November 2021

November has been a busy month for CRC in terms of building up the infrastructure for the CR DAO. Elation Studios has been busy paving the way for CR to become a legal entity in the USA along with continuous legal support moving forward for the DAO. Elation has also passed a couple of proposals in efforts to secure a Tier 1 Marketing Firm. Sjun Song’s proposal to create a CR Grant program for popular ideas will give the community more of a direct say in the process for funding ecosystem projects. The hot new NFT app, Pasar, has a new proposal that will enhance their infrastructure and attract more users. Elabox has an update for the community regarding its pending shipment of the first wave of devices.

Proposals in the community spotlight

Proposal #63 Incorporation of the DAO- Law Firm Engagement and Retainer/Fees

Elation Studios passed three proposals through CRC in the month of November. The Incorporation of the DAO – Law Firm Engagement and Retainer/Fees proposal was the first initiative passed by Elation. The main objective of the proposal is to establish CR as a legal entity DAO. Cyber Republic was previously registered as a limited company in Singapore. In order to further advance CR as a legal DAO in the United States of America, seeking legal representation to achieve legal DAO status was a priority. Feng Zhang and Mark Xing abstained from the vote based on lack of “key points”, while noting other decentralized projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum haven’t legally established their DAO. All other members of CRC voted in favour of this proposal, highlighting the importance of solidifying legal DAO status for CR.

Proposal #65 and #66- Contract Tier 1 Marketing Agency TLGG Omnicom to Create and Execute a 12 Month Marketing and Communication Strategy

Elation Studios executed another key proposal in order to boost CR Marketing and Communication efforts. Contract Tier 1 Marketing Agency, TLGG Omnicom to Create and Execute a 12-month Marketing and Communication Strategy (Proposal 1 of 2) and Part 2 has a  1 million USD budget to boost engagement and awareness for Elastos technology, CR DAO, and community. Half of the budget is paid for by the Manhattan Fund Project from a previous initiative. Elation Studios envisions potential Hackathons and Social engagements in the future in order to attract more attention to Elastos apps such as Elastos Essentials wallet, Profile and Feeds.

With the decision now made regarding which provider to use, plans are being drawn up for a concerted and targeted campaign to bring more attention and interest to Elastos. TLGG Omnicon is the firm to spearhead the Communication and Marketing efforts. 

Elation’s initial briefing has included familiarisation with Elastos’ vision, understanding development thus far, and opportunities for the future. From this learning phase comes ideation and strategy, drawing on the Elastos now, the current Web 3.0 landscape, the agency’s experience, and audience insights.

The Decentralized ID space is set to go mainstream in 3-5 year so laying the groundwork is crucial. There’s a 3 tier strategy related to Investors, Developers and Consumers that will serve as tentacles to each demographic CR is trying to reach out to. The goal is to create and execute a 12 month Marketing strategy by TLGG and pursue exchange listings on Coinbase, FTX and Kraken. All CRC members except for a couple that were undecided, voted in favour of passing the proposal. All were very excited to promote the exciting Elastos ecosystem within the DeFi/Metaverse/DID space with all the new dApps coming into the fold.

Current expectations are that the execution phase will start in January 2022. Furthermore, TLGG will be helping Elastos with the TechCircus Web3 Summit.

Proposal #64 – CR Grant Program

Long-time Elastos contributor and current CRC member Sjun Song created a suggestion that turned into a proposal regarding a CR Grant Program. 100,000 ELA will be dedicated to projects every year. They will not pass through the normal CRC gateway. Sjun elaborates that it’s a shame the will of the Council sometimes doesn’t mesh with the will of the community. The CR Grant Program ensures that projects with enough support from the community will be allocated, at most, 10,000 ELA to use towards development of their dApp within the ecosystem.

Community members will be able to use their Essentials dApp to vote, and developers can create new suggestions on the CR website in efforts to win a Grant. Astoundingly popular in the CRC, all votes on this proposal were affirmative and let’s hope the future efforts of grant winners can enjoy the support. Incubating worthy projects in this way will certainly help the ecosystem grow. 

In relation to the grant program, the Elastos Essentials wallet team is creating KYC-ed identity credentials through a third party company that actually uses AI face scanning to verify users. With those credentials, users who are KYC-ed will be able to vote on the CR community voting dApp (called ELAB) and the Essentials wallet can ensure one vote per person. As of now, the PoC for this dApp is ready, including authenticating users with physical KYC-ed identity. The dApp release is scheduled for December 15th.

Proposal #67 Proposal to Develop a Dedicated Pasar Web App

The NFT space has been a huge catalyst in this current crypto bull market. Ever since Pasar launched in August of 2021, the traffic increase on Elastos Side Chain (ESC) was profound as the community started to utilize the services. Considering the demand and popularity of Pasar, a proposal was crafted in efforts to develop a much more refined version of this NFT platform. The ultimate goal is to build a “fully-fledged NFT Marketplace on ESC” as soon as possible. 

Three phases are set to take place in the Proposal. The first phase is to establish NFT provenance via user friendly explorers. The second phase will include the features on minting and trading NFTs. The third phase will include enhanced features such as auctions, transaction history, showcase your NFTs and much more. All 9 members who voted on the proposal chose “Yes” with considerable optimism that Pasar will create more buzz and utility for the Elastos ecosystem. 

Proposal #50 Elabox Launch Initiative (Update)

In July of 2021 the Elabox Launch Initiative Proposal passed. This initiative is to help fund 40 Elaboxes in promotions/hackathons and social events in the future. John M, from the Elabox team, was kind enough to share an update on the actual launch of Elabox to the community:

“We were able to acquire 60 Raspberry Pi boards and assemble a commensurate number of devices. These Elaboxes are expected to be shipped this 2nd week of December. The V2.0 features roadmap will soon be available.

We are going to release a free DIY version of elaboxOS, currently working on the documentation, separation of proprietary and open source codes, and final testing.”

Elabox is a hardware device that acts as a node on the Elastos network, giving even more security and reliability for your data. Soon, lucky members of the community will be able to utilize the power of Elabox and be able to secure and monetize their data. 

Proposal #56 Elastos to lead and sponsor Web 3 Conference 2021 (Update)

Further details for this proposal will be released shortly. Certain announcements are expected in the coming week. More details will be shared when they become available.

Proposal #61 Welcome to Elacity! (Update)

After narrowly missing out on CR funding support, Elacity managed to independently secure funding from one of the incumbent CRC members. This news was met with dismay then joy in the community, and likely inspired the creation of Proposal #64.

Although not a CR supported project we would like to share the progress made so far.

The Elacity Opensea Marketplace V1 is nearly complete and will be released in December. Visitors can expect to find NFT minting, Creator Shops, NFT offers, NFT Art Gallery, NFT Auction house and more. Continuing the NFT theme, the Bella Series, 500 unique Elacity NFTs, will be released to celebrate this milestone, all funds raised will go towards further development.

Elacity is sponsoring the Enter the Metaverse conference running on 2-3 December. The project will have a networking room and be sponsoring two panels, with the Elacity logo in the backdrop. The first panel is “The metaverse, legality and IP rights”, the other is “What will the metaverse look like in 10+ years time?” including a contributory speaker from Microsoft.

The Elacity team will be moving into the development of their $BELLA token next, bringing a novel system to Elastos. Additionally, Elacity has shown support of the ESC token GOLD. The Gold Vault, created in Elacity, has secured 100 GOLD (10% of the supply), bought from the market. Furthermore, the Elastos community has donated over $2,000 in GOLD to the Elacity Gold Vault through NFT sales and gifts.

Finally, the Elacity map was created and will be shared with the community soon. We are wondering what the landscape looks like. The progress so far has been impressive, so all eyes will be on the cartography when it is revealed.


Lots of building blocks have been established in the month of November alone.

The importance of crafting a legal document as a DAO in the USA is pertinent to the growth of the CR as a whole. The Marketing and Communication strategy that will be brought by the top tier agency TLGG will give Elastos an edge in bringing the masses to its ecosystem. The CR Grant Program ensures that the community’s voice is truly heard and other projects get a chance to contribute through alternate avenues.

The NFT platform Pasar has upside for many more users as the space soars in popularity. Despite setbacks, Elabox shipment is edging closer, which ensures data and storage protection on Elastos will become even more of a reality. Finally the Elacity is close to fruition, and it’s first steps are merely the beginning of what’s to come.

Bright times ahead in the Cyber Republic.