community members who intend to participate in the CR election are setting about making preparations for the election. And recently, CR Hearld is about to interview those Community candidates, so that we can get a statement of their opinions and relevant experience and competence on CR forum or through community channels.

This time we invited Zhang Feng, a candidate for the Chinese community, who is well known as a member of the CR interim Council.

Let’s start!

1. Would you please introduce your educational background, occupation, and hobbies?

My name is Ding Ning, and I graduated from Fujian Institution of Education. Having worked as a teacher for 20 years, now I embarked on the cultural industry and started my own business, dedicating to the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese culture. I am interested in traditional Chinese culture, hoping to make my own contributions to the cultural communication.

2. How did you know about the Elastos and understand this project?

In 2018, I participated the early stage investment of the Elastos. On that basis, I began to know about the Elastos white paper. With the deepening of my study, I was fully attracted by the Elastos structure design. The vision of Elastos is to build up the intelligent worldwide web (the internet of new generation) driven by the blockchain, and include the internet to a unified operating system management, to create a safe, credible, and decentralized internet environment. That is to say, Elastos is to build up a decentralized platform, just like the WeChat.

3. How do you understand CR and the significance of CR to Elastos?

The widest application of the blockchain is to spread the ‘decentralized trust’ to the whole internet, to build up a safe, credible and decentralized internet operating environment, which solves the pain spots of current internet, and eventually achieve the prosperous development of the internet of value driven by the blockchain! When we have the trust on the internet, the so-called DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) may gradually influence the organizational form of internet companies in the future, and even the organizational form of the human society.

CR is the abbreviation of Cyber Republic, which is also the organizational form of Elastos community. To better realize the democratic autonomy of the community, the Elastos group developed the code of decentralized trust system. CRC is a kind of consensus, acting as the third consensus of Elastos except for AUXPoW+DPoS. The purpose to design CRC is to provide a kind of community decision-making mechanism based on the consensus, to solve the community disputes, allow the community members to participate the govern of Elastos community, and give the rewards and incentives to members who make contributions.

The huge community is not always possible to reach the consensus when they have different opinions. Problems of community internal govern will always emerge in the long-term development of the blockchain, and eventually we need to find a set of rational and orderly internal govern mechanism to solve the problems. Before we operate the CRC, the internal community opinions cannot be meditated, which is just like the BTC lack of internal govern mechanism. Once the problem emerges, it may cause the separation. Now we are promoting the CRC to orderly coordinate the internal community disputes, which is exactly a valuable community govern practice.

Of course, the CR construction needs the mutual efforts of all community members. The govern of the blockchain is a new task, just like China’s reform and opening up, we need to grope in the practice and keep marching forward.

4. What have you done for the Elastos community, or what contributions have you made?

Cannot say the contribution! I adhere to the theories of Chen Rong and get some inspiration when I’m learning. I have written some articles, hoping we can communicate with each other.

The articles include ‘Aspects of Elastos’(1–9), ‘Thoughts of Elastos Common Problems’(1–36), ‘The Essence of Sino-US 5G Contention is the Contention of Internet Protocol Standard of the Next Generation’‘Thoughts of the Developing Trend of Elastos’ ‘Thoughts of the Setbacks in the Developing Path of Elastos’‘Inter-chain Techniques Should be Regarded as the Middleware of Underlying Internet Techniques in the Future’‘The Microsoft DID System from the Perspective of Internet Reconstruction’‘Thoughts of the Risks of GX-chain’‘The Internet of Value Needs to Transmit Original Data’‘The Biggest Use of Blockchain is to Construct a New Internet’, ‘The Preconditions of Occupying data is to Occupy the Program’, “The Internet of New Generation Needs ‘Republic Management’”, ‘The Construction of the Internet of New Generation is the Basic Precondition to Launch the Blockchain Project System’, etc.

Readers can find relevant information from ELAruolan WeChat account or my personal space on Cyber Republic. The link is:

5. What’s your manifesto and proposal to run for CR?

Manifesto: All development originates from changes.

Main proposals:

(1)First to solve the historical problems of over 16 million tokens.

(2) Explore the design of ELA token economy, which takes expanding ELA demands and forming long-term driving power to increase the value as the starting point.

(3) Support to modify and improve the unreasonable parts in CR chapters. (4) Support and improve the community autonomy mechanism.

6. What advantages do you think you have to run for the CR committee member?

I cannot regard it as the advantages, but I am the member who have accompanied this project since it was founded. I believe the designing theory of Elastos is perspective and I am determined to endeavor for Elastos project.

7. If you are successfully selected as the CR committee member, which field will you focus on to promote the community and the future Elastos construction?

Explore the design of ELA token economy, including solving the historical problems of over 16 million tokens.

Many blockchain developers ignore the importance of the design of token. How to design token mechanism determines the future directors of the project to some degrees.

The core value of token is to establish a blockchain incentive mechanism, which is paralleled to the ownership of the means of productions and the relations of wealth distribution in the productive relations. As token represents the right of use of the platform, we need to evaluate from its use value, which is its biggest difference from the stock or bond. Token is the key to achieve the blockchain project commercial success. It’s necessary to use Token to establish a set of incentive mechanisms and analyze whether this kind of incentive mechanism and relevant govern mechanism is sustained.

The design of Token is essentially to design the decentralized commerce of the blockchain to an infinite looping game, to let all participators play this game constantly.

The Token design of Elastos needs to comprehensively consider the interests of the miners, technical developers, DPoS node vindicators, and investors. Explore the design of ELA token economy, which takes expanding ELA demands and forming long-term driving power to increase the value as the starting point.

8. If you are selected as the CR committee member, what’s your plan to communicate with the community, and better serve for the community?

Communication channel:

Personal space of the CR website:

We communicate in time when we have some information, and in the personal space of CR website, we exchange ideas and make conclusions from time to time.

9. If you are selected as the CR committee member, what expectation do you have for the CR?

Properly solve the historical problems and explore various mechanisms that suit to the market in change and revolution. Promote the virtuous circle of the community autonomy.

10.Do you have any other information to speak to Elastos community?

The Elastos group developed DID and a new internet program Elastos Smartweb, including decentralized storage, decentralized communication (video, document, information), and decentralized cloud calculation(using supernodes to mandate the backstage Web service). They developed Elastos, which have been insisted for 20 years, to the internet operating system, to support the operation of dApp in a more convenient way and let individuals have their own data.

There is still one more year to operate the Elastos foundation, we need to merely focus on the infrastructure techniques, like the W3C foundation. The decentralization needs to be realized through community autonomy, and the community needs to be constructed by all participators. Hence, the CR construction needs the mutual efforts of all community members.

I hope in 2020 we can build up the basic Smartweb structure and have a great number of real users to solve their rigid demands. In 2021, we can realize the digital capital trade among individuals, and improve the intelligent economic model of Elastos community.

*Thanks to Ding Ning for receiving our interview!

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