Suggestion #141: Elastos showcase in the Future of Smart Music during DDW 2019

By Jeremy

The music industry has been a known target for several blockchain projects. It is possibly one of the most obvious use-cases for blockchain and can help finally turn the tide of the digital marketplace back towards artists and content creators.

The music industry and wide availability of pirated content has abused artists, and only the most passionate, or lucky, remain capable of juggling the demands of their living costs with their desire to create.

With so many blockchain projects seeking to penetrate the music industry, the fastest movers with the strongest marketing are set to win the race. Jochem Herber, member of Elastos Orchard, has raised a Suggestion that could significantly expand Elastos’ exposure to important industry leaders.

This Suggestion is based on showcasing the Elastos platform at the annual “Future of Smart Music” event that’s a part of Dutch Design Week 2019 (DDW19). If approved, Elastos would join music industry difference-makers such as Warner Music Netherlands, a famous Dutch Music venue (Effenaar), two Eindhoven VR-software studios, and a digital copyright management company.

The goal is to fully display the power of Elastos’ technology in the context of the music industry space. Elastos would be used as a “tracking system” in which every time a music/VR clip is played, Elastos has to verify and register these plays as transactions on the blockchain. Online views will be anonymous but Elastos DID verified. 

The Elastos brand would be featured alongside Warner Music in a Live VR Experience Installation with over 350,000 visitors in attendance, and viewers of the event anywhere in the world will be able to play content on their phone as a VR-app experience logging in with Elastos DID. 

All registered transactions on the Elastos blockchain will be showcased as a part of the 2D webshop’s provenance section. At the end of DDW19, there will be a short 5-minute video to promote the future of smart music which will include all partners, including Elastos. 

Throughout the duration of the festival, all Elastos community members are invited to participate by viewing three videos or more via the VR-app experience and/or the online 2D webshop.

The motivation of the Suggestion is to collaborate with industry leaders in the music space. Another motivating factor is to act as a prelude to a new dApp proposal which will likely be offered as a Suggestion in 2020. The team is excited about participating in this one of a kind event called “Future of Smart Music” in which visitors get VR-headsets and enter a Virtual World, while choosing music/VR clips to enjoy their own personalized VR experience. 

The plan is to build a simple media store website that anyone in the globe can log in to with Elastos DID to view content during the entire DDW19 event. As stated above, each and every bit of content will be tracked on the Elastos Blockchain (or ETH sidechain), which will increase the value of the ELA utility token. 

The Elastos technology will be used in three ways:

  1. Live-track how often content is played
  2. DID login functionality in the 2D-media store
  3. DID login functionality in the VR-app experience

The implementation plan consists of seven steps:

  1. Prepare VR-setup at the Smart Venue Effenaar
  2. Add content to the Effenaar’s existing VR-experience (VR-headsets, VR-app experience)
  3. Create an Elastos Tracking API and connect it to the Elastos blockchain
  4. Create 2D and VR-App Experience Media Stores for Elastos community members (Add DID login and verification functionality with 2D store showing tracking provenance and location-based view statistics)
  5. Connect and present the work with strategic partners
  6. Create promotional video done by a famous VJ/artist which showcases partners and experience while aiming to show the future of Elastos Smart content
  7. Maintain a good relationship with partners and develop follow-up use cases and dApps

The Future of Smart Music Suggestion is an extension of a past Suggestion created by the Elastos Rights Management team. Featuring the Elastos technology at the DDW19 provides an ideal use case for a future dApp. Between meeting with leaders in the media and music industry, the team will continue to build the groundwork for a new media/VR dApp Suggestions on the Elastos network.

The total budget required for this Suggestion is 9500 ELA (approx. $21,500). Funding will go towards 4 developers, 1 blockchain developer and 2 support staff members. Here is the breakdown of costs:

  • Worldwide 2D and VR-App Experience Stores (6,000 ELA) – Includes DID login, remote viewing of music/VR content all connected through the Elastos blockchain via API
  • Music Venue-Experience (500 ELA) – Elastos tracking connection to the existing “Effenaar VR-experience”
  • Partnership and Communication (2,500 ELA) – Organization before, during, after event and promotional video
  • Charging Platforms with enough ELA so conference visitors and global community members don’t need to pay for transaction costs (500 ELA)

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