May 2022

While the crypto markets are still figuring out where they want to go, the Elastos ecosystem is continuing to build upon its strong foundation. A handful of highlighted proposals are making more progress towards their lofty goals.

Elation Studios has contracted Kairon Labs to perform Market Making services for Elastos. The Elastos Guardians are continually engaging the community via social media campaigns. The new Pasar Web App is right around the corner. Updates from the TLGG Omnicon Proposal have also come to the fore. Across many different aspects of Elastos, various teams are working on a multitude of projects in order to bolster Cyber Republic and Elastos to achieve higher heights. Let’s get to all the juicy details. 

Proposals in the public spotlight

Proposal #80 Contract Kairon Labs to Perform Market Making Services for Elastos

Back in December of last year, Elation Studios passed a proposal in which the market maker “GSR” were to provide their services to Cyber Republic in 2022. Due to unforeseen circumstances, GSR was not able to execute the requirements. Elation Studios swiftly pivoted and discovered a new partner to accomplish these important market making goals for the Elastos ecosystem. 

In Elation Studios consideration, Kairon Labs came out as the winning alternative as the right market maker to help the ELA coin thrive on exchanges, and provide the necessary liquidity for markets. Proposal #80 replaces GSR with Karion Labs, with all the previous targets still intact. The partnership with Kairon Labs will start in early June and an announcement of this agreement will also be added to Kairon Lab’s weekly blog. An AMA with Kairon Labs, breaking down all the elements of the partnership, will occur exactly one month after everything goes live. Kairon Labs will provide monthly performance reports to ensure they are 100% transparent in their efforts to assist the Elastos community.

Amongst the services Kairon Labs provides are proprietary algorithmic trading strategies that make a positive impact for projects’ tokens and coins. This market maker also makes introductions to top tier exchanges in order to ensure faster listings and more cost effective deals. Kairon Labs also connects market-leading brands with crypto sponsors very effectively. Their advisory services provide projects with go-to market strategies and other effective options for crypto projects. Learn more about Kairon Labs here.

Proposal #75 [REVISED] Elastos Guardians and Discord migration

The Elastos Guardians are a group of OG Cyber Republic die-hards that are keeping their community alive and well. In January of this year, Proposal #75 passed to fund these dedicated Elastonians, along with migrating the community from Telegram to Discord. The Guardians have also been instrumental in helping with the CR Grant Program (ELAB), a proposal passed earlier this year to ensure projects get the chance to be funded by the community rather than through the CR Council. 

In May, the Guardians have been busy with their latest social media campaign. Three Elastos community members won 50, 30 and 20 ELA respectively for their hard work spreading the word about Elastos. The Elastos Guardians tweeted the winners of the contest and summarized the effectiveness of this social media campaign.

Congratulations to Ragnorak_177, iggispopis and PhantzE for participating and winning this Elastos Guardians social media Twitter contest! More social media campaigns and events are planned for the future.

Keep your eyes open for more action like this, Elastos community, perhaps you can win some ELA for your hard work!

Proposal #67 Proposal to Develop a Dedicated Pasar Web App

One of the most intriguing proposals passed at the end of last year was developing a new Pasar App for the Elastos community. Developer “asralf”, and his team, have made a lot of progress over the last few months in creating a beautiful UI, easy UX and functional Pasar Web App for all the crypto community to enjoy. A new marketplace will be introduced along with the ability to store and showcase NFTs to any interested NFT enthusiasts. The Pasar App, originally built on the Feeds dApp, was an instant hit for the Elastos community. Many Elastonians flocked to Pasar to buy their favorite NFTs on Elastos. Since the demand for NFTs was so high, this proposal was immediately passed by the CR Council. 

As of late May, the team has given word that the long anticipated Pasar Web App will be released any day now. Please keep an eye on the Elastos.Info website for an in-depth update on the new and improved Pasar Web App. This dApp will be a full fledged NFT marketplace with easy accessibility and manoeuvrability. Pasar is poised to be a next generation NFT dApp in which anyone interested in NFTs can utilize to launch their project and trade NFTs. Get ready to have fun on Pasar and show your favorite NFT artists some love!

Pasar can be found on Twitter here: 

Proposal #65 and #66 Contract Tier 1 Marketing Agency, TLGG Omnicom to Create and Execute a 12-month Marketing and Communication Strategy

Elation Studios passed another proposal last November contracting TLGG Omnicon to execute a 12-month Marketing and Communication strategy for Elastos and Cyber Republic. The main goal of this proposal was to create an outreach program to investors, developers and consumers in order to corral more people into the Elastos ecosystem. TLGG has done some good work assessing other projects in crypto, looking at various case studies, and analyzing this information in efforts to create a strategy for Cyber Republic and Elastos to utilize for their ecosystem. 

There are a few updates to highlight from TLGG Omnicon in May. All advertisements, other than those focusing on the 2022 CR Election, have been paused for the moment. The paused ads include Developer Funding, which will resume after the CR Election. Video advertisements will also be paused until the completion of the Election. TLGG will remain on board with Elastos for 1 extra week (June 7th) to make sure all ads are working and executed properly. An organizational proposal has been in the works and will be fully completed on June 7th. 

Cyber Republic Elections 2022

Did we mention the CR Council Elections? Yes, this is one of the most important events for the ecosystem. As summarized by Elastos Info, The CR Elections started on May 12th with a plethora of new excited candidates ready to represent the ecosystem to the best of their abilities.

New candidates, MButcho and Nenchy, formed a team, and since they have dedicated themselves to Elastos for a number of years, want to utilize their IT and sales skills for Elastos’ benefit! Sash, the creator of the new NFT marketplace Ela City, has also thrown his name in the hat of talented Elastos individuals representing the CR.

Keep an eye on the rest of the candidates and make your voice heard in the 2022 CR Council Elections. Follow the Candidate and Voting Registration Guide in order to participate in the process yourself.

In Conclusion

We are pleased to report that the Cyber Republic website has been updated to a sleeker more modern look. Further improvements with undoubtedly occur in the future, with the goal to entice new players to build on Elastos. The instructions for grant applications are now clearer, along with contact details for further assistance being more readily available.

The CR Monthly Update provides in depth updates and analysis to Proposals passed by CRC, but it is those who make up the CR Council that drive tangible progress, and funding for Cyber Republic activities. Choose your candidates wisely – will they steer Elastos as you wish?