending the readiness of our ETH Sidechain toolings.

BitTemple (SG) – postponed, see above.

Techstars (India) – Harry has given a talk and initiated many leads in India (see above “Key Highlights”), we will definitely have more news to come soon.


6 Session Course on Elastos ETH DApp Development

Not started at the moment.


25 Person Recruitment List

6/25 – GOAL NOT MET – Due to our workload and having only spent a bit over half of our budget, we will reserve the remainder for growth in the coming weeks. Finding talented blockchain developers is also difficult as we expected, they are in very high demand.


The CR ETH Task Force has only received 50% of funds as per normal process (CR usually gives only half upfront and half at the end during the interim process). We have spent about 60% of the total budget using a bit of our own personal funds to cover to costs.

Even now as we await the remainder of funds we are continually developing, pursing new projects and growing our team the best we can.



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