The CR Herald Biweekly continues to update the latest developments of the CR Election and share the hot CR proposals in the community.

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01 Community Updates

overseas community:

● The Tuum team interpreted and highlighted part of the technological updates.

● The winners of the FundMyDApp contest were announced. Congratulations to 1112-Q&A Game (first place), JohnM-Elanote (second place) and 111-Wine tracking (third place).


● Elastos ranked the 41st place on the code update list of the blockchain projects at Coincodecap. (

● On March 11, the CR Interim Council had a teleconference, discussing Proposal #169 on the rewards in February for the English community, Proposal #170 on the rewards in January for the Chinese community, and Proposal #244 on CR Exchange fund. For more details, please click the link:

Chinese community

● On March 12, Junqiang Lin, representative of the candidates for Ela Cloud Election made an online sharing at the ELA Talk-CR Member Election session.


● On March 20, Rebecca, general secretary of the CR Interim Council gave an online sharing at the ELA Talk-CR Member Election session.


● On March 20, Feng Han, joint founder of Elastos attended the private sharing session launched by the Budao Community and made a keynote speech on “The Wealth of Nation Driven by Blockchain”.

According to Han Feng, wealth is not things. Instead, it is the global consensus. He reviewed the evolution from the market economy to the modern civilized economy and pointed out that the urgent task is to turn the big data into the global consensus on wealth. Elastos as the second generation of Internet provides the underlying technical support to turn the data into personal wealth and to arrive at new consensus on wealth.


● The COVID-19 is rampant globally. It is imperative to take strict prevention and control measures. The DMA team, the Elastos Ecosystem team, the LEO Community team, the MPF team and the eID supplier team worked together and launched GreenPass within less a week. This blockchain-based application logs the health information of its users and helps them identify those who are infected with the virus.

The DID side-chain and eID chain of Elastos are integrated in this application. All data is logged on the blockchain and correlates with individual ID, helping its users identify the ownership of data. Without the consent of the owners, the data would not be made available to other users. Moreover, GreenPass helps its users to keep their lifelong health data in the decentralized environment. In the long run, these data would be the digital assets of the users. After the pandemic, such data would be a part of the lifelong health information of the users, which contributes to social development and public health management.

02 Developers and Ecosystem

● Elastos launched the decentralized browser elastOS, which integrates the underlying codes of Elastos and builds a framework for dApp developers, allowing the latter to focus on coding their applications with the ionic javascript framework. Meanwhile, elastOS provides a decentralized wallet that is compatible with all Elastos infrastructures. The users can collect or make payments via the ELA mainchain and DID sidechain. The wallet can be also integrated with third-party applications to request payment authorization.

elastOS functions as a safe channel that runs codes and stores data and protects its network via the strong hash capacity of bitcoins via co-mining activities. Therefore, any codes that run directly on the blockchains are super safe, be it the codes that send ELA or the codes that run the smart contract of Ethereum or NEO on the Elastos sidechains.

New Dynamics:

Blueprint on Exploring elastOS: This paper analyzes the challenges faced with elastOS and its independent core role in the elastOS ecosystem and states that the developer team, particularly the Trinity Tech team is stepping up cooperation with external partners.


● Comments on the new features of elastOS have been published in the Chinese community of Elastos. Welcome to download the dApps and try them out.

App 1: Academy dApp launched on elastOS. This application explores the development resources for Elastos developers and creates an optimal user experience. Developers can try the tools developed by Elastos via browsers, which helps eliminate the technological barriers. The web version has been launched and will soon be localized.


App 2: Red Packet. Since launched on February 12, 2020, Red Packet has been downloaded for 160 times and invited discussion in the community. Welcome to download this app via elastOS. You may enter the keywords “Red Packet” on the Apps page or look up for it via See All. This app can be installed in the same way as Academy dApp.


App 3: Playchat, a decentralized social game launched on Feburary 26, 2020. The new game Flappy Bird has been launched on the game page. More games are under development and will be launched soon.


App 4: Elanote, a Beta-version note-taking product launched on March 6, 2020. It has over 1,000 downloads and invited discussion on the community.

03 Hot Suggestions and Proposals

We focus on three proposals, namely Proposal #169 on the rewards in February for the English community, Proposal #239 on the rewards in January for the Chinese community, and Proposal #248 on Ledger/Desktop wallet update.

1. Rewards in February for the English community


2. Rewards in January for the Chinese community


3. Ledger/Desktop wallet update


This Suggestion proposes to perform changes to the current Desktop Ledger companion wallet and build a new app for the Ledger nano X, as per the requirements of Ledger.

Ledger is one of the most widely used hardware wallets in the cryptocurrency space. Ledger support is also one of the most requested features from the community. The Elastos Ledger app for the Nano S and Blue versions and the companion wallet were built a long time ago and have been awaiting approval from Ledger. In the meantime, Ledger has released the New Nano X. After some delays, the app was approved — but only on Developer mode (for advanced users). Now, I request some changes to bring the wallet up-to-date with the following actions:

  • Build a new app for the Ledger Nano X as per new requirements.
    Make the companion wallet more user-friendly.
  • The companion app is a useful tool for the community, as it can also be used as a desktop wallet to store ELA and support DPoS voting.
  • Due to Ledger being an external company, there is no guarantee for review timelines or listings, but we will always exercise vigilance and follow up on all processes.

04 CR Election

Up to now, 16 candidates have registered for the election, 7 from the Chinese community and 9 from the international community.

CR Herald interviewed Anders Alm, project manager of React Native Framework. New issues in this week include.


Interview 1: Alex Shipp Interview 👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Alex Shipp, editor of Elastos Foundation, co-author of On Quantum Wealth and owner of quantum wealth nodes.

Interview 2: Michael S interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏Michael S, participant of the Houston supernode, and the Enter Elastos & Noderators supernodes.

Dialogue 1: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Zhang Feng, member of the CR Interim Council and partner of V&T Law Firm.

Dialogue 2: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Zhang Qing, early committer of the Elastos community and GM of Biteng Information Technology Company.

Dialogue 3: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Ding Ning, early committer of the Elastos community and co-founder of Zhejiang Haoshufu Cultural Creativity Company. He started to invest in digital coins in 2015 and curious about blockchain; took part in ELA investment in 2018 and got impressed by the architecture of the Elastos; admired the 20-year devotion of Chen Rong and decided to join the Elastos community.

Dialogue 4: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Tyrolee, early committer of the Elastos community. Got to know Han Feng in March 2017, read the Blockchain: On Quantum Wealth by Han Feng, and decided to join Elastos.

Dialogue 5: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Lin Junqiang, early committer of the Elastos community. Started to invest in Elastos projects in early 2018; works in the financial industry for over 10 years and has rich experience with market investigation, corporate finance analysis, investment and financing; has strong interest in Internet and cutting-edge technologies; passionate about designing the prototypes of Internet products.


*We are not native English speakers, sorry for some not authentic words 😃

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