Welcome to the latest snapshot of Cyber Republic history!

In this edition, we shine a light on recent stories involving some of Elastos’ many use-cases; get an update on the Elastos Unity project; have a chat with Yipeng Su and Dong Xu; take a look at Leo and the CRC Whitepaper; report on community activities, Suggestions & Proposals, and more.

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Fortnightly Recap


The Elastos Foundation released the official financial report for the first half of 2019.

The ElastosJS website has been launched. The website will serve as a resource for building Javascript dApps on Elastos.

ELA-ETH Task Force lead, Harry Liu, and the CR Region India team gave a live tech demo at the EmergTech event in India on September 7th.

Clarence Liu, VP of Development of Elastos Foundation, took to Vietnam the same day to speak at the Blockchain for Business talk show, an event co-hosted by Elastos, NeoWorld, and more.

CR Region Malaysia, along with Clarence Liu, visited Dacsee, the world’s first decentralized community-empowered ride-sharing platform, to form a partnership.

After a successful move through the CR Suggestion pipeline, Elastos has now been integrated and listed on the CoinEx exchange.

Brian Xin, founder of Elastos DMA, posted some pictures of DMA’s launch party in Shanghai. Many prominent community members including co-founders Rong Chen and Feng Han were present at the party.


Elastos co-founder, Rong Chen, recently held an AMA with the community at the 2nd anniversary. With his broad knowledge of computer science, he explained the tech and current development of Elastos in a heuristic yet practical way. A key takeaway is that in Q1, 2020, most of the major functionalities including the Trinity browser, Hive storage, DID sidechain, cloud computing, and more will be in their beta stage.

For more information, you can read the summary here (Chinese).

“Sunny” Feng Han shared the latest development of Elastos and his views on how Elastos will impact the current internet and digital wealth. Summary (Chinese)

Han has also posted some images from his recent speech at the China 5G and Blockchain Summit.

Top Stories

The potential for adoption, and the need for Elastos technology has been made quite clear by the present days, not only by Telegram, but every day news of cyber attacks and data theft floods the mainstream media.

Ransomware has been the most prevalent and popular means to seize data and systems, and state and local governments have been the biggest target in these ransomware attacks.

A summary of Elastos Unity developments from core developer Adem Bilican during the recent Noderators Supernode live stream.


An enlightening conversation with Elastos Chief Architect and CRC Interim Councilman Yipeng Su.

Dong is the CEO of Titan, the decentralised content distribution network endeavour.


Amos T clears up the mist around Elastos’ new Leo project, a trusted computing enhancement for the already secure Elastos blockchain architecture.

Amos T breaks down the recently released Cyber Republic Consensus Whitepaper.

Suggestions & Proposals

VP of Development for Elastos, Clarence Liu, recently posted a Suggestion to fund an Elastos Developer Workshop and Booth at San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019 (SFBW2019).

Xanpool, the world’s first automated peer to peer crypto to local currency (fiat) platform, has created a Suggestion. The company executes and settles transactions without taking custody of customer’s funds.

CR Terminology

Learn how trust can be hardcoded into a computer operating system through a certain set of rules and guidelines.

One of the most frequently misunderstood aspects of storing and managing cryptocurrency: the wallet.

Another tremendous two weeks of Cyber Republic and Elastos events!

Special thanks to Vegas Mike for the beautiful cover.

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