Starting in Q1 of 2020, the Official CR Blog will begin publishing summaries of the CRC weekly calls that take place between the current Interim Council Members and the CR Secretariat. These articles will serve as a transparent record of the meeting minutes and aim to provide the CR community with as much information as possible.

Our first update is a record of the meeting that took place on January 8, 2020. The meeting focused on the following four Suggestions: Suggestion 211 – Chinese Community for November, Suggestion 203 – English Community Management, Suggestion 214 – CR Blog: Lending Transparency to CRC Communications, and Suggestion 210 – ETH Denver.


Wednesday Conference Call: January 8, 2020

Rebecca Zhu: CR Secretariat

Yipeng Su: CR Interim Council Member

Feng Zhang: CR Interim Council Member

Alex Shipp: CR Interim Council Member


The first suggestion discussed was Suggestion #211 – Chinese Community for November. This suggestion centers around community management and promotion in China. Yipeng Su addressed the three payments made to the Chinese Community Managers: Initiation Payment, Project Completion Payment, and Milestone Payment. An Initiation Payment is triggered by the approval of the proposal, and a Projection Completion Payment is made after the Approved Summary Report. Finally, the Milestone Payment is initiated by Approved Tracking Messages. Yipeng noted that the Chinese Community team still needs an Approved Summary Report in order to receive its Project Completion Payment. He also explained that there is no percentage requirement that is hard coded into the process in order to receive Initiation Payment and Project Completion Payment.

The next suggestion discussed was Suggestion #203- English Community Management. The Western Community Management team focuses on platforms like Telegram, Reddit, and Blockfolio. Currently, the Chinese and English Community Management teams use different methods and models in their respective approaches. Yipeng Su and Feng Zhang would like to see the English team incorporate a model that eliminates moderator roles and creates participation incentives available to all community members, as opposed to the fixed salary model currently in place. Both Feng and Yipeng were encouraged to see the English Community Management team elected to compromise and accept a 25% decrease in budget in order to create more balance between the Chinese and Western communities. To address varied costs of living, the Western Community continues to have a larger budget than that of China. Alex Shipp supported the English Moderators and their present salary-model, suggesting that cultural differences are conducive to different models of community management. Feng and Yipeng accepted this point, but mentioned that the full CR Council may see matters differently come April.

The third suggestion discussed was Suggestion #214 – CR Blog: Lending Transparency to CRC Communications. The aim of the CR Blog is to provide transparency to the community in all official matters discussed by the Interim Council on regular Wednesday conference calls. Alex Shipp produced this suggestion in order to keep the community informed of each Suggestion discussed, seeing as the CR Interim Council was selected – not elected. Yipeng Su and Feng Zhang believe that the CR Blog may be utilized for other purposes in the future, but for the remaining duration of the CR Interim Council, it will be best used for the purposes of transparency, both with CRC weekly conference call summaries, and an AMA in February. In the present and future, all three members anticipate the CR Blog will become an integral platform for CR, though its functions will be later determined by a full CR Council.

The last suggestion discussed was Suggestion #210 – ETHDenver 2020 – Elastos Hackathon Sponsorship + Booth. The third annual ETHDenver Hackathon will include many Ethereum and non-Ethereum projects. Clarence Liu, Elastos VP of Development, believes it is advantageous to network and collaborate with developers that will be in attendance. He sees this event as a strategic opportunity to pitch Elastos and its recent release of elastOS, as many blockchain developers and Ethereum developers will be in attendance. Yipeng and Feng, however, believe the best time to attend hackathons and other events will be when elastOS has matured a bit more and the CR Council is operating with a full 12 members, which will require another 4-8 months. After having heard the perspectives shared by Yipeng and Feng, Alex agreed that many valid points were made, and was more hesitant to give the ETH Denver Suggestion the green light. Alex anticipates that further modifications can be made to the Suggestion – or perhaps a new one – in order to reduce the funding requirement such that a reasonable compromise can be reached in time for the event.

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