THURSDAY, 20 DECEMBER, 2019 – On behalf of the Cyber Republic Interim Council, I am pleased to announce that the inaugural Cyber Republic Council elections will officially commence before the end of the 2019 calendar year. With the full release of ELA Node Program v0.4.0 on 11 December, the Elastos main chain now supports CR Council registration and voting functions. The updated ELA Node Program is set to go live at block height 537,670, which the Elastos blockchain will reach on 23 December (UTC). In addition to preparing the Elastos main chain, the necessary upgrades have been augmented to ELA Wallet in order to enable community members to participate in CRC elections as both candidates and voters. ELA Wallet upgrades will be submitted to the app stores for both Android and iOS and will then await official publication.


As elections will officially commence upon the app store release of ELA Wallet upgrades, the CR Council anticipates elections will commence within the timeframe between 23 December and 31 December, 2019. As this electoral process will be CR’s first, an extended election period will be established in order to allow Council candidates sufficient time to prepare and run effective campaigns in which they present themselves, their values, and visions to the community. As such, the CR Council’s inaugural elections will cover all of Q1 2020, concluding on 31 March, 2020.


Cyber Republic Consensus represents the third and final tier of Elastos’ consensus mechanism, and the completion of CR Council elections will produce a fully decentralized Elastos ecosystem with a community capable of self-governance. Cyber Republic will have at its disposal the entirety of the 16 million ELA allocated to ecosystem development, and will have full autonomy in distributing funds. As such, the present members of CR’s Interim Council implore community members interested in leading the development of the Elastos ecosystem to launch personal campaigns promptly. In addition, we impel all community members to engage prospective candidates and create a dynamic electoral process. The degree to which our community remains abreast of technical updates, aware of growth opportunities and development challenges, and engaged with one another will be reflected in our collective success in expanding our reach and advancing toward meaningful adoption. A democratic process is only as effective as its participating individuals are conscious; the twelve individuals that form the CR Council will serve as Elastos’ foremost decision makers, and will together steer the direction of the Modern Internet – let’s make our electoral process count. 


For information pertaining to election registration please refer to the CR Whitepaper [HERE].


The GitHub Release Node pertinent to ELA Node Program v0.4.0 can be viewed [HERE].


For community members who are using other wallet applications, ELA Wallet will be the only Elastos Wallet that supports both CR Council registration and voting. In the near future, Elephant Wallet will support CR Council voting, but will not support registration functions.


Community members can remain up to date with CRC-related developments here on the CR Blog, where prevalent information will be released as soon as it becomes available.

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