community members who intend to participate in the CR election are setting about making preparations for the election. And recently, CR Hearld is about to interview those Community candidates, so that we can get a statement of their opinions and relevant experience and competence on CR forum or through community channels.

Let’s start!

Clarence Liu,Bitwork Council member、Elastos development VP

1. Could you please introduce your educational background, profession, and interests?

I am Chinese but was born and grew up in Canada where I started programming at the age of 12 and graduated from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2009. My career path was quite typical for a software engineering graduate at that time, with already many years of experience before graduation through internships, I soon moved to Silicon Valley and became a lead developer and eventually the VP of Engineering my startup within my first 3 years.

I don’t have many interests outside of work, mostly because I am always working, but I do enjoy flying and traveling, which I get to do lots of at Elastos. In my spare time, I trade stocks, study finance or law and always continue to learn about blockchain or new businesses.

It is important to note that this CRC candidate is actually a committee of 3 people, Andy Cheung — CEO of Bitwork and ex-COO of OKEx exchange, Raymond Chan — COO of Bitwork and myself. Bitwork is a Chinese/English bilingual blockchain-focused business center, co-working space and community in Hong Kong. Though I am the primary representative, all decisions and projects will be discussed between the members of the committee. We believe that the immense experience and connections we bring to CR will benefit the Elastos ecosystem greatly.

2. How did you get involved with Elastos and how do you understand the project?

I am the VP of Development for Elastos and was invited to join Elastos through a work colleague in May of 2018 as Elastos expanded globally. Given my position and technical background, I would say it’s obvious I understand the project extremely well. On the Elastos team I also have the most diverse experience and connections in the blockchain industry through extensive travel, research and immersion in the blockchain space.

3. How do you understand CR and what CR means to Elastos?

Cyber Republic (CR) was formed through input from the US Elastos team, of which I am an integral part of. From my position within Elastos I am keenly aware of the role, responsibilities and path CR must take to eventually succeed Elastos Foundation.

4. What things have you done or contributed to the Elastos community?

A large part of my activities under Elastos is to expand and support the CR Regions Teams throughout many countries. Most meetups and events are hosted by me and I try to grow the community wherever possible. Also, I am usually easily reachable on Telegram in the Elastos community channel.

5. What are your CR’s campaign manifesto and main campaign proposition?

With Andy Cheung’s strong background and connections within the blockchain cryptocurrency exchange as well as my large network of projects, our primary goal is to increase Elastos (ELA) token price through exchanges, liquidity and beneficial projects that will boost the marketability of Elastos. You can read more about us at

6. What advantages do you think you have in the election of CR members?

As an Elastos employee and joined by two amazing members of Bitwork I think we have one of the most professional teams in the CRC elections. Furthermore I am very strong technically and in a business development role in Elastos, therefore I am able to judge myself the feasibility of projects thus saving CRC time in vetting potential projects.

7. If you successfully run for CR members, which community work will you focus on and the development and construction of Elastos?

Most of my past efforts have been focused around SE Asia with Singapore at the center of many blockchain projects, as a bilingual person and also Bitwork being a HK entity we have the ability to properly bridge Asia, SE Asia and the rest of the world.

However in 2020 I will also put resources into India because I believe with their recent regulation changes allowing cryptocurrencies, that India will be a strong region of growth for Elastos if we do it properly.

I am also in close contact with key members of the Elastos Orchard team so we will undoubtedly work with them wherever possible.

8. If you become a CR member, how do you plan to communicate with the community? How to better serve the community?

I am already quite active in the English Elastos telegram community, but as an Elastos member I helped set up the CR Forums and launched the CR Regions website where we will post updates about our progress in English and Chinese —

Building the community will involve investments in marketing, exchange liquidity and decentralized finance (DeFi), it’s realistic to say that most people in the blockchain space are here to make money and care less about the technology. To say otherwise is quite naive, no amount of progress is useful if it doesn’t translate to improvements in the token price at the end of the day, which is ultimately what attracts more people to the community.

9. If I become a CR member, what expectations do I have for CR?

I believe the primary goal for CR in its first year is to find ways to replace the responsibilities of Elastos Foundation so that Elastos can continue to grow and function just like other blockchain projects. We’ve learned that decentralization is difficult and in many ways idealistic, in my opinion, it cannot be applied to every aspect of an organization.

My immediate plan, which is already in motion, is to set up new legal entities which will take over specific aspects of Elastos Foundation’s responsibilities. One of these is the CR Exchange Fund, wherein whether or not the fund is approved, there will still be a legal entity created to sign and engage with cryptocurrency exchanges. This is necessary because after Elastos Foundation dissolves, any agreements it has signed will become void. Even if Elastos were to sign in the meantime, there would just be chaos and more difficulties preventing Elastos from dissolving.

This is only one of the issues, another common issue is that prior agreements for payment in ELA widely run into issues. For example, if a 2-month long project is agreed upon at a certain cost of ELA at the start, how do we handle situations where ELA greatly increases or decreases in value? In many cases, the first obvious step is that a CR Regional team or entity has an account that it manages with sufficient buffers to ensure people are paid fairly.

10. Do you have any other things you want to say to the Elastos community?

I think one topic on everyone’s minds is the token burn, I am definitely supportive of a 50–80% token burn for practical reasons. The real limit on what CR can spend is dictated by the market and liquidity on the few exchanges we have. Therefore it is impossible to spend anywhere close to most of the funds planned for CRC.

We need to find a clear balance between spending CR funds for positive returns on investment in projects, and investment in exchanges or marketing to improve the market or liquidity. I believe that Andy Cheung’s extensive experience in exchanges and my business connections in the blockchain space will be pivotal in finding this balance.

However, one thing we cannot do is to sit around and wait for the bull run, it is in my opinion that the Elastos brand and image is no longer large enough to be prominent in the global blockchain industry. If this continues any future bull-run will completely ignore Elastos. I believe there is a non-negligible chance that at the current rate Elastos cannot survive long enough to last until the next bull run, if that’s a possibility we must take proactive steps ourselves.

I am optimistic that Elastos with its recent tangible developments with projects such as ElastOS, Hive and Titan are making great progress. But it cannot be left entirely up to Elastos because they will retire or become part of CR in about a year. CRC must be active and do things, doing things costs money and involves risk, nothing great can be built without risk. So if your intention is to vote for a CRC candidate that wants to be conservative, simply because spending ELA adds selling pressure to the token price, and pray for someone else or a bull-run to save us, we are not your candidate.

However, if you believe that taking a risk and trying to accomplish goals ourselves is better than doing nothing until we run out of funds or become irrelevant, then we will do everything we can to carry out that vision.

*Thanks to Bitwork Council for receiving our interview!

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