Elephant Wallet and Enter Elastos dApp Competition

Some time ago, on May 17, 2019, Elephant Wallet leader Sjun Song posted an expansive proposal on coordinating a world-wide global Elastos hackathon. A total of 18,800 ELA was allocated between contest rewards and administrative funding towards this endeavor. 

Fast forward to 5 months later. The Elephant Wallet team joined forces with the Enter Elastos Supernodes group in coordinating and unveiling the first worldwide Elastos dApp Idea competition. This contest will be ongoing for the next three months with the first round of dApp idea submissions having opened up September 20, 2019. It will end on October 19, 2019. There are three important steps in the process:

  1. Developers must submit their dApp utilizing Elastos technology; i.e. Carrier, DID, ETH side chain, etc.
  2. Community votes decide the winner each month for 3 months. Every month, up to 3 winning dApp teams will be rewarded with 1500 ELA each to build an MVP of the idea in 6 weeks. 
  3. At the end of the 3 months, the top 3 MVPs will have a chance to win an additional 500-1500 ELA. 

All winners of the dApp competition will keep the rights to their Elastos dApps. All applicants and voters must download the Elephant Wallet first in order to be involved in voting and submitting dApp idea for the contest. 

Follow the instructions on the Elastos App Community website on how to participate in submitting dApp ideas and voting for them ().

Voters and developers must add their username, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers, to their profile on the Elephant Wallet to be fully enrolled for the contest. The Elephant Wallet is available to download on iOs and Android. Please note that all participants must follow the similar “Suggestion” format on cyberrepublic.org and provide an Abstract, Goal, Motivation, Implementation Plan, Team, and Relevance for the dApp idea. 

All non-developers who have ideas for a dApp in the Elastos ecosystem can also contribute. Community members can post ideas in the “Ideas Category”. Ideas picked up by developers with the most likes gets 50 ELA to the original poster. 

For any and all other questions regarding the Elastos dApp Idea competition please visit the Enter Elastos website

The goal of the competition is to recruit as many talented developers as possible to build a killer dApp using the Elastos technology. 

A total of 16,500 ELA is at stake in this competition. It’s up to the community and developers to make this competition a success. Create and vote for game-changing dApps today!

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