Suggestion #33: Using Uptick to educate Advanced Creative Business students

By Jeremy G.

Jochem Herber, an Elastos Orchard team member, created a Suggestion on September 4, 2019. He seeks a small budget to allow International Creative Business students to use DMA’s E-Commerce Dapp “Uptick” in the real world. Ultimately, the Suggestion allows these students to become acquainted with Elastos’ technology and features.

The goal of the Suggestion is to garner approximately 90 International students from over 40 countries to use Uptick and the Elephant wallet. Another goal is to get the students to purchase tickets for an event in the Netherlands. 

The motivation for the Suggestion comes from Jochem’s Decentralization course as a part of the Creative Business Program he teaches. He hopes to have students create a decentralized business model that solves a problem in the Creative Industries. Jochem would like to utilize Uptick to showcase a Dapp that can solve problems in the Creative Business sector. In October, he will be organizing the third annual “Future of the Creative Business” conference with blockchain, AI, and music industry leaders (

The implementation plan will be led by Jochem and the Elastos Orchard staff, along with two researchers, one support staff member, and two Creative Strategists. The first part of the plan will be to train the lecturers on how to use Uptick and the Elephant Wallet, create instructions for classroom exercises for students, and introduce Elastos on a basic level. The second part of the plan is to create and sell tickets using the live version of DMA’s Uptick. The third part of the implementation plan is to have a group of students to purchase their tickets via Uptick while getting to know the Uptick/Elastos technology.

The budget of this suggestion totals 1000 ELA. The cost will cover instructions for lecturers and students, as well as a 2 ELA gift per student that can be spent on Uptick and administrative costs pertaining to their Learning Management system. The final signing date of the Suggestion is Sunday, September 15th.