Welcome to the latest snapshot of Cyber Republic history!

In this edition, we celebrate another collaboration; get an update on the latest Elastos Runtime and Trinity developments; look back at the first round of the FundMyDapp contest; and report on community activities, Suggestions & Proposals, and more.

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Fortnightly Recap


Feng Han spoke at the Asia Digital Economy Summit in Thailand, the OKEx Global University Meetup at Harvard Kennedy School, and met with 2020 US Presidential candidate (D) Andrew Yang to discuss data rights and ownership.

Clarence Liu and Kiran Pachhai successfully represented Elastos with a booth at the 2019 San Francisco Blockchain Week.

Elanodes.com has added a Rich List to the website giving an expansive overview of the Elastos address balance distribution.


Feng Han joined Da Hongfei and Patrick Dai of NEO and Qtum in the Wuzhen World Blockchain Conference panel on the initiation of the new internet.

Rebecca Zhu came to ELA Talks and spoke on topics including the latest developments in CR, how community members participated in CR community governance, and how to submit Proposals on CR. To learn more, please read here (Chinese).

Hong Kong’s financial regulator is to publish a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency trading platforms. The new rules will cover KYC and custody and allow crypto exchanges to opt-in to be licensed and regulated.

Top Stories

Cyber Republic is proud to announce their collaboration with Riwigo, an Asia-Pacific wellness organization. Riwigo aspires to create a global standard and overall ecosystem for healthcare and wellness data.

A comprehensive progress update that will hopefully give you an idea of what to expect in the future. Benjamin from the Trinity team was gracious enough to spend time with CR Press to give us an update.

All community members are encouraged to vote for their three favorite dApps. The top three submissions will receive 1500 ELA towards an MVP version of their dApps.

Suggestions & Proposals

The mainchain is the foundation on which the economy of the new Elastos smartweb is being built. However, the official block explorer can be difficult to interpret for those without intimate knowledge of UTXO-type transactions. In addition, the community-driven DPoS rewards system has led to an abundance of supernode payments filling up user’s transaction histories everyday. Accordingly, we propose to build a tool that sorts and categorizes transactions for mainchain addresses and presents them in a logical and digestible fashion.

The community moderators team is supporting new community members in finding their way to contributing to Elastos and CR. This is a very important task, especially for a project which is as complex as Elastos. We are also the only team giving support for wallet issues and are streamlining the communication between the EF core team, CR Council, CR Secretariat and the community. We are saving the core teams a lot of time by being the first point of contact for the community and making sure only viable offers by businesses are forwarded to EF.

Another tremendous couple weeks of Cyber Republic and Elastos events!

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