August 2021

Welcome to the first Cyber Republic (CR) Monthly update presented by the CR Secretariat: news and updates from the past month.

The goal of the CR Monthly update is to educate and inform the Elastos and CR community members of decisions made by Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) and on news of ecosystem projects. The CR Monthly Update is dedicated to providing complete transparency regarding all actions and matters pertaining to the CRC, with the goal of holding members accountable via public and transparent communications.

Enjoy all the latest news in CR-land!

The 2nd Council in brief

2021 marked the completion of the 2nd annual CR Council Elections and the newly elected 2nd CR Council has been champing at the bit in pursuit of strengthening the greater Elastos ecosystem. Eight new members joined the Council, including people with experience at Morgan Stanley; Web 3 Advocates; and longtime Elastos contributors.

Elation Studios, one of the newly elected CRC members, tabled a suggestion for marketing Elastos. Asset backed stablecoins are also coming to Elastos thanks to our friends at Elastos Orchard. An exciting proposal was passed to have Elastos sponsor the Web 3.0 Conference which includes many high level crypto people. The CRC also tackled a few further suggestions and proposals in the month of August including Travala, Elabox and more. 

Sunny Feng Han, one of the founders of the Elastos project, was elected back into the position in the CR Council. Zhang Feng secured his 2nd term on the Council. Zhang shared some of his personal information and experience with the CR Herald. His acumen in law, business and data capitalization makes Zhang a valuable voice on the Council. The Strawberry Council also secured its 2nd year as member of the CR Council. Led by Vegas Mike, Mark Blair and Big Kahuna, they continue to push the envelope for strengthening the Elastos ecosystem, and also run one of the popular Supernodes (Wild Strawberry Supernode).

New CR Council members include many exciting professionals in the data ownership and business world. Mark Xing works as a Managing Director at Capital6 Eagle, a Venture Capital Firm. Xing’s experience in this field gives insightful perspective to the Council. Brittney Kaiser, formly a Business Development Director at Cambridge Analytica, has become a thought leader in the Web 3 movement. Ms. Kaiser went on to found She will be leaned on heavily to create the most ideal data ownership solutions on Elastos. 

Longtime Elastos ecosystem contributors Rebecca Zhu, Jingyu Niu and Shijun Song have officially joined the Council. Ms. Zhu has been a core member of the Elastos Foundation and the former Secretariat in the CR Council. Jingyu Niu is also a core member of the Elastos Foundation, Elastos’ Product Team Lead, Head of Carrier and Hive development, and representative at the DIF and W3C Advisory Committee. Shijun Song created the Elaphant Wallet, Tokswap, Shadow Tokens, CryptoName and is also the founder of FilDA.

Another longtime Elastos impact performer joining the Council is Ryan from Starfish Labs. His Elanodes website has been an excellent resource for the community, and he serves as an amazing Guardian for the Elastos community. Lastly, Elation Studios has provided an insightful platform on Youtube and in the community, recently speaking with Elastos Founder Rong Chen

Suggestions and Proposals making waves

Elation Studios, a highly active contributor in the Elastos community, has devised a plan to boost Elastos Marketing to the greater masses in their latest suggestion. Ultimately Elation Studios would like to look in the market for a Request for Proposal (RFP) to a 3rd Party Marketing Agency to develop a strategy for up to 12 months of impactful marketing. The ultimate goal of this suggestion is to attract more developers and users onto the Elastos platform to spur mass adoption.

The Elastos Marketing RFP has been released into the market. For parties that are interested in bidding for the contract, more info can be found at Elastos Marketing RFP.

 This initial RFP is the creation of a marketing strategy for a 12 month period. A subsequent RFP will be created to execute the strategy, though preference may be given to the agency awarded the initial contract.

Proposals Status

Proposal #45 Travala – Adding Elastos (ELA) and Co-Marketing

A few months back, Proposal #45 Add ELA and Co-Marketing was passed. The motivation of this proposal was to add acceptance of ELA to outside ecosystems and co-market each other’s branding. After further review of the deliverables of this proposal and the fund insufficiency due to the decrease in ELA price, the Council decided to terminate it through Suggestion #112. The initiator of Proposal 45 has returned all the unspent ELA to CR.

Proposal #49 and #51 CR Secretariat Work Plan and new CR Council Secretary General

The CR Secretariat is the team in charge of examining deliverables and keeping track of the CRC-approved proposals and budgets. Proposal #49, crafted by current CR Secretary General, Cassie Zhang, outlines a CR Secretariat Work Plan. The team consists of the lead Secretariat, Cassie Zhang; Jeremy G, Writer; Greg, Editor; with KP Woods and Green Zhang as Technical Advisors. The group will be in charge of tracking the CRC-approved proposals, conducting AMAs regarding CRC’s progress, along with monthly updates covering proposals, suggestions, and other news related to CR projects. The proposal garnered 100% “Yes” votes from the Council. 

(Proposal #51 inaugurated Cassie Zhang as the new Secretary General of the CR Secretariat and removed the previous one, Rebecca Zhu, from the role. Ms. Zhu has recently been elected as a member of the CRC and is focusing on her Council term responsibilities.)

Proposal #50 Elabox Launch Initiative

A portal to the new Smart Web has been created with the Elabox initiative. Proposal #50 Elabox Launch Initiative, was passed in July. Spearheaded by Adem Bilican and John M, Elabox has been approved for further funding by the CR Secretariat. Payments of 1200 and 1000 ELA will cover Milestones 2 and 3 of the Elabox initiative. These milestones will cover expenses in marketing and promotional activities, along with the shipping, assembly, installing and packing costs. Here are the specifics of the proposal’s three milestones:

  • Milestone #1: RPi Boards (4GB) and all other components ordered received from US and China.
  • Milestone #2: Strategic partnerships (Elastos Info) to market and promote Elabox. 
  • Milestone #3: All components shipped to the assembly and packing team, and testing undertaken.

The team decided to upgrade the board to Raspberry Pi 8GB, meaning all 4GB boards ordered and received are unused. Elabox is now waiting for new stocks from the supplier. The financial burden of this change was shouldered by the Elabox Team.

The Elabox team decided to also buy RPi boards locally to build Elaboxes as prizes for upcoming events for immediate shipping. Thanks to John M., the lead from Elabox, for the updates on the portal to the new smart web.

Elastos Info also teamed up with Elabox and revealed their Elastos 4 Year Anniversary promotion, which allowed content creators the chance to win an Elabox. (For more information, please visit Elastos Info Competition.)

Proposal #55  CR Regions Ltd – 2021-2022 Business Registration

CR Regions is a group that helps build and grow Cyber Republic’s brand. Earlier this month, CR Regions crafted Proposal #55 to establish itself as a legal entity for Cyber Republic until a formalized DAO solution is executed.

As a handful of CRC members did not vote on the proposal, the quorum was not met. The Council congregated on private Telegram to revisit the proposal and perform off-chain voting on the initiative. The CRC reached a consensus (11 votes in support) and the registration cost will be reimbursed to the proposer. The Secretariat budget will fund this proposal from its excess and mark it as an extra-budgetary expense.

Proposal #56 Elastos to lead and sponsor Web 3 Conference 2021


Another consistent contributor in the Elastos community is Elastos Orchard. Tech Circus, a London based company that focuses on educational events, will be hosting a 2-day Web 3.0 event. In Orchard’s recent Proposal #56, funding will be provided to enter the event as a Platinum Package sponsor which will give a robust presence in the conference. Attendees will include personnel from top tier companies such as Visa, Mastercard, BMW, Amazon and many others. 

Having the presence of thought-leaders at this conference, such as Elastos Orchard, Donnie Bullers and others, will further the Elastos brand.

Proposal #57 From the Orchard team: Asset backed stablecoins coming to Elastos


The Orchard team created Proposal #57 in order to bring stablecoins onto the Elastos Smart Contract Chain(ESC). e-Money, an Ernst and Young backed stablecoin protocol, uses fiat-backed stablecoins for use in DeFi projects. This will allow Elastos to have access to fiat currencies including USD, EUR, CHF, SEK and many more.

Elastos Orchard is excited in the Elastos DeFi infrastructure between the burgeoning lending/borrowing dApps of FilDA, CreDA and Glide Finance, and the new e-Money partnership. The public announcement of the partnership was released on Yahoo recently.

In Conclusion

Advancements in Elastos’ infrastructure have been a prevalent theme in August. Elation Studios’ Marketing suggestion will advance the Elastos ecosystem presence amongst the Web 3 and Blockchain communities. Having a presence at Tech Circus’ Web 3 Conference will give lots of great exposure to Elastos as well. Finally, DeFi development on Elastos has never looked stronger, with ecosystem projects and the new e-Money stablecoin integration now added, the future for the ESC looks bright too.

The CRC will continue to monitor and analyze new and exciting initiatives in order to further the Elastos project to new heights.