In this week’s January 15 Conference Call, the CR Interim Council discussed a handful of Suggestions: Suggestion #215 ETH – Denver Hackathon, Suggestion #202 – Elastos Wallet Explorer, and Suggestions #220 and #221: CR Press and CR News.


As in last week’s Interim Council Conference Call, ETH Denver was discussed again. Alex Shipp expressed that the networking ability of Clarence Liu, VP of Development, would provide great value for the ecosystem. He also mentioned that the revised suggestion is less than 15% of the previous Suggestion’s budget. Yipeng Su retorted with his reservation that one person could not bring much benefit to the community by attending the Hackathon. While Alex believes that Clarence can connect to other projects and ETH developers who can build on elastOS, Yipeng states that developers are focused only on sponsored projects, bounties, and rewards. Yipeng feels that Elastos and Cyber Republic need to provide developers with a solid development environment, including interesting topics and a strong reward system. Yipeng concluded by stating that all CRC members should leave comments on Suggestions to provide more insight to the community. 


Ryan Collette of the Starfish Supernode created a Suggestion to build a new Elastos Wallet Explorer; Ryan and his team of 3 are mostly seeking to enhance user experience. A Wallet Activity, Voting Status Summary, Rewards Panel, and Translation panel are only a few of the features that will be included in Starfish’s new explorer. Yipeng Su noted that there was no detailed information on how the backend server will be developed and maintained, and he is concerned by the lack of a detailed project plan. He believes that Ryan and his team should wait for CR to officially become live and include CR Council Election and Proposals prior to launching a Wallet Explorer, as he does not believe that including DPoS information and aforementioned features are enough. Alex said that he would notify Ryan of Yipeng’s incoming comments, which will give his team sufficient time to update their Suggestion accordingly. 


CR Press and CR News each had Suggestions for the months February through June 2020, and were the final Suggestions discussed on this week’s Conference Call. CR Press produces articles and content related to everything CR and Elastos, whereas CR News sums up recent developments, releases, and updates from Elastos and CR. Alex opened the discussion on these Suggestions with a critical note: Cyber Republic’s funding limitations are limited by the amount of ELA the market can comfortably absorb. While there are 1.6 million ELA to be spent, it is not, in fact, feasible to spend all of them in calendar year 2020. While CR Press and CR News do a good job serving the existing community, they are yet to contribute to significant community growth. Without incoming developers, little value is being added to the ecosystem. Yipeng Su and Feng Zhang were in full agreement with Alex’s perspective. All three council members further agreed that development and community expansion are the two most pressing, near-term initiatives for which Cyber Republic should be dispensing funds. Therefore, Suggestions should not receive compensation based on the amount of work completed; they should dispense compensation by the amount of value added to the Elastos ecosystem. If there is a great deal of work completed, but little value is added, a sub minimum-wage hourly rate may in fact be a reflection of inefficient and improperly directed efforts.


Due to the Spring Festival in China, the next CR Interim Council Call will be held on Wednesday, January 29th.