The Elastos Foundation has pledged $28,800 for the operation of the third Cyber Republic Council members’ supernodes. The CR Secretariat will receive and distribute the funds to elected Council members after the CR Council Election concludes on June 12th (estimated). Each elected Council member will receive $2,400 ($28,800/12) for operating their supernode.

CR Council members are strongly encouraged to build supernodes themselves in an effort to increase the decentralization of the Elastos Smart Chain DPoS. Community members can also operate these nodes and provide full node hosting services for CR Council members (charges to be determined at the provider’s discretion).

For information on building a CR Council member‘s supernode, please review the GitHub documentation.

The Secretariat is collecting information about node operation services provided by Elastos community teams. Please contact us if you are interested in providing these services for the CR Council.

Please note: The Elastos Gelaxy team can provide paid maintenance services for CR Council members nodes. For information on how Gelaxy maintenance servicing works, please refer to: Elastos_CR_Member_Node_Full_Hosted_Service_EN