The CR Interim Council reconvened for their weekly meeting on Wednesday, February 5th to discuss four Suggestions: Suggestion #229: English Community Reward for January 2019, Suggestion #226: Adding ELA/BTC pair in Probit, Suggestion #228: Starwire, and Suggestion #191: Partnership with Locket. 

The first Suggestion-turned-Proposal addressed was English Community Reward for January 2020. Alex Shipp shared his thoughts on how this Suggestion is very much in line with what was submitted by the Western Community Moderators in December. Although the reward mechanisms are not aligned with the Chinese community management model, Alex believes it is best to keep the structure as is until CR officially launches, and Feng Zhang expressed his agreement. Yipeng Su noted that the English Community Management team used the January 22nd ELA/USDT moving average price and did not update it as they did when it went down. He requests that the team update the ELA/USDT moving average price to reflect recent price movement. 

The second suggestion discussed was Suggestion #226: Adding ELA/BTC pair to Probit Exchange. Alex Shipp made the point that Probit’s ELA/KRW and ELA/USDT liquidity and volume are not sufficient to warrant the addition of an ELA/BTC pair. Feng Zhang agreed that there is no need to add this pair, and certainly no urgency to do so either. 

The third suggestion addressed in the CR Council Conference Call was Suggestion #228: Starwire. The Starwire team is attempting to get filmmakers and musicians compensated directly through its platform. Yipeng Su expressed concerns regarding how the team will be able to implement the project. He sees Starwire and Matrix as shareholders, and would like to see more information about the engineering team that is responsible for development. His gut feeling is that the team needs to understand Elastos’ technology more deeply, and he himself is attempting to better understand how Elastos’ tech fits into Starwire’s value proposition. Alex Shipp mentioned that even if Starwire is not committed to using Elastos’ core technologies, he believes the project still holds a lot of merit, particularly in regard to its plans to develop an SCB (Smart Contract Building) tool that has the potential to serve many other dApps which may build in the Elastos ecosystem in the future. Yipeng Su plans to dig deeper into the deliverables and milestones and engage in further discussion. 

The final Suggestion discussed was Suggestion #191: Partnership with Locket. Locket, an online dating platform, is proposing to utilize elements of Elastos’ DID solution within their dApp. Yipeng Su believes this dApp is a good match for Elastos based on the contents of their Suggestion. Alex Shipp sees value in both the immediate use-case application of Elastos’ tech and a strong marketing opportunity which may benefit Elastos immensely on the PR-side. Alex has already connected with the Suggestion author and his team, and discussions are underway.

Thank you for reading the latest Meeting Minutes from the CR Interim Council. Going forward, the Council does not anticipate that any Conference Calls will be cancelled or postponed. Tune in next week for a recap of their upcoming conference call from Wednesday, February 13th.

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