The CR Herald Biweekly continues to update the latest developments of the CR Election and share the hot CR proposals in the community.

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01 Community Updates

English Community

● The Tuum Tech team introduced the technical dynamics of biweekly report and focused on explaining some key contents.

● The Tuum Tech team produced video tutorials for the interface operations of elastOS V1.1.0, including how to download elastOS, import wallet, create DID and view App.

● The Academy dApp v1.5.0 in Elastos has been updated. The latest updates include: introduce everyday challenges, add progress bar, select avatar images, register personal information, use the recommended code to get points, and add problem categories.

Chinese Community

● On April 10, Han Feng, the co-founder of Elastos, was invited to attend the Open Class: Golden Finance and share some wonderful contents from The Wealth of Nations in Blockchain. In the class, Han Feng elaborated on the foundation of wealth creation, stages of wealth and significant impact of blockchain technology on forming new consensus on wealth.

● Recently, Chen Rong, the founder of Elastos, communicated with its community members in the overseas Telegram group and answered several questions about the planning and development of Elastos in the future.

Chen Rong stressed that the value of Elastos, as a part of the Modern Internet Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC), will be determined by the number of applications being developed in the platform’s ecosystem. Elastos will focus on active users on the Modern Internet CRC and when to occupy the largest market share while continuing to improve its infrastructure.

● According to Dr. Mark, the Optimum TMS, a clinic located in the United States, has started using GreenPass to create a safe working environment between the clinic and its customers, in a joint effort to slow the spread of the epidemic at the community level. GreenPass can help thousands of small and medium-sized businesses maintain their customer relationship and a steady income during the epidemic.

Mark said that although the epidemic has caused great inconvenience to life and travel, the patients with treatment-resistant depression still have to receive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in the clinic. In this sense, the health of patients and employees is extremely important for the clinic. In addition to disinfecting the clinic regularly, wearing masks and observing social etiquette, they also applied GreenPass to help fight the epidemic. GreenPass displays a type of QR code in green, yellow and red. The code can be used as the so-called health code for someone whose health status must be verified. If the body temperature of a person is normal, the code will be displayed in green. In this way, the clinic can confirm the health status of patients or employees before they arrive at the clinic and fight the epidemic effectively.

GreenPass has been well received around the world. The App is now available for Android and iOS devices. You’re welcome to download it.

● On April 21, Han Feng, the co-founder of Elastos, was invited to deliver the third lecture of The Wealth of Nations in Blockchain in the Zhongben Finance Live News Room, and discuss the topic about “can China contribute to the next era of wealth consensus?”

02 Developers and Ecosystem

● In early 2020, the official launch of elastOS symbolized that the prototype of the Modern Internet CRC had been basically established. Next, the developers of Elastos will never slow down the project development. Instead, they will continue to focus on optimizing technical facilities and developing a variety of release versions. Now, let’s check the planning and goals of building Smartweb, as well as the latest progress and future plans of all components of Elastos. We hope the information could help the community members and those who want to develop applications on the cloud to keep abreast of the project.

2020-04-28 下午2.26.47

● Recently, the ELA Wallet Android v1.4.2 released by the blockchain team of Elastos has been able to create DID and allow users to add personal credentials. The candidates for membership of CR Interim Council can release their information through personal credentials to run in election and increase the understanding of community members on them. In addition, ELA Wallet Android v1.4.2 also allows the users to bind DID with the account of CR website and login the CR website by scanning QR code.

To learn more about the operations guide, please visit CR Herald.

● A series of articles on the evaluation of the new APP functions of Elastos were posted on the Elastos Chinese community. Welcome to download and experience the dApps!

App 1: Academy dApp launched on elastOS. This application explores the development resources for Elastos developers and creates an optimal user experience. Developers can try the tools developed by Elastos via browsers, which helps eliminate the technological barriers. The web version has been launched and will soon be localized.

App 2: Red Packet. Since launched on February 12, 2020, Red Packet has been downloaded for 160 times and invited discussion in the community. Welcome to download this app via elastOS. You may enter the keywords “Red Packet” on the Apps page or look up for it via See All. This app can be installed in the same way as Academy dApp.

App 3: Playchat, a decentralized social game launched on Feburary 26, 2020. The new game Flappy Bird has been launched on the game page. More games are under development and will be launched soon.

App 4: Elanote, a Beta-version note-taking product launched on March 6, 2020. It has over 1,000 downloads and invited discussion on the community.

App5: 3Gen 2FA, a more secure mobile 2FA, can be deemed as an improved version of Google Authenticator or Authy Authenticator. The current 2FA basically falls into the category of centralized storage, and there are risks of hackers hacking the storage and stealing the user data. At the same time, all information of the users is kept by the APP or website, and the information security will be endangered accordingly. Phishing fraud also exists. A fake website may be established by the hackers, and even the wrong dynamic password can be accepted for users to log in or for stealing the user information. No such problems can be solved by the current 2FA system, while 3Gen 2FA tends to solve these problems in combination with Blockchain technology to provide a more secure environment for everyone.

03 CR Election

Up to now, 18 candidates have registered for the election, 8 from the Chinese community and 10 from the international community. CR Frigate has joined.


Interview 1: Alex Shipp Interview 👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Alex Shipp, editor of Elastos Foundation, co-author of On Quantum Wealth and owner of quantum wealth nodes.

Interview 2: Michael S interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏Michael S, participant of the Houston supernode, and the Enter Elastos & Noderators supernodes.

Interview 3: The Strawberry Council interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏The Strawberry Council.

Interview 4: Bitwork interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏Bitwork.

Interview 5: CR Malaysia interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏CR Malaysia .


Interview 7: the Chinese community administrators team👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏the Chinese community administrators team.

Dialogue 1: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Zhang Feng, member of the CR Interim Council and partner of V&T Law Firm.

Dialogue 2: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Zhang Qing, early committer of the Elastos community and GM of Biteng Information Technology Company.

Dialogue 3: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Ding Ning, early committer of the Elastos community and co-founder of Zhejiang Haoshufu Cultural Creativity Company. He started to invest in digital coins in 2015 and curious about blockchain; took part in ELA investment in 2018 and got impressed by the architecture of the Elastos; admired the 20-year devotion of Chen Rong and decided to join the Elastos community.

Dialogue 4: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Tyrolee, early committer of the Elastos community. Got to know Han Feng in March 2017, read the Blockchain: On Quantum Wealth by Han Feng, and decided to join Elastos.

Dialogue 5: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Lin Junqiang, early committer of the Elastos community. Started to invest in Elastos projects in early 2018; works in the financial industry for over 10 years and has rich experience with market investigation, corporate finance analysis, investment and financing; has strong interest in Internet and cutting-edge technologies; passionate about designing the prototypes of Internet products.