If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we need better exchanges and greater access to the ELA token

Hello, my name is Clarence Liu and I’m the new manager of the established CR Regions entity focused on exchanges, business development, marketing and CR initiatives – https://crregions.com. I am pleased to announce that prominent exchange listings will be a global Elastos effort. Firstly we are creating a multi-signature wallet that spans the Chinese and English communities with the CR Secretariat holding the backup key.

A Multi-Signature 2-of-3 Donation Wallet with “3” Key Members:

  • Zhu Feng (Rebecca) – Will hold one key as the CR Secretariat of the first CR Council
  • Tyro Lee – Representative of the Chinese Elastos community
  • Clarence Liu – Representative of CR Regions and English Community

By creating a 2-of-3 wallet, at least 2 of the above members are required for any spending of the exchange funds, adding security and a fail safe in case any member loses a key, in which case the remaining two members will be able to transfer the funds to a new wallet address.

For security please visit this link for the address of the donation wallet: https://crregions.com/#/donate


Principles of the Donation Wallet

  1. Single Address Wallet – All donations and the outstanding wallet balance are publicly visible by virtue of the blockchain.
  2. All Spending is Transparent – After listing on an exchange, the sum total of expenses spent on the listing may be published. However, due to NDAs we cannot publish the exchange’s identity until after they complete the listing, and upon request we may not be able to directly associate a cost to an exchange.
  3. Spending on Exchange Listings Only – The CR Exchange Fund will have no management or operational costs; Zhu Feng, Tyro Lee, and myself will manage this initiative voluntarily.

All information about the Donation Wallet will be public at: https://crregions.com/#/donate



CR Proposal for Donation

When the new CR Council is ready to review it, we have submitted a Proposal to CRC to request an additional donation. We hope the community supports the allocation of some CR Funds to exchange listings. The first exchange is already ready to go, although we disclose the identity of the exchange we will be trying to sign NDAs with the CR Council members so they may know – https://www.cyberrepublic.org/suggestion/5eb4535c43d9d4007848038c




He has started things off with a personal 2,500 ELA donation already!


For every ELA that the community donates, Feng Han will match the donation. If you are of the opinion that better exchanges will increase ELA’s value, we hope you consider donating. With his generous offer, we can realize our goal to expand access to the Elastos (ELA) token to the global population.



An Exchange is Waiting to List Us!

One exchange which I cannot name due to NDAs is awaiting our completion of fundraising. What I can say is it is one of the crypto-space’s prominent exchanges.

At this moment, the CR Suggestion is requesting that CR Council members contact me personally for NDAs, and a couple already know the exchange’s identity. It is of the utmost importance that all will sign, so they can know exactly what they are voting for!

Because CR is well ahead of its time, we must continue to strike a balance between decentralized community operations and those of the traditional world, which still works with rudimentary contracts, NDAs, and traditional business entities. Navigating the complex legal landscape, audits, and fee structures of different exchanges will require the CR Exchange Fund for the time being.


Smaller Exchanges Can Still Go Through CR

The CR Exchange Fund is only in place to work with top-tier, prominent exchanges that have specific legal requirements, NDAs, and required audits. As is more than reasonable, many such prominent exchanges do not wish to publicize listing fees, and we are wise to honor their requests.However, any exchanges that are open to publicizing their listing fees are encouraged to go to CRC directly and submit their Suggestions for consideration by the CR Council.


Please Donate and Support Us!

With the transfer of ecosystem funds to Cyber Republic, it is now up to CRC to advance ELA to a global network of quality exchanges.