It’s that time of year again – Cyber Republic Council elections are upon us! In the Elastos ecosystem, Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) plays a significant role in ecosystem policies, tokenomics, and other funding decisions regarding development. Once a year, the Elastos community votes in a new CR Council composed of twelve parties that vote on key decisions affecting the Elastos ecosystem.

Now entering their third year, CR Council elections will begin taking place on Elastos Essentials for the first time. As the flagship Super-Wallet application of the Elastos ecosystem, this transition represents a major technical milestone. As previous council members run for re-election and new faces and organizations emerge from the crowd, here’s how to get started registering as a candidate and voting in this year’s Cyber Republic Council elections running from May 12 (Block height 1,162,930) to June 12 (Block height 1,184,530):

For more information on the election, including contact info for finding a candidate sponsor, click here and email

Getting Started

Whether you intend to register as a candidate in the CR Council election or participate as a community voter, you will need to take a few minor, preliminary steps to get started.

Step 1: First things first, open the Elastos Essentials application. If you’re new to the Elastos ecosystem, no worries – Essentials is available for free download on both iOS and Android.

Step 2: Deposit ELA into your Essentials wallet address. 5,000 ELA is required to run for Council, and a minimum of 1 ELA is required to vote.

Step 3: (For CR Council candidates only): Register your very own DID in Essential’s DID application. Your DID will allow you to use applications that run on Elastos, and to register for ecosystem events such as the CR Council election.

Step 4: Enter the Election

Select the “CR Council” button under “Elastos Voting “.

When the CRC election begins, the “Vote” button will appear at the top of the “CR Council Members” page. Click “Vote” to enter the “CR Council Candidates” page. After arriving on this page, you can register candidates, vote, and conduct other operations.

All set! Now let’s dive in.


1. Register to Become A CR Council Candidate

After entering the “CR Council Candidates” page, click the “➕” icon in the upper right corner, and then follow the prompts to complete registration to become a CR Council candidate.

1.1) Click “➕” and you will be prompted with a message.

1.2) Read and accept the agreement.

1.3Enter relevant Candidate Registration information.

Note: You cannot modify “name” after registration.

1.4) Click confirm and enter your password.

1.5) Complete registration.

After successful registration, you will automatically return to the “CR Council Candidates” page, and a prompt reading “Successful Candidate Registration” will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

After successful registration, the candidate will be displayed on the “CR Council Candidates” page after a confirmation of 6 blocks.

2. Update Candidate Information

Enter the “CR Council Candidates” page, and click the “*…” icon in the upper right corner of the page to display the operations menu. Click “Update Candidate Details” to modify relevant information.

CR Council candidates can update “Location” and URL information, but cannot modify “Nickname”. Clicking the “Update” button will initiate a transaction on the CR candidate information update.

3. Candidate Cancellation 

Enter the “CR Council Candidates” page, and click the “*…” icon in the upper right corner of the page to display the operations menu. Click the “Exit Election” button, and a warning prompt will  be displayed. After confirming the warning prompt, a CR candidate cancellation transaction will be created.


  • The deposit can only be withdrawn after 2,160 blocks (approximately 3 days).
  • Each candidate (DID) can only register for the CR Council election once in each election period. Thus, once a candidate withdraws from an election, that candidate may not run again with the same DID. To enter the election again, they must create a new DID.

4. Withdrawing Pledged Deposits

Candidates who withdraw from an election, are not elected after the end of the election period, or are not re-elected after their previous CR Council term ends, can withdraw their staked ELA through the “Withdraw the Pledge Deposit” button.

After 2,160 blocks (approximately 3 days) after a CR candidacy is canceled and confirmed, the “Reclaim the Deposit” button will appear in the upper right corner of the “CR Council Candidates” page. Click this button, and a prompt will appear to retrieve the deposit. Confirm the prompt to create a deposit retrieval transaction.

Tip: When you retrieve your staked ELA, you need to use the wallet that was used originally for registration.

5. Elected Council Member DPoS Node Binding

In order to fulfill a CR Council member’s responsibilities and obligations, a newly elected CR Council member must bind with a DPoS node.

After the election period ends, newly elected CR members enter the CR member information details page by clicking their personal entry on the “CR Council Members” page. After clicking the “” / “” button at the bottom of the page, a CR Council member then enters the public key of their designated DPoS node and enters the password according to the prompt, thereby binding the DPoS node.


1. View Candidate Information

Enter the “CR Council Candidates” page and click “About Candidate” to read about each candidate.

2. Vote

Enter the “CR Council Candidates” page, select one or more candidates, and click the “Distribute Votes” button at the bottom to enter the voting page.

The upper part of the voting page will display your current wallet’s maximum votes and the total  votes cast. Click the “Cast Votes” button at the bottom of the page and enter the password when prompted to complete the voting process.

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