community members who intend to participate in the CR election are setting about making preparations for the election. And recently, CR Hearld is about to interview those Community candidates, so that we can get a statement of their opinions and relevant experience and competence on CR forum or through community channels.

This time we invited Zhang Qing, who comes from Chinese community.

Let’s start!


1. Please introduce yourself, including your educational background, work experiences and hobbies, etc.

My name is Zhang Qing. I graduated from Department of Applied Mathematics of Shanghai Tech University in 1991. After graduation, I worked for two years in a state-owned enterprise, then another two years in a foreign company. In 1994, I started my business mainly in company management software and technical services. I jointly established three companies. The first one offers software technology services. Now it is a large-scale financial software technology service company in China. The second offers financial management software and services for large corporations. It was once the largest financial software supplier in the communication industry in China and the earliest provider of financial sharing service solutions in China. The third company is a provider of company collaboration portals and content management solutions, offering products and services to well-known high-tech companies both home and abroad, including companies like Nippon, McDonald’s, SMIC, Wisdom& Power and China Eastern Airlines.

I am a software technology engineer and worked as a research and development manager, vice-president, general manager and founder. From 2017 to 2019, I studied for two years for EMBA in CEIBS, which is of great help to me in business management.

I love learning and sports. I especially advocate the spirit of freedom. Therefore, when I first came into contact with bitcoin in 2013, I was shocked by its technology and concept. I think it was a crucial step for humankind on the road to freedom. It also prompted me to learn more knowledge in fields including economics, finance, currency, psychology and sociology. It helps me understand the blockchain technology and its application more comprehensively with a perfect knowledge structure. I really hope that I can actively participate in promoting the blockchain knowledge and its large-scale application, and jointly build a free, safe and credible future society for all.

2. How did you come to know Elastos and what is your understanding of CR project?

I came to know Elastos CR through Mr. Han Feng during an offline blockchain event. After that, I read Mr. Han Feng’s book BlockChain — Quantum Wealth and his live offline speech, which had great influence and inspiration on me. I was also impressed by Mr. Han Feng’s talents for public speech and his profound knowledge. Therefore, when Mr. Han Feng proposed the Elastos project, I am very interested. Especially, the rich experience of one of the founders, Mr. Chen Rong, in the computer industry and the convincing design and vision of Elastos architecture make me fully believe that Elastos will be a great project.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology. It has built a perfect prototype for the Internet’s innate credit system. Yet, its design principle determines that it cannot be a fundamental platform that supports large-scale applications independently. The goal for 0Elastos is to build the platform and bridge through which the blockchain can support large-scale applications. Its three core values are:

(1) To reconstruct a safe and credible Internet of value

(2) To establish independent personal accounts and related financial tools

(3) To realize the property right protection and free transaction of complex digital assets

It can also be called the third generation of credible Internet of value, which is the basic infrastructure of the future digital economy.

3. What is your understanding of CR and what does CR mean to Elastos CR?

The goal of the Elastos project is to build a huge global digital economic ecology. It needs the participation and promotion of outstanding talents from all over the world as well as the community members. Then, a reliable and effective cooperation and governance mechanism is an essential guarantee system.

CR adopts blockchain governance to establish democratic voting and transparent management in the proposal decision-making process. This is a great progress in social organization governance and an important and meaningful social practice.

4. What have you done for or contributed to Elastos CR Community?

I have written many articles about Elastos CR, which have certain positive effects on the community.

For example:

“Elastos CR: Introducing BlockChain into Your Life”

“The Crisis of Facebook and the Hope for Elastos CR”

“When you have data, you can change the world”

“Why is Elastos CR sidechain technology so important?”

“In the Internet of Things (IoT) era, Elastos CR will not be absent”

“The advantages of the AUXPOW+DPOS model for Elastos CR”

“How is IM on Elastos CR different?”

“Why does Elastos CR promote the idea that you own your data?”

“Why does Elastos CR promote data privatization campaign?”


In Elastos CR’s early stage, I also successfully organized offline meetups in Shanghai. In addition, I actively looked for application projects for cooperation on Elastos CR platform.

5. What is your CR campaign statements and your main campaign ideas?

My CR campaign statements are: Do my best to jointly promote the success of Elastos CR, to build a prosperous digital economy, and to truly release the spirit of freedom. Every Elastos CR member can gain the maximum value through ELA.

6. What advantages do you think you have in the CR Interim Council election?

I have a strong background in technology and rich experience in company operation and management. I am also capable of writing my reflections of the latest developments of the industry. I am proud for having an independent mind. Therefore, I do have the certain professional ability in decision-making and my own judgment for proposals. Although I am not very familiar with the operation and promotion of the community and lack of practical experience, I believe that as long as I am willing to learn and practice, and maintain a positive attitude, I can definitely do a good job.

Of course, I am also preparing to set up a team of nodes to learn from each other’s strong points and improve our abilities in all aspects through team cooperation. If you are experienced in community promotion and are interested in joining my team, you are welcome to contact me.

7. If elected for CR Interim Council, which part of the community work and which part of Elastos CR development will you focus on?

Based on my status, I plan to (but not limited to): (1) continue to publish articles that have positive effects on Elastos CR; (2) organize online meetups at an appropriate time to promote Elastos’ influence; (3) actively seek cooperation for Elastos application projects so that the Elastos CR technology can be applied on a more widely basis.

8. If elected for CR Interim Council, how do you plan to communicate with the community? How to better serve the community?

Currently, the communication is mainly conducted on WeChat and Weibo. In the future, I would like to overcome language barriers and enhance the communication with international community.

Our community service would like to address these issues: (1) to timely reply to and solve the problems raised by Elastos CR community members; (2) to timely convey the latest developments; (3) to discuss sensitive and important issues related to the community and to ask for opinions from the community.

9. If elected for CR Interim Council, what are your expectations for CR?

Right now, there are several core issues with Elastos community I would like to continuously focus on:

(1) The construction of the infrastructure platform of Elastos has not fully met the expectation. It is the key to the success of the project. How to guarantee the construction of the infrastructure platform? Infrastructure is also a process that needs continuous improvement and development. How to maintain the community?

(2) The continuous low price of ELA will greatly affect the confidence of community members towards the future. There are issues, such as the economic models and value management, which needs further study and improvement. Who will take the responsibility and solve such problems?

(3) How to attract the excellent development resources in the world to participate in the ecological construction voluntarily and to obtain sustainable benefits (not subsidies)? This is also the key to the self-growth of the ecology.

Regardless of our expectations of the future of CR, I think it is still a social practice at this moment. We cannot put too much expectation in the short term. It may not be easy to solve the above-mentioned core problems.

Currently, the core community resources of Elastos are still in the hands of its core team. Such a transfer does not give the control to CR. If the proposal passed by the CR decision-making mechanism comes in conflicts with the interests of the core team, in reality CR does not have much choice. , The insistence of either party may result in the failure of the community.

The responsibilities for CR Interim Council in CR White Paper are only to implement the proposal from the decision-making process. Yet, we have unclear expectations for CR Interim Council, which go beyond what are stated in the White Paper. It may lead to the mismatch of rights, resources and responsibilities, thus bringing down the efficiency of community operation. Therefore, my suggestion is that we should not take unnecessary big steps. Instead, the core team and CR should first establish a close relationship and determine their respective positions, responsibilities and rights. The role of the core team is still very critical for a long period.

10.What messages would you like to convey to Elastos CR community?

Regarding the community’s proposal for the destruction of more than 16 million retained ELAs, my view is still that we should take a gradual approach and destroy 60%-80% for the first time. For the rest, if there are sufficient reasons and if we can effectively control the quantity and timing for them to enter the market, I think we should support the needs of infrastructure construction. If it is not necessary, they should be completely destroyed.

As for the operation of infrastructure resources, I personally hold different opinions on the idea that the platform does not have a profit model but stimulate the members by minting. In the long term, any business model needs to be profitable (in essence, it is the input of value and the creation of wealth). Otherwise, it is difficult to sustain. As long as the distribution of the profitable part is open and transparent, there will be no problem with algorithms or democratic decision-making. The remaining part of the profits will be used for repurchase and burn, which can ensure the relative stability of the total ELA and better reflect the ecological value from the price of ELA.

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