The CR Interim Council and the Secretariat congregated for their final March meeting to discuss a handful of Suggestions and Proposals in the works. Discussions covered were Suggestion #252: Community Management for the English speaking Community: March 2020, Suggestion #253: Elastos Chinese Community: February 2020, Suggestion #251: Elastos (ELA) New Legal Opinion, and Suggestion #247: CR Blog.

The group deemed it too early to convert Suggestion #252: English Community Management for March 2020 into a Proposal, and determined to wait until April to make an official decision. Yipeng Su also noted that there are a lot of objections and challenges in the comments section. Suggestion #253: Chinese Community Management for February 2020 detailed the Chinese community’s assessment of their own work for the month. At the end of each month, the Chinese Community Manager evaluates the contributions of each moderator, including articles written and published, online and offline events, and questions answered. Once these factors are measured and established, calculations are conducted to determine how many ELA are to be allocated to each contributing individual from the reward pool.

Clarence Liu, VP of Development for Elastos, wrote up Suggestion #251: Elastos New Legal Opinion. Getting this legal opinion is the first step in earning acceptance to major western exchanges. Of course, this mostly applies to European exchanges and does not guarantee a listing in any form. Alex Shipp mentioned while these prospective exchanges may not be accessible to U.S. citizens, there is still great progress to be made in expanding liquidity and promoting the ecosystem. Yipeng Su was worried about whether the cost of acquiring the legal opinion could be subject to extreme volatility. According to Clarence, the current offer on the table is $12,000, and $6,000 should serve as a sufficient contingency buffer. In the event the total cost exceeds $18,000, Clarence will halt any ongoing processes in order to prevent runaway spending. Yipeng Su confirmed that he does like this Suggestion as long as the cost is controlled to the greatest extent possible and a clear expectation of the maximum cost is set in place beforehand. As a lawyer himself, Feng Zhang believes CR should give this Suggestion a shot. His only hesitation regarded the time frame that would be required to obtain the legal opinion, as well as how Clarence will manage the process and obtain a clear timeline from the law firm conducting the work.

Suggestion #247: CR Blog was the last suggestion discussed amongst the group. This Suggestion has received significant negative comments and attention based on the fact that it is not a driver of community growth. As such, several community members have deemed it an ineffective expenditure of ELA. Alex Shipp stated that a Suggestion should not be pushed through to a Proposal against the will of the community – most especially not during the term of the Interim Council. He continued by saying that he would like to turn the Suggestion into a Proposal, but will do so if and only if the community expresses positive feedback in excess of the present negative feedback. Yipeng Su and Feng Zhang agreed to listen to the community on this Suggestion and follow their lead. 

Thank you to all CR community members for your time and attention – this week’s discussions were quite thorough, as a lot is going on under the hood!

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