What is your field of expertise?

I am experienced in the Web 3 space, especially application development, with deep experiences in identity and account management (ENS and DNS), social networks, instant messaging, video and voice conferences, and email systems.

What is your goal with Elastos by the end of the council’s next term?

As a founding member of the DNS3 team, I want to build some true Web 3 applications on top of the Elastos infrastructure. It should serve the whole Web 3 or crypt community, not just Elastos Community. As a Web developer, I wish to let other blockchain communities know what Elastos could provide for the whole Web 3 market.

I wish to promote the integration and understanding of technology. Specifically, our DNS3 team is a team that provides ENS Layer 2 solutions. ENS is already a widely recognized and respected project, but because GAS is too expensive, most of the functions of ENS have not been really used. We hope that users of ENS can regard ESC as the second-layer network of ENS. There are many functions of ENS that can be implemented on ESC at almost no cost, for example, to set personal profiles, including avatars. Another interesting feature is to support for claiming DNS domains on the ENS. This will make it possible to import nearly any internet domain name into ENS, and interact with it just as you would do with a .eth domain.

Besides, we also use ENS technology to provide .ELA top-level domain name services for Elastos members and ensure the compatibility of ENS development interfaces. The future Web 3 must be cross-chain and multi-chain. We hope that .ELA will be omnipresent in the burgeoning Web 3 world. We hope that the name of .ELA will appear in more Web 3 applications and even Web2 applications such as Twitter. This will help drive more people to know and use Elastos technology.

What is the main issue with ELA, looking at its market performance (dropping out of top 100, currently sitting 500+ in terms of MC)?

It is kind of isolated, so has no connection with other blockchain communities. Lack of killer applications. We should strive to attract new investors and users. Only when the wider general awareness of ELA is, the bigger the community can be.

What should be Elastos’ killer dApp in your opinion?

I would bet on Carrier, I think it is much more efficient and mature than XMTP which stems from Waku and Whisper. We should make Carrier easier to use and integrate with other protocols such as ENS and Lit protocol; this also helps developers develop the app itself faster.

How are you going to contribute to the CR Council if you get elected?

I will be a strong advocate of many products from Elastos for application developers, such as Carrier, DID and Hive. Also I will be the right person to discuss related products or opportunities from other communities such as ENS, Lens protocol, and cyberconnect.

If you are running for your first time, please introduce yourself to the community. Tell us a little about your background, prior experience, and personal vision for Elastos and Cyber Republic. Or, if you are a former council member, please share your contribution to the CRC that you have made.

It’s my first time. I am always a full stack software engineer. In addition to the DNS3 project, I am developing a Web 3 native meeting and chatting service for the entire crypt world. The first version was built on Elastos carrier. I also got involved in the development of the Elastos core technology over the past few years and have a deep understanding of Carrier, crypto name, DID, Hive and many Elastos products.

I actually know many great developers in the Elastos community. Recently I am all in Web 3 Application development, my interests include DID, token gated authorization, social graph protocol and DAO etc.

Would you say the design of suggestions and proposals, and the CRC in general, has been effective? What could be improved?

It is not a easy job. I don’t have any comments right now. Maybe when I get involved more I can make suggestions about the CR DAO structure.

Who else would you endorse for being on the Council with you?

SJun Song.

I don’t know much about the other candidates yet. I hope to have the opportunity to learn more, and I believe that everyone can work together to promote the success of the ecology.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Not at this moment.