The Cyber Republic Interim Council met for its weekly conference call Wednesday, February 12. On the call, the council discussed three suggestions: Suggestion #234: Amendment for Impeachments, Suggestion #228: Starwire, and Suggestion #191: Locket. 

First up was Suggestion #234: Amendment for Impeachments, which expressed concerns about the ease of impeaching council members, and the broader implications malicious behavior may have on ecosystem functions in the future. Yipeng Su explained that he continues to support CR’s present model where voting power is driven by how much ELA an individual holds as opposed to a standard, one-vote-per-person model. Yipeng stated that CRC is simple enough to be managed by code, and proceeded to explain why he believes it will be very difficult to impeach council members arbitrarily.

The major topic of discussion centered on the percentage of votes that should be required to impeach a CRC member. Feng Zhang questioned the council as to whether 20% was a sufficiently high threshold for impeachment. He also noted the difference between wanting to impeach a council member and refusing to support a council member previously voted for. Yipeng thought 20% is a sufficient threshold based on the fact CR presently has only a 30% voter participation rate, and that a council member will likely receive 2-3% of the total votes cast. By this logic, impeaching a council member would require approximately ten times more votes than would successfully electing a council member, which Yipeng contends to be quite difficult.

Alex Shipp mentioned that although the threshold for impeachment is high for now, as the project matures and participation increases, an algorithm that calculates an impeachment threshold based on voter participation will be most sustainable. Yipeng agreed and said that such an algorithm could be appended later via CR Consensus, and concluded by emphasizing that the most important principle in CRC’s governing rules is that of simplicity. He also encourages community members to take the time to understand the logic behind present rules before seeking to change them.

The discussion then transitioned to Suggestion #228: Starwire. The Starwire project was discussed in last week’s meeting as well, and is committed to monetizing the film and music sector so as to eliminate middlemen and give artists and actors greater compensation. Garnet Campbell of Starwire has been in discussions with Shjun Song concerning Elastos’ DID solution and ETH Sidechain integration, but the Council has not yet provided official feedback. Yipeng announced he would connect with Sjun Song to further discuss Starwire.

The last project talked about was Suggestion #191: Locket. Benjamin Piette of the elastOS Team will be joining a meeting with the Locket Team to determine an appropriate timeline in which various technical features of elastOS will be prepared for augmentation by Locket. Alex Shipp, Kiran Pachhai, and Clarence Liu will also be present on the call.

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of the Cyber Republic Interim Council conference call wrap-up.

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