community members who intend to participate in the CR election are setting about making preparations for the election. And recently, CR Hearld is about to interview those Community candidates, so that we can get a statement of their opinions and relevant experience and competence on CR forum or through community channels.

This time we invited Zhang Feng, a candidate for the Chinese community, who is well known as a member of the CR interim Council.

Let’s start!

Zhang Feng, member of CR interim Council, partner of the V&T Law Firm


1.Please introduce your education background, the industry you are in and your hobbies.

I have a bachelor’s degree in science from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and a master’s degree in law. I am now a partner of the V&T Law Firm (Shanghai). Outside of my work, I am interested in traditional culture, information technology, music and so on.

2. How did you get involved with Elastos and What is your understanding on Elastos?

I met Mr. Han Feng during a conference at Wudaokou in Beijing at the end of 2015. Since then, I have paid attention to and know more about applications of the blockchain technology. Later in July of 2017, when Mr. Han launched the Elastos project with Mr. Chen, he added me into one early Elastos group.

From my understanding, Elastos is a project of the public chain, committed to constructing a Modern Internet in the meantime. Elastos appropriately defines the position and role of blockchain in the Internet. The problem of data capitalization to be solved by blockchain is at the core of digital economy. Elastos has innovatively proposed various infrastructure based on blockchain from the perspective of industrial development, which is complementary to applications of other blockchain technologies.

3. How do you understand CR and its significance to Elastos?

Decentralized ecology and governance is an issue of particular concern in which some explorative modes have come into existence at present. CR itself is an exploration of decentralized governance by blockchain, and also an important practice for governance of digital economy communities in the future.

In the long run, CR is conducive to the ecological development and community governance of Elastos.

4. How did you contribute to the community of Elastos?

In the beginning of the project and later development stages, I managed to solve some problems related to my major of law. Also, I tried to promote the project of Elastos via articles, speeches and other sharing modes. Besides, I recommended Elastos technologies in the process of project developments and business operations.

When I joined the CR Interim Council in early 2019, I participated in discussions of various CR proposals. In the meantime, I have had some thoughts on how to handle proposals and how to operate in CR.

5. What are your CR manifesto and main claims?

My manifesto is, let’s unite for thorough data capitalization!

My claim is to use every cent of CR wisely in the principle of regulation, justification and necessity.

6. What do you think are your advantages in campaigning for a CR committee member?

To be honest, I think my advantages are not that obvious. If I have to name some, they may include years of professional experience in law, practical experience in service of various blockchain projects and a long time working in the CR Interim Council.

7. What would you push forward in terms of community work and Elastos development and construction if you were elected as a CR committee member?

I may organize some sharing and communicating sessions on the community level. On the premise that the quality of communication is guaranteed, the sessions can be held more frequently to unite, solidify and develop consensus.

As for promotion of project construction, I would try to contact more resources on various approaches, such as technological services and project collaboration.

8. What is your plan for community communication if you become a CR committee member? How would you better provide services for the community?

I think there are various ways to communicate with the community, such as sharing within a group and daily communications. Also, we can communicate via the articles we write or face to face in all kinds of offline occasions. The discussion topics can include all sorts of problems, projects, proposals or even the operation style of CR itself.

9. What is your expectation of CR if you become a CR committee member?

I hope CR can be a mechanism to solve problems instead of void wrangling.

10. What other information do you want to convey to the Elastos community?

Vote without thinking is pure gamble while thinking without actions is almost daydream. Thus, colleagues in our community can consider how to use Elastos to solve issues in work and life by associating with their own resources and professional skills. This can be used as the foothold and promoting logic for CR governance and project development.

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