The CR election campaign is underway. This CR biweekly report will continue to focus on the latest progress of CR election campaign. Besides, two new columns are introduced to inform the ranking updates of ELA on blockchain data platforms and code updates of Elastos.

Now, let’s start to look at this CR biweekly report!

Dynamics about Communities

English community

● Tuum Tech team interpret the technical dynamics of the biweekly report, and explain in detail partial content.

● As the CR election campaign advances, the community governance will enter a new stage. CR is for establishing and developing ecological projects, partnerships and industry alliances. By now, Elastos has announced to join the Ren alliance.

Our CR ETH working group has joined the Ren alliance. We are confident that the partnership will create opportunities for further integration of Elastos technologies and evolving decentralized finance (DeFi). Ren project is a cross-chain (inter-blockchain) open protocol that can connect non-ETH and other tokens to Ethernet. Ren will soon launch its mainnet and has got ready its first set of Ren tokens.

● Elastos Hackathon for New York Blockchain Week has been commenced. Two challenges are provided. Hackers, come on. Join us to earn rewards of 1,000 ELAs!

Challenge 1 — elastOS Capsule dApp

Challenge 2 — elastOS Social Good dApp

Chinese Community

● On April 26, Han Feng, co-founder of Elastos, was invited to visit Jubi’s live broadcast room on Tik Tok to interact with Elastos community members.

● On April 26, ELA was launched on Jubi exchange. This launch was the result of voting. Elastos got the most votes, which again demonstrated the cohesion of Elastos community.

Jubi, founded in March 2014, is an early comprehensive digital asset trading platform in China. In 2017, after three years of rapid development, it became the largest comprehensive digital asset trading platform in China. With huge brand influence on Chinese digital currency market, Jubi has 2 million registered users and daily active users up to nearly 400,000 in peak period. In April 2019, it was completely changed into a new financial and economic media platform focused on digital currency.

● The launch on Jubi could not do without the community’s contribution, so we also interviewed an active participant of the community Xiaomeng this week. Here are the interview contents:

Q1: Xiaomeng, you are a KOL of our community, not only a community administrator, but also an active promoter of Elastos’s concept and related ecological products. New members may not know you so well, so would you please firstly introduce yourself and your stories with Elastos?

Xiaomeng: Hello, everyone. My name is Xiaomeng, from the beautiful ancient city of Xi’an. I firstly heard of Elastos from my good friend Nana. She told me: Elastos’s founder is Chen Rong, a student admitted into the Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University in 1977. He studied the operating system for seven years at the University of Illinois, then participated in the development of the underlying module of Windows operating system for eight years at Microsoft headquarters, and later was dedicated to operating system for 17 years back in China. Han Feng, co-founder of Elastos, is a PhD candidate of Tsinghua University and a life member of Bitcoin Foundation. He once served as the head of the Tsinghua project “evaluation and selection of innovative talents based on network (big data)” and a Chinese partner of Oracle Education Foundation of the United States.

I remember she was very excited to tell me. Elastos is the global first operating system that applies blockchain in daily scenarios. Based on blockchain as well as its exclusive sandbox isolation mechanism and network isolation mechanism, Elastos makes digital assets authenticated, limited (scarce), tradable and consumable. It is aimed at making everyone own digital assets and have access to future wealth so as to build Internet into a smart economic ecosphere.

Nana also took me into Elastos community. I became an administrator of Elastos community. From then on, I started to have a better understanding of Elastos!
The founder team of Elastos is outstanding. It has been doing very well in every aspect from popularity of searching, technological innovation, community health, information disclosure to project development, ecological construction, capital appreciation and team strength.

Q2: As we know, you played an important role in the community voting for the launch on Jubi exchange. Then, how do you motivate the community members to participate in the voting? And how to promote through the community?

Xiaomeng: First, it is sure that Elastos community is a highly united community, which is reflected by both previous voting for launch on Binance and today’s voting for launch on Jubi! In fact, I am just an ordinary community participant and an ordinary investor. I think an investor has the obligation to be responsible for his own investment. Jubi exchange is always a popular exchange from past to now. Since there is a chance of launch on Jubi, I should vote for Elastos. And I have the obligation to call for my community members to vote for Elastos. This success is the result of far more than my own efforts. After all, one person’s power is finite, while the whole community’s power is infinite. Joint efforts of all the members contributed to this successful launch! They include persistent Song Shijun, handsome Bao Song, beautiful Zhu Feng, handsome Tan Donglei, Mr. Black Wolf, Old Cadre, Ding Ning and enthusiastic DUO.

Q3: You have opened a Tik Tok account for Elastos. What is your motive to do so? And how did you invite Mr. Han to share with us?

Xiaomeng: Today, Tik Tok has reached a traffic of 900 million; all our rivals are crazy about sharing the traffic pool of Tik Tok; today, Internet traffic is the most valuable social resource. And every reallocation of social resource may drive innovative change of business environment and business model, and even Overturn the Top design of a project and the positioning of a brand! So Tik Tok is a strategic deployment for the project. I’m very glad to tell you that Elastos was successfully launched on Tik Tok as the first blockchain project on November 1, 2019. Meanwhile, I hope CR can support to operate our Tik Tok account. Before this, Mr. Han’s previous live broadcasting platform broke up because of the epidemic and for other reasons. So he asked me whether we could give live broadcasting on Tik Tok. I was excited to tell him, “of course!”. In this way, we get another platform to promote Elastos and attract more people’s attention with Mr. Han’s influence. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Q4: Anything else to share with our community members?

Xiaomeng: I want to tell you Elastos is not a thing of one person or one team. It’s a common thing of us all. We share one objective. That is to make Elastos better and better. I hope you can contribute your strategies to jointly build a better Elastos. Well, at present, each of us can do one thing. That is, use GreenPass, and share it with your families and friends. It can be a very meaningful thing!

* Thank Xiaomeng for receiving our interview!

Korean Community

● Newsflashes about GreenPass were released in Korean community.

Japanese Community

● Promotional articles about GreenPass were published in Japanese community to promote GreenPass globally. (

● Four pillar articles about Elastos were published in Japanese community.


Elastos Runtime:

Elastos Smartweb:

Elastos Services:

Dynamics of CR Election Campaign

So far, there are 18 candidates, 8 from Chinese community and 10 from overseas communities. Latest candidate: CR Frigate. *

Latest interviews of CR Herald:

Interview with CR candidates ▏CR Frigate

— — — — — — Previous articles about CR candidates — — — — — —


Interview 1: Alex Shipp Interview 👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Alex Shipp, editor of Elastos Foundation, co-author of On Quantum Wealth and owner of quantum wealth nodes.

Interview 2: Michael S interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏Michael S, participant of the Houston supernode, and the Enter Elastos & Noderators supernodes.

Interview 3: The Strawberry Council interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏The Strawberry Council.

Interview 4: Bitwork interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏Bitwork.

Interview 5: CR Malaysia interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏CR Malaysia .


Interview 7: the Chinese community administrators team👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏the Chinese community administrators team.

Dialogue 1: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Zhang Feng, member of the CR Interim Council and partner of V&T Law Firm.

Dialogue 2: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Zhang Qing, early committer of the Elastos community and GM of Biteng Information Technology Company.

Dialogue 3: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Ding Ning, early committer of the Elastos community and co-founder of Zhejiang Haoshufu Cultural Creativity Company. He started to invest in digital coins in 2015 and curious about blockchain; took part in ELA investment in 2018 and got impressed by the architecture of the Elastos; admired the 20-year devotion of Chen Rong and decided to join the Elastos community.

Dialogue 4: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Tyrolee, early committer of the Elastos community. Got to know Han Feng in March 2017, read the Blockchain: On Quantum Wealth by Han Feng, and decided to join Elastos.

Dialogue 5: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Lin Junqiang, early committer of the Elastos community. Started to invest in Elastos projects in early 2018; works in the financial industry for over 10 years and has rich experience with market investigation, corporate finance analysis, investment and financing; has strong interest in Internet and cutting-edge technologies; passionate about designing the prototypes of Internet products.

CR candidate ▏Lin Junqiang, an early contributor of Elastos community. He noticed and invested in Elastos in early 2018. Engaged in corporate financial business for more than 10 years, Lin has rich experience in market research, corporate financial analysis, investment and financing and other aspects. Meanwhile, Lin is very interested in Internet and technology frontiers, and keen on thinking over and designing Internet product models.

Ecosystem progress

● Over the past two years, Elastos ecosystem has embraced many new platforms and organizations and thus become more abundant and diverse as Elastos Foundation gradually transferred Elastos technological infrastructure and resources to Cyber Republic. However, people may have difficulties in understanding the rapid development of Elastos ecosystem and its increasing number of new modules, especially for new members that have no access to suitable learning materials. For that, Elastos communities have launched Elastos Academy and the developer website.
Elastos Academy and the developer website are designed to help developers and technology enthusiasts become better acquainted with Elastos tools, and some basic information for non-technical people to follow the roadmap of Elastos.

Elastos Academy is the primary resource for training developers in Elastos ecosystem. Elastos Academy provides a basic technical overview of the development tools available in Elastos ecosystem to help developers familiarize themselves with relevant technologies and start work immediately. For more information, please visit Elastos.Academy.

The developer website is the most important resource Elastos developers are providing to developers who hope to deeply study Elastos and start exploring and using technical documents. For more information, please visit

Recently, CR Herald found that to help people understand Elastos, Elastos website published “Elastos ecosystem terminology: a guide for beginners” which details the terminology related to core technologies, key ecosystem organizations and community governance models of Elastos.

● According to the ranking of ELA AUXPoW pools on , Binance is already a member of AUXPoW pools of BTC and ELA. Now, Binance is among the world’s Top10 miners as a member of ELA AUXPoW pools.

Data source:

According to Binance website, was officially launched on April 27, 2020. It will provide users with multi-currency, all-category mining services under PoW, PoS, and so on. Elastos communities extend their sincere congratulations to Binance for its launch and its rank among global TOP10 miners.

● CR Herald released evaluation articles about new elastOS application functions. Welcome to download Apps!

App 1: Academy dApp launched on elastOS. This application explores the development resources for Elastos developers and creates an optimal user experience. Developers can try the tools developed by Elastos via browsers, which helps eliminate the technological barriers. The web version has been launched and will soon be localized.

App 2: Red Packet. Since launched on February 12, 2020, Red Packet has been downloaded for 160 times and invited discussion in the community. Welcome to download this app via elastOS. You may enter the keywords “Red Packet” on the Apps page or look up for it via See All. This app can be installed in the same way as Academy dApp.

App 3: Playchat, a decentralized social game launched on Feburary 26, 2020. The new game Flappy Bird has been launched on the game page. More games are under development and will be launched soon.

App 4: Elanote, a Beta-version note-taking product launched on March 6, 2020. It has over 1,000 downloads and invited discussion on the community.

App5: 3Gen 2FA, a more secure mobile 2FA, can be deemed as an improved version of Google Authenticator or Authy Authenticator. The current 2FA basically falls into the category of centralized storage, and there are risks of hackers hacking the storage and stealing the user data. At the same time, all information of the users is kept by the APP or website, and the information security will be endangered accordingly. Phishing fraud also exists. A fake website may be established by the hackers, and even the wrong dynamic password can be accepted for users to log in or for stealing the user information. No such problems can be solved by the current 2FA system, while 3Gen 2FA tends to solve these problems in combination with Blockchain technology to provide a more secure environment for everyone.

App 6: Easy Trade. elastOS spy station will introduce Easy Trade to you. The DApp supports sellers and buyers to trade in different currencies and correspond values to real-time prices. Creation team: freecode1111

GreenPass Column

● Following the launches on mainstream application markets such as iOS App Store, Huawei, Baidu and OPPO, GreenPass recently was launched on Samsung global market.

It marks the further expansion of coverage and audience of GreenPass and another opportunity to make more people around the world understand the original intention and functions of GreenPass and help alleviate the spread of COVID-19 epidemic by actively using the services provided by GreenPass. Of course, we are looking forward to working together with every sector and individual to bring the epidemic to an early end, so that everyone can resume their normal life and productive activities.

● Recently, Blockchain News, an overseas media about blockchain, has revealed in a report that WHO will use blockchain technology in cooperation with IBM, Oracle and Microsoft to control the global epidemic. When it comes to how countries and organizations use technology to fight the epidemic, Elastos DMA’s GreenPass developed based on blockchain technology for anti-epidemic is honorably mentioned. Blockchain News notes that GreenPass protects users’ data privacy while helping to effectively control the spread of virus. Actually, this is not the first time that GreenPass has attracted the attention of industry media. Previously,, in an article about how to use blockchain to deal with the epidemic, also said that GreenPass developed by Elastos DMA team might be one of the solutions to restricting the spread of the epidemic.

● GreenPass, after a release in early April, became a hit in Elastos communities and on the global market. All parties responded with active support. Based on the successful first step, we need to make further efforts to advance the market application of GreenPass. The GreenPass team recently received a donation of 30,000 ELAs from Elastos communities to help the team expand its early markets, including 10,000 ELAs from Mr. Han Feng and 20,000 ELAs from Manhattan Project Fund (MPF, a fund co-invested by individuals and CyberRepublic).

For that, GreenPass team announced to establish a market development fund with this special donation (30,000 ELAs) to help realize application cases of GreenPass, establish partnerships with international organizations and make marketing materials such as videos and articles.


With the continuous development of The Modern Internet, Elastos ecology has been popularized all over the world. So we have collated the current important data updates so that communities can understand the development trend of the project.

● The peak-peak of combined ELA computing power is approximately equal to 32.31% of the network-based computing power of BTC.

Data source:

● The supernodes election campaign had 92 candidates as showed by statistical summary. They were 40 from Chinese community, 39 from overseas communities and 13 from ecological partners; the voting by those nodes accounted for 18.15% of the network-based voting. (Data source: ELA Wallet)

Data of code updates

Elastos codebase contains a large number of projects, including main chain, side chain, Trinity, Carrier and wallet codes. SDK codes of all varieties provide methods of calling and authentication for different programming languages.

At present, Elastos GitHub database contains more than 100 subproject codebases to facilitate community members and developers to view GitHub database, conduct easy retrievals and view code updates. The community developers provide relevant code activity statistical tools, and regularly classify and copy daily active codebases to the designated statistical bank so that code updates and code activity can be acquired by calling data of the statistical bank with statistical tools.

According to the data provided by the community development team, 18 daily active codebases have been established since 2018, and data statistics tools are mainly for capturing the relevant data of these 18 codebases and establishing a statistical bank for centralized display.

Website of the statistical bank:

Based on the statistical bank, the cumulative data are shown in the following figure. After the first statistics, CR Herald will display code changes on a monthly basis.

Data source:

The monthly activity data are shown in the figure:

Data source:

Data from blockchain evaluation agencies

Ranking of market value, as an indicator of the industry value of a blockchain, has always been attracting the attention of blockchain communities. Here, we demonstrate the rankings by authoritative Coinmarketcap, feixiaohao and Coincodecap.

● Elastos is ranked 131st by CMC in terms of market value; ELA turnover is 18,417,952; the circulation market value is USD26,203,301.

(Data source:

● Elastos is ranked 98th by feixiaohao in terms of market value.

Data source:

● On blockchain project code rating platforms, the code activity of Elastos is constantly updated. On Coincodecap for example, its yearly activity rank is 20th, and overall rank 44th. Coincodecap is a data website dedicated to tracking GitHub updates of blockchain projects, and has now tracked more than 700 projects by capturing GitHub data. It is authoritative in blockchain project codes and other technical updates.

Data source: