Hu Ge (Tiger) is a forthright woman although having a masculine nickname. She had worked for an insurance company for five years before embarking on the real estate industry about a decade earlier when the market was emerging. Tiger prefers new areas and new things. She has heard about bitcoin as early as 2012 but did not pay a lot of attention to it. It was in 2015 when she entered the blockchain industry that she met Elastos in a group chat. She started to focus on Elastos and finally invested in it. As far as she concerns, Elastos is an excellent and promising project with Chen Rong, the founder of Elastos who has been researching on computer networks for decades. So Tiger decided to work with Elastos, helping the company in community management. She has organized a few online and offline meetings to promote Elastos, and participated in the auction of Elastos Supernode.

Ruolan, a college graduate and former entrepreneur, likes reading, travel and music. She engaged in blockchain for her passion in finance and became one of the earliest supporters of Elastos until today. With a clear understanding of and strong confidence in the great vision and technical route, Ruolan volunteered to be a promoter of Elastos in the incipient period. Now she is one of the administrators of the Chinese community of Elastos and a member of the Super Node, hoping to jointly construct a better Elastos with her peers.

Lao Ganbu, a civil engineering graduate from Hebei Agricultural University, and a former practitioner in city landscape and Internet finance. In 2018, he first met the incipient Elastos project through the introduction of a friend and started to study knowledge about blockchain and Elastos via Han Feng’s online lecture, which he seldom missed. Later, Lao Ganbu joined the community and became a member of the administrator team. After his long-term tracking and research, he was more convinced that the vision of Elastos is the very future of the blockchain industry. Although the real situation is harsh, he firmly believes that we will definitely make it as long as we have the determination and confidence!

Tryo Lee is a graduate of Wenzhou University. He has been working in the field of export trade for a better part of a decade after graduation and is currently running a small scale startup. In 2017 he set foot on the field of blockchain and has gone through the bulls and bears of the industry. Tryo Lee is also one of the first investors and community contributors of Elastos. He is the founder of Elastos’s Chinese and English information group. Meanwhile, he also joined the campaign of Super Node and CR committee. He is convinced that as long as we persist, we shall see the rise of Elastos.

The administrators of the Chinese community are from different places in China and all walks of life. In spite of their diverse educational, occupational and social background, they bond for a common goal, which is contributing to the development of Elastos’s Chinese community. They originated from the community and hope to nourish it with their efforts. We can say that they are the most lovely people in the Chinese community.

1. So Tiger, could you please tell us how the members of the Chinese community administrators team came to be associated with Elastos? And how do they comprehend Elastos?

Some of them are veteran is the field of blockchain who has been paying attention to the program since the formative stage and some of these people are the earliest investors of Elastos. Some got to know Elastos through the promotion lecture of Mr. Chen Rong and Mr. Han Feng. And others joined Elastos via the online and offline activities organized by Elastos.

We have the ambition to accelerate the development of the digital economy by creating a new generation of Internet and privatizing personal data on it.

2. How do you and the administrator team understand CR and its significance to Elastos?

One of the charms of the blockchain program lies in community autonomy because the new economy form brought by blockchain endows different roles for different members of the community. Except for the identity as a normal community member, they could have other multiple identities such as “stakeholder”, “contributor”, “decision-maker”, “developer” and “eco-user” thanks to the Token. This transformation of production relationship is an important factor in community autonomy. In addition to the new production relationship, a community consensus is indispensable for community autonomy and a complete “governing mechanism”. We believe that CR is such a mechanism for Elastos to achieve community autonomy.

3. A question to Ruolan. Could you please tell us what contributions the administrator team has made for Elastos?

The routine work of the team is the contribution to the development of Elastos. We act as the bridge connecting the team and the community, devoting ourselves to the development of the Chinese community. We also give the team feedback from the community which is conducive to the development of Elastos. Some administrators have created original contents such as emoji, article, promotional poster, etc. Besides, they also participated in the streaming, online and offline activities to help promote Elastos.

4. What manifesto and propositions do the Chinese community administrators team have for CR?

Manifesto: Promote the development of CR with Elastos Chinese community.

Proposition: We hope to exert the team’s advantage and experience in operating the Chinese community to achieve a coordinated and mutual development of the Chinese community and CR.

5. A question to Lao Ganbu. What strengths do the team have in the CR election as you concern?

We keep in touch with the community every second in our daily work, which enables us to know about the needs of the community and collect their opinions immediately. We come from the community so we can hear the voice from the community members and provide our suggestions and proposals for the development of Elastos. This is what makes our advantages.

6. If the team is successfully elected as CR committee member, what community issues and development options will you stress on in the future?

First of all, our main work is maintaining the community. If we really make it, we will focus on the development of Elastos in various aspects, including expanding community activities, representing the community, assisting in improving the community incentive system, guiding the community to participate in CR development and making the community as a driver of the development of Elastos’s ecology.

7. A question to Tyro Lee. If the team becomes the CR committee member, how will you communicate with the community? How will you provide better service to the community?

We will keep on communicating with the community whether we become the CR committee member or not. We will also collect and summarize the suggestions and opinions of the community members from different channels, publish those which are beneficial to the development of Elastos, the community and CR on CR. Moreover, we will continue to be the representative of the community and voice out the opinions of the members.

8. What do you expect from CR if the team becomes CR committee member?

We hope that CR can function properly, so that Elastos can enter the stage of community autonomy soon. We believe that CR and its operational rules are the foundation of Elastos community autonomy. We may encounter new problems and challenges in the future. We hope that CR’s rules and the system will be gradually improved in practice, which is the precondition for Elastos to develop comprehensively.

9. What else would you like to say to the community at the end?

As long-time contributors and constructors of the community, we hope you will support us in the campaign of CR committee member and cast your valuable votes for us. We have been and will be working hard for the development of Elastos!

My gratitude to the administrators of the Chinese community Tiger, Ruolan, Lao Ganbu and Tryo Lee for sharing their experiences, as well as their contributions to the development of Elastos community. Please support their campaign for CR committee member!