What is your field of expertise?

Bockchain research.

What is your goal with Elastos by the end of the council’s next term?

  • To attract more builders and users onto Elastos, moving Web3 narratives to practice and reality.
  • To provide sustainable alternatives of the funding methods of the council.
  • To improve the market performance of $ELA.

What is the main issue with ELA, looking at its market performance (dropping out of top 100, currently sitting 500+ in terms of MC)?

Elastos owns an excellent narrative – Web3, but without a go-to-market strategy. Community members have limited ways to earn or “play”with their ELA in the ecosystem. The main scenario for ELA is trading.

The crypto space is evolving fast and attention is a scarce resource. No one can always be on top of the moving tides. But Ethereum has been the shining star, since almost every paradigm shift happens on Ethereum.

Elastos needs to build a diverse ecosystem, where more projects, more scenarios for ELA; more users, more capital inflow into ELA, and better market performance can be realized.

What should be Elastos’ killer dApp in your opinion?

Predicting the future is a vanity. Besides, “killer dApp” seems to be an old-fashioned term in Web2 rather than Web3. Given CR is the DAO for Elastos, we shouldn’t judge a dApp by our limited knowledge, but aim to build an open society where innovation happens. DeFi, NFT, deSOC, GameFi, credit identity? Who knows? However, Elastos being a user and builder-friendly community, the next big thing might happen on Elastos with the right commitment and hands on the tiller.

How are you going to contribute to the CR Council if you get elected?

I’m a builder and I know what builders need. I can offer suggestions on strategy and financing to builders based on past experience and research.

If you are running for your first time, please introduce yourself to the community. Tell us a little about your background, prior experience, and personal vision for Elastos and Cyber Republic. Or, if you are a former council member, please share your contribution to the CRC that you have made.

I entered into crypto space in early 2017. My education background is in computer science and business therefore has helped me in understanding blockchain. I met Elastos in 2018 and I do blockchain research and put it into practice. I’ve built FilDA and Manhattan with talented and enthusiastic friends. Before 2017, I used to be a growth hacker in Web 2.0, eg. social network service, instant messenger.

Web3 is the future and the future is coming. As one of the first Web3 projects, Elastos and CR should possess a position worldwide. We happen to be in the same boat and it is the right vessel for the future.

Would you say the design of suggestions and proposals, and the CRC in general, has been effective? What could be improved?

Cyber Republic’s architecture is brilliant in that it defines how an autonomous community functions.

One common challenge for all DAOs is managing the treasury, which consists of mostly the project token. So the development grants sometimes become selling pressure. We’ve seen some trials made to counteract this, but better solutions are needed. The bond issuance of Ribbon Finance and credit stablecoin proposed by CREDA might provide new ideas for us.

Who else would you endorse for being on the Council with you?

infi. He’s been a firm supporter and contributor in the Chinese community since day one of Elastos.