Dear Elastos Community,

Some of you may have already heard of the Riwigo collaboration, and there will be a more in-depth release by CR Press soon, but I wanted to personally clarify the collaboration project and its relationship with Elastos.

Riwigo is a good showcase of how all the networking and events pay off, a few unrelated leads starting in Malaysia at the Bloconomic event, then Vietnam (YellowBlocks) and finally in Thailand led to this collaboration. It’s important to note than none of this would have happened without CR Regional teams on the ground meeting real people and networking, so I’d like to take a chance to extend my gratitude to them.

Riwigo – Powered by Elastos, Supported by CR Teams (Not a Partnership!)

Riwigo building on Elastos is the first example of the decentralized model that Elastos and Cyber Republic is pioneering. In this model there are no partnerships, which is a fundamental requirement when Elastos Foundation dissolves and there is no one left to sign partnerships. However there will definitely be the facility for the CR Regional teams to form non-profit entities and sign binding agreements, this may be required to enforce contracts and agreements.

Full disclosure a part of Riwigo voluntarily choosing to build on Elastos is due to my agreement to be a technical advisor, which I am happy to do given that their goals and deliverables are important and widely useful to the Elastos ecosystem. But whether it is myself, a CR Regional team’s technical member or a task force such as the ETH Task Force, future collaborations will likely involve multiple CR teams supporting new projects on Elastos. Until Elastos’ full vision is realized and trusted, traditional hand-holding, support and trust built by human interactions are necessary to solidify these types of collaborations. This function can only be filled by general purpose regional teams and task forces which I hope the community continues to support.

Two Proof-of-Concept Projects

Riwigo is firstly a product more than it is a blockchain project, it already has a stable revenue stream, real users and is a proper business in its own right. These are the types of projects I’d like to see more of, real established businesses exploring blockchain and bringing their users with them. 

The two major advances we are pioneering are:

  1. A blockchain based DAO governance structure that allows the entire ecosystem to reach a consensus on a common data schema for health data. This will likely use a forked version of the Ethereum Aragon project to manage the DAO, which can be useful to other projects that require similar capabilities.

    In this scenario we define a genesis data schema, a committee votes for changes to the schema on-chain and if passed we apply the update. A novel result is that this gives us a “chain” of updates we can use to verify the schema.
  2. The capability for people to share data, which is in the correct format defined by the governance system, with other services. These services can range from simply other healthcare or wellness practitioners to AI and Machine Learning providers, which can analyze people’s data and suggest issues or solutions.

    Users will have a dashboard where they can granularly select specific data defined by the above data schema to share with other services. Data will be either stored in an encrypted vault managed by Riwigo or for the adventurous they can use personal or decentralized storage solutions.

We are working on a yellowpaper now which should be ready by early December which will give a detailed explanation of the technical goals.

Elastos ETH Sidechain as an Ethereum Scaling Solution

Beyond the two proof-of-concept projects Riwigo will also explore using the Elastos ETH Sidechain as a scaling solution because it can handle significantly higher transaction volume. In this setup the Riwigo platform uses a proxy token on the Elastos ETH Sidechain that is tied 1-to-1 to the real ERC20 token on Ethereum. All of this is hidden to the user, but knowing this the obvious difference is that when a user withdraws their proxy token from the DApp we handle the conversion transparently.


How does Riwigo have an IEO on Ethereum ERC20 And Use Elastos?

It’s important to understand that Elastos is still a pay-to-use infrastructure, just like Ethereum where you pay GAS for transactions or services, in Elastos you pay ELA. If Riwigo was a traditional centralized company they would likely build on the AWS cloud services and pay for AWS infrastructure using fiat instead of ELA. 

For public transactions Riwigo will use a pool of ELA it maintains to pay for the fees, however for secure private transactions by users we will use a process wherein the users pay in fiat and we invisibly convert some of that fiat to ELA in the back-end to pay for the necessary blockchain interactions.

Read more about Riwigo at

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