The CR Campaign is well underway. The CR Biweekly this week continues to focus on the latest developments of the election. Also, the latest ELA ranking and code updates about the blockchain data platform.

Now let’s go through the highlights! 👇

Community dynamics

English community

● On May 30, ELA launched the W3EX Exchange.

● The Elastos Academy Companion App Competition hosted by Elastos College came to a successful conclusion. The competition was co-chaired by Noderators and The Houston Supernode. The top 20, as shown in the picture, will be rewarded with bonuses. Congratulations to the winning teams!

Chinese community

● On May 17, Han Feng, at the invitation of CR Herald, gave an interview titled “Strive for Building a Wealth Internet in Private Sphere” on TikTok.

● On May 24, Han Feng, the co-founder of Elastos, attended the online “Medical Data + Blockchain” seminar co-hosted by the Mobile Healthcare Council of Chinese Association of Research Hospitals, Zhongguancun Chinese Medicine Institute for Creative Mobile Healthcare Technologies, and Beijing Intelligent New Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Han Feng stated that the first step is to define the value of big data about personal health. The Modern Internet CRC of Elastos can provide customers with a range of solutions to fine management, assist in confirming data ownership, return data ownership to users, and ensure the privacy of patients, data security and resistance to tampering medical data. After data ownership is confirmed, all stakeholders shall perform its own functions to complete the data life cycle, meet the diverse needs of contributors, collectors, analysts and users, and finally create a win-win situation for all of them.

Other participants from Elastos included Yu Shunan (the blockchain team leader), Zhang Yuxin (the blockchain solution expert in Internet of Things applications) and Song Shijun (the team leader of Elaphant Wallet).

Korean Community

● Newsflashes about CRC were released in Korean community.

● Korean Community published an article titled “CRC Is a New Approach to Governance”. See

Japanese Community

● Japanese Community published an article to introduce CRC. See

Dynamics of CR Election Campaign

So far, there are 23 candidates, 12 from the Chinese community and 11 from overseas communities. Latest candidate: WeFilm Council、、Niu Jingyu、Su Yipeng and Elastos DMA。. *

Latest interviews of CR Herald:

Interview with CR candidates ▏ElastosDMA

— — — — — — Previous articles about CR candidates — — — — — —


Interview 1: Alex Shipp Interview 👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Alex Shipp, editor of Elastos Foundation, co-author of On Quantum Wealth and owner of quantum wealth nodes.

Interview 2: Michael S interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏Michael S, participant of the Houston supernode, and the Enter Elastos & Noderators supernodes.

Interview 3: The Strawberry Council interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏The Strawberry Council.

Interview 4: Bitwork interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏Bitwork.

Interview 5: CR Malaysia interview👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏CR Malaysia .


Interview 7: the Chinese community administrators team👇: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE▏the Chinese community administrators team.

Dialogue 1: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Zhang Feng, member of the CR Interim Council and partner of V&T Law Firm.

Dialogue 2: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Zhang Qing, early committer of the Elastos community and GM of Biteng Information Technology Company.

Dialogue 3: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Ding Ning, early committer of the Elastos community and co-founder of Zhejiang Haoshufu Cultural Creativity Company. He started to invest in digital coins in 2015 and curious about blockchain; took part in ELA investment in 2018 and got impressed by the architecture of the Elastos; admired the 20-year devotion of Chen Rong and decided to join the Elastos community.

Dialogue 4: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Tyrolee, early committer of the Elastos community. Got to know Han Feng in March 2017, read the Blockchain: On Quantum Wealth by Han Feng, and decided to join Elastos.

Dialogue 5: CR ELECTION CANDIDATE ▏Lin Junqiang, early committer of the Elastos community. Started to invest in Elastos projects in early 2018; works in the financial industry for over 10 years and has rich experience with market investigation, corporate finance analysis, investment and financing; has strong interest in Internet and cutting-edge technologies; passionate about designing the prototypes of Internet products.

CR candidate ▏Lin Junqiang, an early contributor of Elastos community. He noticed and invested in Elastos in early 2018. Engaged in corporate financial business for more than 10 years, Lin has rich experience in market research, corporate financial analysis, investment and financing and other aspects. Meanwhile, Lin is very interested in Internet and technology frontiers, and keen on thinking over and designing Internet product models.

CR candidate | Chinese Community management team, early contributors of Elastos, including Lao Ganbu, Tryo Lee, Tiger and Ruolan.

CR candidate | ELAfish. Yan Chong, core member of the ELAfish team made a sharing. ELAfish is the ELA part of the mixed token game FishChain. Virtual mining is the basic pattern of the game. A total of 20,000 fish tanks are designed. The greater the mining power is, the more tokens will be mined.

CR candidates ▏WeFilm Chain

Ecosystem progress

● As the CRC campaign comes to an end and the voting deadline approaches, the main network of Elastos will enter the co-governance stage, Arcadia. This event has attracted wide attention from the community. Elastos pioneers to adopt the main network co-governance model. All community members are looking forward to the changes brought about Elastos main network 3.0 to the Elastos community and the blockchain industry. To help you better understand Arcadia, CR Herald now guides you through the evolution of Elastos main network. Let’s begin with the Main Network 1.0.

Mr. Chen Rong, founder of Elastos, has been engaged in the operating system sector for over two decades and established a team that is experienced with the Internet underlying technologies. The team comes up with novel technology ideas. Empowered by block chain technologies, Elastos builds the next-generation Internet and embraces the main network 1.0.

● The technology and ecology of Elastos have taken on a whole new look in the era of Elastos Main Net 1.0. The project has made significant progress compared with its initial stage. Elastos now has a new outlook and strategy for integrating blockchain technology into the upcoming Elastos Main Net 2.0. The Main Net 2.0 is also called Ilias. Ilias is a place in ancient Greece and also an ancient Greek epic poem attributed to Homer that describes the Trojan War. Similar to the uphill battles during the Trojan War, Elastos also experienced plenty of difficulties, hardships, doubts and defamation. However, Elastos does not shrink from hardships and rumors and always keeps fighting and moving forward. It is convinced that the upcoming Main Net 2.0 will lay a solid foundation for the Modern Internet CRC.

● On May 21, Elastos officially released the Announcement about Block Height for Generating CR Council Members and Node Program Upgrade. The Announcement indicated that the voting for electing the first session of CR Council members will be closed at Block Height 658930 (10:00 a.m., June 10, 2020, Beijing Time), and the first session of CR Council members will be also determined at the same time.

All community members of Elastos can run for CR Council members. If you’re interested in running for office but haven’t started yet, please take immediate action. CR Herald has prepared the Guide for Helping CR Council Candidates Create and Bind DID.

● CR Herald published a series of articles for testing new application features of elastOS. Welcome to download and try dApps!

App 8: CRC Voting, where the apps in elastOS are used for voting.


With the continuous development of The Modern Internet, Elastos ecology has been popularized all over the world. So we have collated the current important data updates so that communities can understand the development trend of the project.

● The peak-peak of combined ELA computing power is approximately equal to 32.12% of the network-based computing power of BTC.

Data source:

● The supernodes election campaign had 92 candidates as showed by statistical summary. They were 40 from Chinese community, 39 from overseas communities and 13 from ecological partners; the voting by those nodes accounted for 17.86 % of the network-based voting. (Data source: ELA Wallet)

Data of code updates

Elastos codebase contains a large number of projects, including main chain, side chain, Trinity, Carrier and wallet codes. SDK codes of all varieties provide methods of calling and authentication for different programming languages.

At present, Elastos GitHub database contains more than 100 subproject codebases to facilitate community members and developers to view GitHub database, conduct easy retrievals and view code updates. The community developers provide relevant code activity statistical tools, and regularly classify and copy daily active codebases to the designated statistical bank so that code updates and code activity can be acquired by calling data of the statistical bank with statistical tools.

According to the data provided by the community development team, 18 daily active codebases have been established since 2018, and data statistics tools are mainly for capturing the relevant data of these 18 codebases and establishing a statistical bank for centralized display.

Website of the statistical bank:

Based on the statistical bank, the cumulative data are shown in the following figure. After the first statistics, CR Herald will display code changes on a monthly basis.

Data source:

The monthly activity data are shown in the figure:

Data source:

Data from blockchain evaluation agencies

Ranking of market value, as an indicator of the industry value of a blockchain, has always been attracting the attention of blockchain communities. Here, we demonstrate the rankings by authoritative Coinmarketcap, feixiaohao and Coincodecap.

● Elastos is ranked 131st by CMC in terms of market value; ELA turnover is 18,417,952; the circulation market value is USD26,203,301.

(Data source:

● Elastos is ranked 98th by feixiaohao in terms of market value.

Data source:

● On blockchain project code rating platforms, the code activity of Elastos is constantly updated. On Coincodecap for example, its yearly activity rank is 19th and overall rank 22nd. Coincodecap is a data website dedicated to tracking GitHub updates of blockchain projects, and has now tracked more than 700 projects by capturing GitHub data. It is authoritative in blockchain project codes and other technical updates.

Data source: