CR Interim Council members Yipeng Su, Alex Shipp, Feng Zhang along with CR Secretariat Rebecca Zhu gathered together for their weekly conference call on February 19th, 2020. Four projects were analyzed by the group: Suggestion #233: Reward to CR Digital Asset Manager, Proposal #68: Hyperconnect, Suggestion #191: Locket and Suggestion #228: Starwire. 


First on the docket was Suggestion #233: Q4&Q1 Budget Request of CR Council Digital Manager. Lei Bo, the writer of this suggestion, is in charge of the CR Interim Council Expense Wallet and Council Expense Report for the Community audit. Rebecca Zhu explained this role commenced in Q2 of 2019. The CR Digital Asset Manager initiates all the daily transactions, collects signatures from Council members, and publishes this data to the blockchain. Lei Bo will also coach Council members on how to use the wallet and maintain security once the full CR Council begins operations in April. Alex Shipp prompted the group as to whether payments could be issued more promptly. In response, Rebecca explained that at the moment, all payments are issued manually. Once CR officially goes live, payments will be issued by code, which will speed up payment processes considerably. Yipeng Su mentioned that this role will not be needed once the full Council is elected and CR launches. 


The second project discussed was Hyperconnect, developed Peter Strauss and the Hyper team. Hyperconnect is a Peer-to-peer IoT platform that provides important privacy features to users. Because the deliverables pertaining to a milestone payment were still being evaluated by the Secretariat, Alex Shipp questioned whether discounted rewards could be issued in the event of partially completed milestones. Secretariat Rebecca Zhu explained that the payment amounts are fixed in the proposal and stored in the blockchain. She concluded that there is no mechanism to for the code to calculate the discount of the proposal. Soon after, the particular milestone in question was evaluated by the Secretariat as being successfully completed by the Hyperconnect team, and payment was issued.


Locket, the new Peer-to-peer dating app, was discussed once again at the CR Council roundtable. Alex Shipp reported that himself, Ben from Trinity, Clarence Liu, and KP spoke with Locket representatives on a conference call, and the Locket team showed interest integrating elements of Elastos’ DID into their dApp. Locket proposed creating a native dApp for iOS and Android, and then migrating it into an elastOS lite dApp. Yipeng Su remains very skeptical that they currently do not have an engineering team and would like to see profiles of specific Solidity developers that are committed to the project. He also noted that relying on the acquisition of users though the dApp alone creates too much uncertainty. Rebecca Zhu offered an idea that the FundMyDapp team run by Elephant Wallet and Enter Elastos Supernodes could potentially offer some funding for the project in the future. 


Starwire, the dApp that supports filmmakers and eliminates middlemen from production, was the final proposal discussed on the call. This project has been on the table multiple times over the course of the past month, and Rebecca and Yipeng maintained that further dialogue with Shijun Song would be required to identify technical solutions for the project.


Stay tuned for the recap of the next CR Interim Council Conference Call slated for Wednesday, February 26.

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