On Wednesday, March 4, the CR Interim Council and Secretariat engaged in lengthy discussions pertaining to Elastos Orchard. The conversation honed in on milestones payments corresponding to the objectives outlined in Proposal #87. Elastos Orchard is an ecosystem organization that aims to expand the Elastos brand into the European region and marketplace through educational, political, and cultural means. 

CR Interim Council member Alex Shipp stated that a representative of Elastos Orchard passed him a message regarding the remaining payment from Proposal #87. The official status of the project is that 50% of the proposed budget was transferred to Orchard in order to fund all objectives. After the completion of the tasks in their Proposal and agreement, Orchard was to then receive the remaining 50% of the funds designated in the Proposal. 

The CR Interim Council’s other two members contributed strong opinions on the topic. Yipeng Su and Feng Zhang said that one of the main reasons they initially passed the Proposal was because of Orchard’s major intent to “increase the quantity and quality of traditional press and social media articles in European media channels.” While the Council certainly appreciates the work completed in producing content translations into several languages, there has not been sufficient media outreach in the European region. This, Yipeng and Feng contend, is reason to withhold funding, as the Proposal’s intended impact was not made.

The Council reiterated its stance from previous decisions, emphasizing that payment is not issued based on the amount of work conducted – be it in hours or output; it is based on the value-added – that is, the impact felt – in the Elastos ecosystem. The amount of time and energy that goes into adding value is useful internally for measuring the efficiency of a particular team or individual’s workflow, but it is not of relevance to the CR Council in evaluating the effect of a Proposal or its periodic milestone payments. To this point, Elastos Orchard has received $7,500 for their work. Based on the lack of media outreach in Europe, the remaining 50% of the Proposal budget remains unpaid, at least for the time being. 

At the meeting’s conclusion, Alex Shipp noted that Orchard could still appeal the decision by bringing its case to the full CR Council in Spring 2020. CR Secretariat Rebecca Zhu also submitted additional comments to the CR website for Elastos Orchard to review.

Stay tuned for the next CR Interim Council Meeting Minutes in week ahead!

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