The CRC Campaign is well underway. The CR Herald will continue to report on the community governance ideas and experiences of the candidates so that you will better learn about them. To this end, CR Herald starts the interview program, which shares the campaign ideas of the candidates.

For the interview today, we have Brian Xin, founder of the ElastosDMA team and CEO of Starry Media, and will learn about his ideas on DMA’s participation in the CRC Campaign.

Guest: Brian Xin, ElastosDMA

Interview highlights

1. Could you please introduce yourself to us? Your education, career, and hobbies.

I am a veteran in the Internet sector, witnessing the birth of the Internet in Silicon Valley in 1996 and co-founding one of the first Internet-based business competition analysis companies there in 1999. After returning back to China in 2005, I joined Linktone, iKang and MSN and founded Starry Media, focusing on digital marketing and e-commerce. Since 2017, my attention began to be attracted by blockchain technologies and token economy. I decided to build Internet-based next-generation e-commerce and digital marketing platform. The ElastosDMA team aims to develop business platforms and applications based on the Elastos ecosystem.

I have started several businesses and remain passionate about innovations empowered by new technologies and business patterns. I am confident about the blockchain industry.

As for hobbies, I am interested in many things. But limited by time and energy, I choose to run during spare time and have participated in marathons and 100km cross-country races. I earned my bachelor and master degrees at Tsinghua University.

2. How do you get to Elastos and what’s your idea about this program?

Chen Rong and Han Feng are good friends of mine. I have known them for over a decade and been well aware of the growth of Kortide, former Elastos. I recognize Elastos’ position and practices as the next-generation Internet, which is based on the network operating system and goes hand in hand with the blockchain technologies. The next-generation Internet should be user and data-centered. The Elastos-based infrastructure plays a crucial role to realize this goal.

3. How do you view CR and its significance to Elastos?

CR is a community. More projects will be community-based in future. It is laudable that Elastos builds CR and govern the community with the CR Consensus. The key value of CR lies in the fact that it comes up with a consensus reached in a global community.

4. What’s your contribution to the Elastos community?

We set up the ElastosDMA team in 2018 and devised DMA, a middle layer framework for commercialization based on the underlying architecture of Elastos. Several demo dApps have been developed based on DMA, such as Uptick for e-tickets and Choosit for cultural creativity and e-commerce applications. Such efforts are well received in the community and earn DMA good reputation. DMA becomes a major player in the Elastos community. Regardless the changes in the market, DMA continues to base all decisions on community and has invested much time and energy.

The team is involved in the planning and development of the LEO on Elastos platform. LEO is a data capitalization platform, which allows the full lifecycle management of the data assets. In March, we came up with the application GreenPass, which helps fight against the COVID-19 across the globe by leveraging health data. The application has attracted worldwide attention and will be further promoted and put into practices. Supported by Elastos’ DID technology, GreenPass helps to promote Elastos globally and attract more users of Elastos technologies.

Telegram ( run by DMA is one of the most active communities in Elastos.

5. What are your campaign manifesto and propositions?

We aim to boost the sound growth of the Elastos commercial ecosystem with CR. We wish to work with CR members to enhance the governance capacity of the Elastos community, respond to the community-related needs and facilitate the integration of domestic and foreign communities. The core goal is to help Elastos projects achieve commercial success.

6. What advantages do you have in running this campaign?

DMA has made steadfast contributions to the community. We are one of the few teams that are active in both English and Chinese communities and have won wide recognition. We work to promote the integration of the domestic and foreign communities and to build global community consensus.

7. If you win the campaign, where will most of your attention go?

Our strength lies in the commercialization and sustainable development of the underlying technologies. We will guide and participate in the formulation and implementation of related strategies. At the same time, the democratic governance and decision-making mechanism of the communities is crucial to the success of projects. We will be active in the discussion and decision-making of community events.

8. How will you get in touch with the community if elected to be the CR member? What will you do to serve the community?

We are one of the few teams that are active in both Chinese and English communities. When reaching out the community, we will be open and proactive, safeguarding the core interests of the Elastos projects.

9. What’s your expectation for CR once elected?

I run the campaign because I want to enhance the project governance capacity, accelerate growth and realize the commercial value by building the democratic CR Consensus governance mechanism. This is the expectation that I have in myself and all CR members.

10. Anything else that you want to say to the Elastos community?

​I hope that the community and the candidates interact more frequently, express their ideas and reach the global community consensus. As an old Chinese saying goes, “gentlemen seek harmony but not uniformity”. Email me at if you have any question or suggestions.

Thank you for your time!