In light of the difficult times brought on by the recent outbreak of the Corona (covid-19) virus, Elastos’ Chinese-speaking community has come together to contribute several donations to China’s Wuhan region, which has been hit the hardest. 

At the moment, medical supplies are most urgently needed at the Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital based in Wuhan’s Hubei Province, and all donations will be delivered to support its operations. Funds will be used to provide safety masks and batches of hospital-standard disinfection supplies that have been properly inspected by hospital pharmacy staff. Donations will take place in timed rounds, and each round will be defined by a unique donation target. The first round of donations will conclude on February 16 at 2:00pm UTC, when all donated ELA will be immediately converted to fiat currency (RMB) via OTC sales, and will then be used to purchase critical medical supplies. If the funds raised exceed the target amount in a given round, all remaining funds will be used for frontline prevention, and the second donation round will commence promptly thereafter.

The first round of donation targets established by Elastos’ Chinese community are 84 units of masks and 2.5-Liter disinfectant containers totaling approximately 10,000 RMB ($1,430 USD).

In order to ensure that all fiat-denominated donation processes remain fully transparent, Chinese community leaders have connected with the Hubei Charity Federation and Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital. The Hubei Charity Federation will serve as an intermediate coordinator and notary and will issue donation notes to Elastos’ CR Herald Team after each donation is completed.

Donors are requested to provide a name or alias which may be released publicly so as to recognize their contributions. Elastos’ CR Herald team will publish all donation information on the CR Herald Wechat Account and will update donation progress periodically.

As this philanthropic campaign is being conducted in the Elastos community, all donations are to be contributed in ELA. In addition, although this initiative is being conducted by the Chinese community and addresses challenges affecting the Chinese people, participation and contribution is encouraged from community members of all languages and backgrounds; a global effort is required to support those in need. The Elastos Foundation and global Elastos community alike also welcome donations from individuals from beyond the Elastos community, as Elastos remains an open ecosystem. Because all donation information will be published to the Elastos blockchain, we are proud to facilitate a fully transparent donation process from donor to final beneficiary in order to ensure that funds raised are used to benefit designated recipients. 

Please submit all ELA donations to the following address:


The CR Herald Team

Wechat ID: CR-Herald

*This initiative is 100% community-run by the CR Herald Team. It is not managed by Elastos Foundation.