Today we have WeFilm Chain here to share their stories.

Hello everyone, my name is Michael. Our team is based in Vancouver, Canada, and we have a project called WeFilm Chain that has collaborated with Elastos. This time, we are campaigning for the CR committee member as a team. So, please allow me to introduce the situation of community election of our team.

I have been involved in work related to stock listing here in Canada since 2002, mainly helping companies in Canada and China to go public in the U.S. Besides this, I do some investing on my own, including investments in films. Garnet, another member in our group, is a film investor, director and producer himself. In addition, he teaches film production in a school in Vancouver.

To participate in the community election, we have especially invited a community friend Amos from the eastern U.S. Amos is himself an administrator for a news website of the Elastos community and has been promoting the Elastos project and its values on YouTube since two years ago. It is fair to say that he is a minor celebrity in this community. By inviting him to join our group to partake in the community election, we hope that we can contribute more to the community.

Paula is another member in our team who is also a film investor with lots of experience about investing in North America. Other than involving in the WeFilm Chain project, she is also running the Classroom of Ease to provide a free information channel for overseas Chinese, which focuses on public courses in the fields of science and technology, finance and life. She has also assisted in promoting Elastos on this platform. Last week, Mr. Han Feng was invited to this platform for promotion and the week before that, Brother Xing was invited. We also have Leon in our team who is in charge of technologies and Song Shijun as the consultant for our group. Above are the main participators for the campaign in our team.


1. How did WeFilm Chain get involved with Elastos and what is your and your group’s understanding of Elastos?

WeFilm Chain was launched in March, 2018. At that time, I invested in a movie project, however, I noticed that there were some vexing issues in the process of film shooting for investors, such as a lack of information transparency and trust. Then, a technician who was in the business of blockchain got involved. He explained that the technique of blockchain could solve these issues, so we started the WeFilm Chain project together. In May 2015, a summit on blockchain was held in Vancouver during which I introduced the WeFilm Chain project. Mr. Han Feng was there and he talked to me on the sidelines. We found that our project fitted with Elastos in terms of application scenarios. Also, we shared common values, so we established collaboration with Elastos and started to promote Elastos in the Chinese community of Vancouver. It has been two years since then and our interaction has always been smooth. We have also received the support from the community during this election, which is greatly appreciated.

2. As the founder of WeFilm Chain, you must have some unique understanding regarding Elastos. So what is your understanding of Elastos?

We communicated in depth when we planned to cooperate with Elastos. Elastos hopes that online data can be privatized and even become personal assets. Currently, however, the information and data accumulated by us on the internet cannot be assigned to a certain individual and thus cannot be valued. In order for these data to be handled as assets, the first step is to privatize them with specific rules determining the owner of the data. Only by deciding on the ownership and the price can online data be made valuable, thereby transforming our big data online into assets.

We have intended WeFilm Chain as an online movie distribution platform as well, so we wish to combine the technologies of Elastos with ours. First, films distributed online should be turned into privatized data. When users purchase the copyright, they are entitled with an exclusive copyright. They can watch the film themselves or transfer the ownership as it is restricted copyright. However, the prerequisite of these is that the data has to be privatized, i.e., confirming the rights of movie data with blockchain techniques. It can be understood that we are a project running on top of the underlying public chain of Elastos technology. At present, for blockchain projects to work, a fundamental basis lies in the community with a firm belief. In other words, people in the community have to believe that the project can develop well and they should all share the values of the project. Therefore, community construction is of vital importance for the development of Elastos. I think that without a steady and flourishing community, it will be relatively difficult for the project to make progress. It is fair to say that the success of Elastos must depend on the firm belief within the community and the support and concerted efforts of general community members.

Elastos is advanced in terms of its values, belonging to the third generation blockchain technology. There are many groups that claim to be the third generation, and Elastos is one of them. We cannot conclude decisively that Elastos represents the future, but we are certain that Elastos is one of the representative directions of the third generation blockchain.

3. What has the project of WeFilm Chain contributed to the community of Elastos?

Our group is involved in businesses with Vancouver, Vancouver’s filmmaker community, and filmmakers in both China and Hollywood. Therefore, we have arranged many promotional activities locally and have invited Elastos to join us. Those activities were all sponsored by both parties and have had certain influence on local Chinese communities. Moreover, Phoenix TV and other media have reported our events twice. In addition, we have hosted several seminars in the technology community of Vancouver, and invited Mr. Chen Rong, Mr. Han Feng and others to give related speech.

We have a YouTube channel specially used to promote the ideas and technologies of Elastos. In the meantime, Paula has another platform to regularly invite Elastos members to share the Elastos project, the concepts of community governance of Elastos and so on. We have done a lot of work in local communities, communities of Westerners in particular. Also, we have been promoting Elastos in overseas Chinese communities, inviting Elastos to join us in each and every event, thereby increasing the visibility of Elastos in overseas communities.

Recently, Paula wrote a book on blockchain as a co-author and invited Mr. Han Feng to write the preface. Moreover, she dedicated a chapter to introducing the Elastos project. We have been promoting the concepts of Elastos in overseas communities that we are familiar with via our connections and channels as much as possible, hoping that more people can know about Elastos.

4. What are WeFilm Chain’s CR election manifesto and main claims?

The advantage of WeFilm Chain is that it is based overseas and also is a program combining Chinese and Westerners, which makes it convenient for us to promote in overseas communities. We do wish to contribute more to the establishment of overseas communities for Elastos. Our manifesto is to make the community more harmonious and ELA more valuable. Actually, our original thought was to make ELA worth more as what Mr. Han Feng promotes is the concept of data privatization. Also, we have gotten in contact with some friends from the Elastos community and have noticed that most of them are concerned about whether ELA can gain value or be more valuable. For me, I have been helping enterprises go public and managing their market values, so I believe that the stock price of a firm has to be managed by a market value management team. This applies to a currency as well, and by employing some management skills, the currency price can realize its appreciation.

I have communicated with many friends from the Elastos community who hold ELA coins, most of whom follow the belief of Mr. Chen Rong and Mr. Han Feng. However, if ELA fails to add value in the long term, I suppose that the community may fade away eventually. So I hope we can increase the value of ELA with some technological means and attract more people in the Elastos community. With a sufficiently large community and a firm belief, the program can succeed more easily.

5. WeFilm Chain has been developing in the field of blockchain for many years and has accumulated a lot of experience. What do you think are the advantages of WeFilm Chain in running for the CR committee member?

The advantage of the WeFilm Chain group is that we have both Chinese and Westerners in our team. We have close connections with overseas Chinese communities and have collaborated with overseas communities on a regular basis, especially in the film industry. Particularly, we have established business cooperation with many insiders in the field of films, including Hollywood and Vancouver movies, so our project has gained a lot of attention in the film industry and film communities. We have our own we-media and are currently planning to build a channel in Chinese, hoping to do promotion on these online platforms. In addition, we have hosted a series of promotional events in Chinese communities and technical communities of Vancouver, accumulating certain advantages. Also, with my working background, I believe we can be of assistance in terms of compliance overseas for Elastos.

6. What would you push forward in terms of community work and Elastos development and construction if WeFilm Chain was elected as a CR committee member?

We would like to carry out the work from three aspects. The first one is technical. We are a project that is oriented towards applications, so actually technology is not our strong suit. But if we are able to do the applications well, we can attract more attention to the program to some extent. Secondly, we would like to strengthen promotion in oversea communities as we have enormous advantages in this regard. Third, we would like to contribute for the compliance of the program.

7. What is your plan for community communication if WeFilm Chain became a CR committee member? How would you better provide services for the community?

We have a YouTube channel and hope to include more promotional work on it. Besides, we would like to plan a Chinese channel that focuses on viewpoints of investments, including knowledge in virtual currency, thereby attracting more people to join us. In the meantime, we would like to expand the business in our community, which can be done during promotion in the community. For example, some products or services can allow ELA as a payment method. I believe that when more and more people or service providers accept ELA as a means of payment, ELA itself can be more valuable.

8. What is WeFilm Chain’s expectation of CR?

At present, our Elastos community consists of firm believers who believe in the blockchain technology, the Elastos community and the direction provided by Mr. Chen Rong and Mr. Han Feng. We are all willing to make efforts towards our common goal. So I expect that besides solidifying our beliefs, the project leader may add the value of ELA via some technological approaches and thus draw more people to us. They may not be faithful followers, but they are actually an important group of people to enliven the market.

9. What other information do you want to convey to the Elastos community?

We would like to thank everyone for giving us this opportunity to promote our perspective and we would really appreciate that if you can vote for WeFilm Chain and make us a CR committee member. We are more than willing to help the Elastos community attract more members and we hope that ELA can gain value with our assistance. Thank you.

*Thanks to WeFilm Chain for receiving our interview!