Welcome to the latest snapshot of Cyber Republic history!

In this edition, we touch on Elastos’ use-cases in the music industry; take a look at the highly anticipated Bakkt launch; have a chat with the CTO of Shijiu Company; break down a pair of technical terms; and report on community activities, Suggestions & Proposals, and more.

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Fortnightly Recap


Elastos has recently hit an all-time high of almost 50 EH/s (mining power), solidifying its position as the third most secure blockchain.

A technical preview version of the highly anticipated Trinity browser is now available in the Google Play store.

The Elephant Wallet team and Enter Elastos supernodes have joined forces to launch the #FundMyDapp competition. The competition provides the developers the opportunity to win funding to build their very own dApp using Elastos technology.

The Elastos-ETH task force has recently released its August report. The report includes updates on overall progress, sidechain development, dApp porting, recent events, and several candidate projects for porting to the Ethereum sidechain.

Cyber Republic has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with blockchain-based ride-sharing platform Dacsee. “The terms of the MoU are to develop and implement blockchain wallet integration into Dacsee’s social ride-hailing mobile applications by utilising Elastos’ Ethereum Sidechain.“

Peer-to-Peer Live Calls are now available on Hyper Messenger for Android! Prominent community member Michael S posts on the latest Hyper update: “I can’t believe it! I just had my very first decentralized peer-to-peer phone call with Hyper Messenger! The sound quality was amazing! My friend lives on the other side of the world & it was FREE!”

Clarence Liu took to Twitter to post a picture of the incredible stack of cards he collected during the two-day InvestAsia conference.


Yipeng Su has held an AMA with the Chinese community in which he reflected on what Elastos has achieved in the past two years. He shared plans for the future development of Elastos and his vision for community building and development direction in the future.

For more detail, please visit here (Chinese).

Feng Han has attended Ear Finance Blockchain Technology Conference 2019 in Shenzhen where Elastos won the Best Technology Application Award in the blockchain industry. The award recognizes outstanding projects that have played an important role in all aspects of blockchain ecosystem, such as technology innovation and development, motivating the growth of the industry.

For more detail, please visit here (Chinese).

Han has also attended the first Asia Digital Economy Industry Summit in Hong Kong sponsored by Asian Digital Asset Exchange. He held a keynote speech on the “Data Asset Movement in 5G Era”.

Some images from his talk at the summit made their way to Twitter; quite a crowd!


Top Stories

The combination of the Elastos infrastructure, DMA services, DMA Copyright SDK’s, and a new Elastos Copyright framework will provide a final solution for one of the biggest and most puzzling problems in the music and content creation space.

After multiple delays, cryptocurrency exchange subsidiary Bakkt has launched its Bitcoin Futures Exchange on September 23rd.

CoinSpectator launched in 2013 as a modest crypto-blog and has quickly grown into a real-time news aggregation powerhouse with a visitor base that consist of investors, traders, and general cryptocurrency enthusiasts.



Yunlong Zhou, CTO of Shijiu Company sits with CR Press to discuss the latest.


Suggestions & Proposals

Jochem Herber, an Elastos Orchard team member, created a Suggestion on September 4, 2019. He seeks a small budget to allow International Creative Business students to use DMA’s E-Commerce Dapp “Uptick” in the real world.

With so many blockchain projects seeking to penetrate the music industry, the fastest movers with the strongest marketing are set to win the race. Jochem Herber, member of Elastos Orchard, has raised a Suggestion that could significantly expand Elastos’ exposure to important industry leaders.

CR Terminology

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters.

Usually, a developer requires a suite of code and specific instructions in order to start building an app on a mobile phone or computer. These resources are contained in an SDK or “Software Development Kit”.


Another tremendous two weeks of Cyber Republic and Elastos events!

Special thanks to Vegas Mike for the beautiful cover.

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