community members who intend to participate in the CR election are setting about making preparations for the election. And recently, CR Hearld is about to interview those Community candidates, so that we can get a statement of their opinions and relevant experience and competence on CR forum or through community channels.

This time we invited CR Malaysia.

Let’s start!

1. Could you please introduce your educational background, profession, and interests?

CyberRepublic Malaysia candidates comprise Dyi, KK and AeonC. Dyi comes from a manufacturing background and has multiple business ventures. He has been involved in the blockchain space since 2017 in trading, mining, ICOs, masternodes and more. Nowadays, he is more interested in seeking out integrating blockchain into businesses with Elastos.

KK runs an Elastos SuperNode and is a supporter from the beginning. He brings 20 years of experience in business development and marketing roles in multiple MNC companies. KK is passionate in community development and believes in the future of Elastos and the SmartWeb.

Aeon C is an experienced chartered accountant in a leading global MNC. He believes in the Elastos technologies and the potential of Cyber Republic to become a true DAO. He is also one of the core team members of CR Press and CR Region Malaysia team.

2. How did you get involved with Elastos and how do you understand the project?

Each of us has been introduced to Elastos early since the token sale period and we have been actively following announcements and articles on Elastos and its ecosystem.

In June 2019, we came together with Clarence Liu (VP of Business Development) to form the CR Region Malaysia team and organized the Bloconomic event held in Malaysia. Since then, we have been actively involved in seeking out real businesses to use Elastos platform. With the help of Clarence, we believe that we are well-equipped with the scope of Elastos and what we hope to deliver a OwnYourData SmartWeb to everyone.

3. How do you understand CR and what CR means to Elastos?

CyberRepublic is a DAO to the Elastos community in the true spirit of decentralization, where CR is given the authority to govern Elastos ecosystem. Besides projects funding aspect, CR hopes to continue the development of Elastos blockchain, carrier, sidechains, Hive, SDKs, runtime and future developments into Elastos ecosystem, as well as associating with non profit organizations to develop on world standards on technical developments, such as W3C and DIF.

4. What things have you done or contributed to the Elastos community?

CR Malaysia’s very first task was hosting the Bloconomic event on behalf of Elastos. Since then, we have organized numerous business development meetings with potential partners and Dacsee was the first partner to collaborate with us. Talks are still ongoing and took longer than expected due to various reasons, and we will post a follow up announcement once all developments have been settled.

Two main focuses in Malaysia are on business developments and community building. Our team is actively seeking out on these two fronts and a few projects are almost ready to be announced. We are very excited too but in respect to our partners, we will announce when all parties are ready.

5. What are your CR’s campaign manifesto and main campaign proposition?

“Multi Diverse, Multilingual, Multi Approach Towards Elastos Vision”

We believe Elastos and SmartWeb are the future of the Internet. Owning Your Data has never been more real in recent years and the breakthrough will be realized via Elastos.

6. What advantages do you think you have in the election of CR members?

Being geographically located in the middle of Southeast Asia, we are able to connect to the 655 million population. Together with our bilingual skills, communication would not be a problem in our region or to the rest of the world.

Years of business operations among the 3 of us, we have honed our business acumen and are able to identify opportunities and risks for the benefits of Elastos ecosystem.

7. If you successfully run for CR members, which community work will you focus on and the development and construction of Elastos?

Business development and community building. We will continue our business development efforts as well as recruiting as many like-minded community members like ourselves to help promote business development and community engagement.

8. If you become a CR member, how do you plan to communicate with the community? How to better serve the community?

You can easily find us on Telegram and Twitter most of the time, or any other platforms that require us to do so. Our website will also be constantly updated with the latest news and events.

9. If I become a CR member, what expectations do I have for CR?

Our expectation is for every member to actively promote and introduce Elastos and CR to their local communities. Doing nothing means zero, while doing something will at least grant us a 50% chance of potential leads.

10. Do you have any other things you want to say to the Elastos community?

We hope that we can contribute to the decentralization of CRC in terms of region as well as our passion and vision for Elastos and CR to build a new internet (SmartWeb) for everyone. Please visit our candidate website at to read more on who we are and what we hope to achieve for Elastos.

*Thanks to CR Malaysia for receiving our interview!

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