SP Coverage – July 26th

by Lex P


Welcome to the weekly coverage of notable CR Suggestions and Proposals. Today we’re looking at an exciting Proposal for the task force that is looking to bridge the gap between Elastos and Ethereum, as well as some CR Region SP’s (Suggestions and Proposals).


Let’s get started.




Another ambitious Suggestion turned Proposal has now been approved as Harry Liu (CR website lead developer) and his team are to receive funding for an ELA-ETH task force. 


The crew is set to take on matters involving Elastos and Ethereum, including the porting of ETH applications to Elastos and creating a smooth developer environment. Various open source Elastos demo applications will be provided to inspire devs and serve as a template for them to build on.


The task force will also provide technical support for CR Regions around the world, which includes the important task of reviewing development projects brought in by the teams knocking on the various CR Regions’ doors. Along with this comes the provision of technical materials and the planning of community engaging hackathons.


Listed as initial team members are lead blockchain engineer Harry Liu, three blockchain devs, and three business development specialists of which one is also a market researcher.


“Clarence Liu, the Elastos VP of developer has agreed to step in as an interim project manager while we search for one. As an experienced software engineer he is also open to helping with development and BD as necessary.”


In short, the task force is looking to bring more projects, developers and opportunities to the Elastos ecosystem by providing support on various important fronts.


Click here to learn more about the Elastos ETH taskforce.




Two CR Region Proposals have been approved by the Council, one for Malaysia and one for Hong Kong. A third one for Indonesia is in the Suggestion phase, and set to move into the Proposal stage with a 100% approval rate at the time of writing.


The Bitwork team is looking to build Elastos’ community and presence in Hong Kong, with plans to attract tech veterans and prospects through their established network.


As part of the CR Regional Community initiative, Bitwork is already committed to establishing a hub in Hong Kong to promote and spread Elastos in the region. Bitwork boasts an established community of 5,000 members and hosts a blockchain-focused co-working space spanning 10,000 square feet of prime office space, and which represents over 60 blockchain projects.”


The Elastos Malaysia has similar motives as described in the Proposal and hopes to inspire leaders in other regions through their efforts: 

“As Elastos Foundation has stated, its goal is to focus only on development and official responsibilities. All responsibilities regarding marketing, business development and developer outreach will fall to the CR Regions initiatives. Therefore each CR Region can request budget to do marketing and pursue partnerships which we believe is sorely needed for the Elastos platform.

It is imperative that Cyber Republic establishes a presence in the fast growing Malaysia region which is nearby Singapore and other blockchain friendly countries. Due to difficulties finding dedicated leaders for the Singapore and Thailand regions we hope that starting in Malaysia can set an example going forward. Through networking and community growth we hope that we can find more leaders for neighbouring regions too.”

Like the CR Region Proposals, the Elastos Garuda team for Indonesia shares the same vision and is looking to establish Elastos’ presence in the country through promotion, partnerships, business dev, translations, and by holding an Elastos roadshow to introduce Elastos around the nation.


Cast your vote for the Suggestion here.


Voice your opinion on various Cyber Republic Suggestions here.

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